Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blurred by Kim Karr

Rock bottom…it is the place where you are said to go where there is no further to fall…unless your name is Ben Covington.  He hits bottom a few more times than most, and this glimpse into all things Ben, is proof that every one has their own demons to conquer.  The side of the story from the one you loved to hate in the Dahl, River and Ben triangle.  But doesn’t everyone deserve to be heard, the fate of one mistake although HUGE shouldn’t be the end all…should it?

Blurred is a cliffs note version to all things Benjamin Covington, from how he adored and protected his first love, how he made a mistake but couldn’t get over the connection that he felt, his relationship with his family to overcoming himself to be better.  It takes being picked up from the one person who shouldn’t care but always will to make him realize he’s finally at what most would define rock bottom.  The road to redemption is paved with mistakes, alcohol and forgiveness.  Haters need to try to see Ben in a new light…I am so glad I did!

Now I’m off to Frayed where I hope with all hope that Ben gets not only his HEA but also can forgive and love himself.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Restoring Hope by C.P. Smith

Ms. Smith has a way of  writing that captures my attention from the first word.  This book was no different.  In all honesty I was a little nervous to read this one, it is told in a third person POV and I usually have a lot of trouble with that. So glad to say I didn’t even bat an eyelash on this one.  She tackled a hard POV to write and nailed it! I was so taken in by the story and the broken souls in the plot that I often forgot all about it!

Restoring Hope is a story of redemption, finding one’s true soul-mate, over coming adversaries, fear and finding HOPE. 


 Not one to stay around long enough for her nail-polish to dry, you meet Hope.  Scared, alone and existing…not living just floating through her days waiting…dreading  and running.  Always having to look behind her she lost sight of what could be right in front of her...Stumbling into a new town after being found in last one, she finds a job, friends and Nic…knowing that her life can’t manage these roadblocks she plans to run…and she does straight into her destiny!

Nic is broken, hollow, and missing a part of his life that he can’t get back no matter how much he drinks and regrets.  A wife that wasn’t worth her weight, a daughter that couldn’t fight her demons and the one saving grace…his son.  He is determined to be there for his son, but other than that he barely is surviving…until her!

Together these two fight for each other - with each other,  for survival, forgiveness and a life. This is a beautiful love story, with a thriller-esque feel to it. Never knowing exactly what is waiting for you around the corner or next page.  C.P. Smith has quickly become an auto-buy author for me, she writes dominate, strong males and females,  and I can’t wait to read what she brings to the table next…

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Broken Road by Melissa Huie

The Broken Road is story about a girl that loves a boy…a boy that is wrapped up in an underground life…and the challenges that come with all of that.


It took me awhile to get immersed into this story…parts of it seemed to be unneeded to the over-all structure of the story, but come 60% I was hooked and could not stop reading…  In the end, I couldn’t download and start into  book two quick enough.

Megan was hopelessly in love with her “friend” she got engaged, tried to date  (d-bag alert) and went out with her friends but nothing was ever good enough to compare to Shane… Shane was a good guy who always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, not feeling he was worthy or safe enough for Megs always kept him at arms length.

For me this book was a lead in to get to all the answers that book two is sure to bring…once you get into the real action of this story it is addicting!

I can’t wait to dive head first into Broken Promises…more to come!

Broken Promises by Melissa Huie

Wow…book two was a roller-coaster of emotions, who-dunnits and lots of questions before answers…


SO…Shane is back and some questions are answered…but not all…and with his family growing his need to protect and avenge is stronger than ever.  Not an ideal way to start a life together, but nothing with these two comes easy!

 I was always leery of one character in particular and this book doesn’t change the fact, only enhanced it…so with what I think is true my d-bag radar was going off a lot!  Was I right? Can’t say, but if you have already read this book, I am sure you can answer that question.

Megs and the crew are all trying to live as normal a life as one can when you are targeted by the Cartel…easy? No, but with a support system consisting of high up FBI agents you should be safe…right? But putting the pieces together of shattered trust and hearts can be difficult...

As the plot thickens and bonds are tested you see the real heroes emerge from the fake ass players in this game…thrilling, what the fuck moments are at every turn and the only one you know you can trust at some points is Penny!

 Really enjoyed the conclusion to this series, and look forward to more from this author!

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