Monday, June 26, 2017

The Player by K. Bromberg

Let us start with the obvious..that fucking cover YO! I didn't realize I was a lip girl until I found myself tracing this cover model's lips with my own. LOL Seriously. Enough with the TMI of my sad existence and on to the review.

Having been a fan of Ms. Bromberg since her first book I am always excited to read something new from her. Easton was an easy to love, quick to connect with superstar that I knew from the get go I wanted. I mean I wanted him to get what he wanted...that being Scout <--love that name too! The attraction between these two was immediate, burned hot and was emanating from the pages of my kindle. Their banter was quick witted, full of sexual innuendo and tension, just like I enjoy it. Their dedication to their family and the desire to be seen in a certain way connected them on every level. So I devoured this one in a sitting. I also kicked my own ass for waiting to read this until The Catch hit my kindle. Sometimes I am so lame.

*Photo purchased at depositphoto*

The ending was abrupt but not I wanna crawl into a hole, just PLEASE tell me what's next, for the love of GOD. Luckily I was able to. So now I am deep into book two and all the feels are still there. The want, need and friendship that shone bright in book one is calling my name right now in book two. All in all, another hot romance with that little bit of "more" that I have come to expect from this author.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann

This book has the perfect encompassed every emotion we can run into, guilt, envy, remorse, happiness, sadness, fighting back, giving in, friendship, forgiveness, acceptance, laughter...every single thing you could experience was brought to life in this story. I loved every single second of it. The messy parts, redeeming parts, I found myself laughing, and tearing up on more than one occasion. Parker was easy to love, to connect with and you found yourself wanting her to be able to live a full life, full of all the love that she deserves. Being herself, being enough, being someone's person.

I don't want to say much about this one, as not to give anything away, but I HIGHLY recommend it. Forget about your "deal breakers", grab a copy, and let life play out in front of you in high def and enjoy every emotion that this author wrenches from your soul. My favorite read of the year so far. It's kind of story that stays with you long after you close your kindle with a smile on your face.

And it was in third person...I usually don't connect with that..but I did so quickly it was crazy and an absolute testament to how well this author tells this story to I'm done. Read this book.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Sergeant's Protection by K. Langston

Once I wiped the drool off of my kindle due to incessant licking of cover model's washboard abs and got myself cleaned up enough to get to reading...the next thing I knew I was at The End. Wow..I love sitting down and losing track of time, kids, responsibility and dinner. Kindle it's what's for dinner. <--Sam Elliott's voice over..anyways back to the story.

Justin was easy for me to love. The age difference was a little icky at first, having a daughter closing in on this age. But the way Selena handles herself made me forget about the comparison. These two were the definition of love at first sight and once on that path nothing or no one could change the course. I enjoy K. Langston's writing and building of these brother's lives and loves. You are guaranteed hot as hell men, with protective instincts, a little mystery and intrigue thrown in, with a cast of background characters that will keep you smiling.

Looking forward to Asher's story..that little taste at the end has me all jacked up and ready.

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