Thursday, February 11, 2016

RoomHate by Penelope Ward

I devoured this book. I opened and closed it in one sitting. I felt like I had ran a marathon with all the emotions I went through in this story. The friendship, hate, love, new beginnings, endings, what ifs, and even more that I can't define took place in my heart. I wanted something so badly that I just continued reading...praying and hoping that these two best friends could find their way through the fog of "hate" back to the love they both had for each other from the first one-eyed glance.

This book embodies the saying "thin line between love and hate" if you have enough energy to hate you care enough to have or still do love.. No matter what the world threw at these two at the end of the day their friendship endured and they held their battered hearts in each others hands. Every time I would think "ok it's their time" fate would throw something out there to change the course.

Destined to be...the emotions..gah! Ms. Ward can pull your emotional strings like a marionette, she is amazingly skilled in evoking feelings you didn't even know existed within the pages of her books. She is a word ninja, and because of that if a book is penned by her I will always beg for opportunity to read it. Always. You will fall in love with Justin...wanna strangle him...swoon and feel like you are right in the middle of every awkward or amazing moment they share.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Love So Tragic by Stevie J. Cole

First love, love betrayed, love lost but never ever replaced or forgotten. Everyone has that "one" whether it was your first, last or current, but what if that one wasn't yours anymore, but still owns your heart? This story follows how that can change your life, your path, and everything in between. A bond so strong not even years and miles can lessen it.

A break gone wrong, a choice was made and a love neither thought could ever end was shattered. A tragedy, a visit, memories flood and feelings remembered. The one you are supposed to lean on is nowhere in sight and the one you could never forget rises to occasion. Safe is not a word I would use to describe this book, real, gritty, getting your hands dirty and the overwhelming guilt of trying to live two lives at the same time...totally. The only part I didn't totally agree with was why Peyton stayed in her life for so long..I needed that part of her life to be a farce.

I really enjoyed this book, the angst, the terrible choices, but overall the writing...the words used to make you fall for characters that aren't making the best decisions in a moment but you still root for them. That all falls on the author spinning a tale so beautifully that no matter your thoughts on certain variables in life you are invested. So wound up in the story you find yourself cringing, laughing, sobbing or screaming at these people..that is what Ms. Cole can do. Beautiful story of the strength of first love...true love that can stand the test of time..

The Mind by Kate Stewart

I knew what I was getting into when I opened the pages of this book..knowing how it all ends didn't save me from the almost accentuated every word, every touch into a myriad of emotions. To stroll down a road knowing the detour that lies before you...brutal...beautiful...heartbreaking and yet you can't stop yourself from experiencing it.

Rose and Grant has an instant connection. They saw each other, breathed each other and had to have each other. A feeling neither had experienced before, caught them off-guard and completely lost to it. I loved reading their love story, so heartfelt and completely connecting to me as a reader. None of it felt fake, rushed or unrealistic. The only downfall for me is I wanted to change the outcome, I screamed at my kindle to make a different choice, one that would have lasting affects for their future. But alas that wasn't the path these two could take, and still I loved it. My only advice to you as a reader is read The Fall all makes sense and plays out when you start with book one. Don't miss out on this's a must read love story that will stay with you long after you read the words "the end". Ms. Stewart is a FEELS machine and knows how to pack an everlasting punch to the heart. And a jug of wine to deal with the after affects..

Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost

I enjoyed book one in this series, but I was hook..line.. and sinker for book two. I loved Kase. His quietly knowing glances. His ability to love with out completely overwhelming Harlow. His caveman capabilities to drag her ass out of a situation if need be. How he allowed Harlow to feel loved, safe and cherished prior to even having an intimate relationship. But most of all his protection and manner in which he loves everything and everyone within his ohana.

Harlow is fighting to keep her family afloat, she has taken on the burdens of others without even asking if she should be. Her schedule is insane and slowly wearing her down. She finds herself in a job that isn't within the life plan she had drawn out for herself but at the end of the day it was all about the money.

Kase has noticed Harlow, but he waits...and waits...until he finds himself unable to wait any longer. At that point he quietly protects what will be his, just as soon as he can break down all her boxes. I laughed, I cared, I fell for both characters completely. Throw in a little mystery, friendships, family and some crazy dogs and you've got yourself a great book! Looking forward to more!

Faking It by J.D. Hollyfield

I love that feeling when you read a book and the female lead is so much like the author that you feel you are having a happy hour date with her as you read the story. Ms. Hollyfield writes like she lives and I love it. Her humor, loyalty, alcoholism all float off the pages as if she were hosting a read a long at a local wine tasting venue. Her characters exude charm, wit and a likability that connects you to the story right from the beginning.

Lexi is floating in a vodka haze through life..things are handed to her and she makes the best out of situations that are posing for a hot ass artist. Their meet was awesome and sets the scene for all the shenanigans that will eventually play out..Hunter has been burned in the past and built walls to protect himself, but one look at a similar lost soul in the bar of a hotel and he was done for. His muse lives.

Once these two stop faking their way through life, they are able to be real and set the path to living a life they both want and deserve. Love this author, love this story and absolutely adore every post she writes. I am a fan/stalker for life.   

Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I can't say it enough times...if Ms. Reynolds writes it, Dawn reads it. Not only reads it, but devours it. Her writing is so effortless that you simply get lost within the pages, forgetting what is real and what is from her imagination. Just once I would love to crawl into her mind and watch the alpha genius that is Ms. Reynolds at work..flawless

Sven and Maggie were destined..even with a crazed look in pajamas he knew she was it. Watching the love story unfold, and getting to check in with past couples was awesome. The demanding, possessive male that we all love to read about is once again shown in this novel. No one writes them better. To sit and read a book in one sitting...yes that is what you get when you open any book from this author. As always I patiently (right?!) wait for more..

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez

I was petrified to dive into this book. Having had my heart broken in the end of book two, I was so unsure of how Quarry could get his happily ever after. Well...I should have known not to doubt the power of Aly Martinez. Silly f-n me..lesson learned.

I've read and loved all of the Page brothers, after every book is done I deem that my new book boyfriend. I didn't think I would love anyone more than Till, then I met Flint..but then there was Quarry and now he tops them all. Let's not forget about the women, the reason that you fall hard for these boys is the love, devotion and overall protection they have towards these strong, independent, hilarious women.

I know there are readers out there like me; afraid to read this story. I implore you to not let your fear stop you from embarking on this journey. He truly loved her first. Friendships, hearts and soulmates are made. A beautifully told love story with more feels than you can shake a damn stick at. READ THIS BOOK. You will not be let down!

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