Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Our Unscripted Story by L.A. Fiore

WOW! An epic first love that from the beginning felt completely right. Timing wasn't on their side but what was in their heart could outlast any obstacle put in front of them. I adored Alexis. Her strength, resilience, loyalty and heart. She never wavered, ever. She had her life completely upended and still found the good in situations. Her imagination kept her company and family was found around her. The background characters were solid and I found myself completely taken by everyone.

Then sitting in "her" place...she found the "one". The answer to if we have a soulmate. At a young age her heart found it's match. And the story that followed was incredibly beautiful, heartbreaking at times, lovable goodness that spanned years and brought every emotion front and center. I couldn't read it quickly enough. Ms. Fiore has a way of bringing out the angst that anyone that has read one of my reviews knows I LOVE. I really really felt this story. It was incredible.

Family is found. Regret is realized. Love is strong. And I loved every damn second of it. 

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan


I was so excited to read this book, two of my very favorite things in one place. Basketball and words. Color me surprised when I got so much more. As most people do I read to escape, to be entertained and released from my "real" life struggles and settle into someone else's. I don't have triggers, or safe zones, I have an open mind and a love of the written word. But this story...this one not only entertains it supersedes that and delves into educating. Reminding us that every situation is unique, not to be judged lightly due to financial gains, notoriety, or a false sense of what you have in the world. So easy to think one way when in reality it doesn't even come close. Ms. Kennedy is more than an author she is an educator. A reminder to be better than a snap judgement and maybe just listen, pay attention to the small nuances of people around us, ideals that we haven't recognized tainting our decisions on what is happening around us. She did it with Grip and she continued it with #teamAugust..

I had to literally catch my breath while reading this one..It is so much more than a romance...beyond the angst that I crave...beyond boy meets girl, it was difficult to read at times, but never did I want to stop. Timing. Decisions. Love. Hate. Despair. Hope. Fear. Friendship. Family. Hopscotch.

5 stars doesn't do this book justice. It's an experience. A fictional life that had it's own heartbeat...feeling so real it blurred the lines between the two worlds. Escapism never mattered so much.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What He Doesn't Know by Kandi Steiner

I feel bad for readers that stay in the "safe" zone. Life doesn't often play out that has dimension, fear, betrayal, feelings that hurt or heal, this story has three sides and every time I think I have picked one. Loss can change the path you are on..Life happens. I enjoyed every gut wrenching aspect of this book. Ms. Steiner has a way of evoking so much emotion through her words and the characters thoughts it leaves you breathless. Waiting. Wanting. Am I anxious for book two? You bet your sweet bootie I am. Will I devour the words on the pages? Without a doubt. This story is one of the "stays with you" long after you close the kindle. I appreciated it all.

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