Friday, June 15, 2018

Reckoning by Jessica Ruben

OH MY GAWD...Holy Vincent! I can't get enough of these characters, but especially all things Vincent. One minute I want him for myself, the next I want to string him up by his balls, and all of this brought to you by a new author? I mean...WOW! This book was pulling every emotion, every good, bad, evil, WTF moment you can imagine, all while making me flip the page like my life depended on it. Book two's in a series usually fall a little flat for me, the middle part of the story that deals with the why, how and what doesn't always have the holding power to keep my attention, but had me screaming for more. Depression setting in when I got to the end. Swiping, my kindle needing more. Please...MORE! I am SO SO ready for book three. MOOOORE!!

Ms. Ruben's writing is clear, concise, so much so that you clearly see what is coming and feel the surprising drop when you are completely caught off guard. Keeping the energy and want so high you don't ever want to come down. This installment has me shifting on the strength of some characters and swooning on if you haven't read book one, DO IT NOW. You won't be sorry. Then next week slide into this one and then sit in a corner, rocking silently, curled in a fetal position, with a bottle of wine with me, and we will keep each other company waiting for book three. Dramatic? Yes I am. So if you need me, I'm in the corner (as stated) waiting for Ms. Ruben to release more Vincent.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Only Him by Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow delivers a second chance at first love that will pull on your heart strings and make you scream obscenities at your kindle like a crazed person. A first love that never got the opportunity to flourish, to grow, to expand. Instead it was cut short, not acknowledged to be what it actually was. No goodbye, hearts break, and memories replace what could have been. Until now...

A knock on the door, releases all that was. Now if they could just get past what is NOW, what the future holds. Ms. Harlow always delivers a story that captures not only my attention but my heart. She writes in a way that completely speaks to me. I love all of her stories and this one just goes right into that pile as well. All you look for in a story, delivered here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rogue Royalty by Meghan March

These reviews are hard to write. I don't want to use names, best going in completely blind. I don't want to reference too much. Basically, I don't want to ruin the experience of the journey. But I will say this...Meghan March has delivered another captivating trilogy that will keep you guessing all the way through. And you get glimpses of there is that bonus.

Intrigue, sex, loyalty, heartbreak, decisions, love, hate...all of the emotions that are found within us are tested in this, the final installment of the Savage Trilogy. You will experience it all. You will find yourself guessing what you thought you knew to be true and replacing it with what you KNOW to be true, only to be wrong again. It's a game of cat and mouse...and you are hoping for more than one winner. It's always hard to wrap up a trilogy but I want to go on record saying that was one of my very favorite endings...felt completely sated, no spoiler...just a teary eyed smile. Always ready for more from this author...can't wait.

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