Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ryan's Bed by Tijan

5 "Way Beyond Your Typical YA Story" Stars

I was captivated by this book when I first saw the cover, it drew me in, making me want more from the simple beauty of what I was seeing. I was not let down. The cover is a beautiful face to what this story has to offer...more than I was expecting, just more period. I laughed, cried, wanted, prayed, and hoped for everyone involved. The connection was instant, the protection I felt for the well-being of Mac was immediate and my love for Ryan was pure...due to the fact that he's young. :)

Tijan delivered with a heartfelt, emotionally packed story that takes the angst of growing up and multiplies it by a million for these kids. Addicting, a knock out YA that had me swiping the pages faster than normal. I couldn't read it fast enough. The love story wasn't only between Ryan and Mackenzie, but the connection that a twin feels even after they leave this earth. The warmth and security that was found in the comfort of Ryan's bed was felt beyond the pages...and the build-up you feel only comes to light when you get the chills that settle in from the last line...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Thrive by Aly Martinez

4.5-5 Stars

One of my favorite authors. Her words can deliver so many emotions it's like spinning a wheel and seeing where it may land. This series is a little different than her others, but nonetheless great. The boys of Guardian are smoking hot, protective, loyal and hot headed super men that do not let anyone hurt those in their circle. Once in..you're in.

Angst..heart break...mis-understandings...young forbidden love...and bad guys all over the damn place. You have a second chance romance, mystery, hot guys at every turn and a love that was 17 years in the making. It keeps you guessing, pulse racing and all done with words that keep your heart involved all the way through. The last line in this book..swoooooonnnnn. Can't wait for the next one..hope it's who we got a little taste of in this one!! Another winner girl! Keep writing.

Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

I have read every book Vi Keeland has penned. Over the years her writing has become so strong..so addicting that I know when I sit to experience the story I need to have time on my side. Once in, I won't be exiting until I can no longer swipe my kindle along. Ms. Keeland is an absolute pro at weaving stories together, seamlessly and with such precision that you are so immersed you often have to remind yourself it is indeed, fiction. The past to present, the angst that had me swooning and praising from my reading perch was done perfectly. Humor, life, friendships, girth, birth, and relationships that delved much deeper than "romance" is known for. She delivered, flawlessly, as usual.

You know going in you will get answers regarding all the why's and why not's that you may run into. What they may be or how they might feel once revealed only time and pages will tell. A story of true love, first love, family and everything that life places in-between. The journey I was taken on with Nat and Hunter's story had me wanting more...all the while being completely sated with what I was blessed with. Another thing this author leaves you with...a smile.

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