Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear Bridget, I Want You by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

A hot doctor, an ass, a hook and an accent? How can you go wrong? Penelope and Vi always keep me entertained. I know they will bring heart, love and a little laughter with their stories. A wrench in the HEA we are so desperate to find. But this one had a little something something that I fell head over heels in love with. Letters. Hot, uninhibited truths from both Simon and Bridget that had me fanning myself and so turned on I wished the hubs was home for a servicing. TMI? Probably but the letters were so honest and raw it drew me closer to both characters on a different level. Not a mom and a roommate but a woman and a man she craved.

The dynamics of this one were pretty true to what you expect. But the way they handled themselves in their relationship and overall life had me cheering for them both to end ahead of the game. Enjoyed.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#ThreeLittleLies Novella Series by Sara Ney

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Tweet: Can I share my love in 140 characters or less? Probably not since I am already at 57 and declining. OMG I seriously suck at this. 9? Aaaahhhhhhh  

Tweet#2: @saraneyauthor we need to be friends. Even @justinbieber thinks so..#shouldbefriends #friends #soulmates #mightbepushingit #savage

Instagram: Download Attachment (cute skinny selfie of ME holding signed paperback copies of all three books, gifted from author...just because)

Facebook: Do you love banter? Quick wit? A cute love story X3? Than this series is for you. You should definitely read #ThreeLittleLies series by @sara ney author RIGHT NOW.  From self proclaimed nerds to hot ass Rugby boys and sorority girls, this series has a little of everything. Totally enjoyed!

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Me: OMG I just read a book, well not just one, it was actually three little books (all hail my Goodreads challenge) and they were so cute. Book one was my fav of the three. I just loved the banter. Texts (like this) and tweets had me like..swooooon. BRB 

Book Bestie: Um book name and author *dumb ass* 

Me: OOPS #ThreeLittleLies series by Sara Ney. Have you seen her on FB? So funny. And her eyebrows are #onfleek 

Book Bestie: On what? 

Me: On fleek, my girls say it's a thing. It means good...I think? They also just informed me I should never EVER say it again. Or Savage. Because I'm old. *poop emoji*

Me: Anywho all three books are quick, cute and I liked both the girl and the guy. Book two's boy was ducking hot as duck.

Me: Ducking autocorrect

Me: Ugh. 

Lies, Hides and Fakes. All good relationships start on these simple words. Who needs honest, upfront and real? LOL I joke..but really, do you like romance, a little angst for good measure, great banter, laugh out loud moments all in-capsuled in a quick easy to read series? Than you need to this series out. Finished in a day. Enjoyed them all. Nerds to has it all! 


                                                            REVIEW DISCLAIMER

 Book bestie is not played by my actual book bestie because her return texts would have been VERY different and ended in a Craigslist ad to replace me. LOL



Macon by Marie James

Scrolling through Facebook and seeing a post about angsty college stories had me stopping in my tracks. What? Angsty, college romance?? Where do I click? Further research had me finding the book in question was Macon. Sign up comes in email..Fate? I think so.

That is how I was introduced to this one. I haven't read this author before, but I will be reading her in the future. I enjoyed this one. The good church girl, the local bad boy country star...a connection that can't be drank away. Add miscommunication, sprinkle in some angst and bad choices and you have an addicting read for me. I was pulling for these two crazy kids and wanted for them to figure out how much they truly meant to each other. Love is always best when it isn't being looked for but slams into you anyways.

Frustrating, swoony, with some hot ass bedroom adventures sprinkled throughout, await you in this college age read.

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