Friday, December 27, 2013

Conflicted Love by Lola Stark

Having loved Tattered Love I was on pins and needles waiting for Conflicted Love to come out..and I was not disappointed.  I devoured this book in like two hours and laughed, got pissed and had to wake up the hubs to quench my needs from reading some of the scenes.  So!

 The banter between Teeny and Trip was hilarious and being a girl that LOVES dialogue it fed my need to fly through this book.  It's no secret in knowing that Teeny has found herself  pregnant after a drunken night with Trip, the man whore.  What you find later is that this was destined to happen..

Sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until it literally slaps you upside the head.  Teeny being pregnant and giving Trip the family that he never knew he wanted but was raised to succeed at.  That sealed the fate of both these strong willed people to start to let down their defenses and start to feel.
The next story was set and allowed us readers to instantly want to know more without overwhelming Trip and Teeny’s story, well -done Ms. Stark..well -done! 

Never an easy road to travel, they navigated in humor and friendship and ended in their Happily Ever After..

Beck by Harper Sloan

Ms. Harper Sloan has become an instant read author for me..I love her books, she writes an alpha that really pulls you in and makes you fall in love with them whole heartily..

Beck was no different in that I fell completely in LOVE with him, in fact he may be my favorite of the boys so far, but Dee not so much.  It isn’t that I didn’t like her, I just did not enjoy the redundancy of her story.  If she didn’t have to relive her horribly bad luck and piss ass timing ending her in crap situations this would have been an instant 5 Star read for me.  Ducks whilst things are being thrown at me..

Beck never wavered in his devotion, loyalty and all out love for Dee even after her stubborn ass made mistake after mistake.  Two years puts Beck in complete sainthood status, but also dings his “take what is mine” just a tad bit.  I say just a tad, because in all reality this book is 5 Beck Loving Stars for me..but 3 for Dee, rounding to a 4..see pure math skills!

The story took a little off road adventure into pain and tears for me..won’t get into that but I will mention that crying and me, don’t usually go together..but Ms. Sloan wrote a truly poignant moment that made a hardened heart like me actually shed a tear, so kudos to you! 

I recommend this book strongly and know if you have enjoyed Axel and Cage you will definitely enjoy Beck! Go forth and read..DO IT NOW!

Behind His Lens by R.S. Grey

..debut novels..I am in complete and utter shock that this is in fact a first book by this author.  The writing was solid, the sexual tension and angst was flawlessly developed in ways that some established authors can’t even get. 

Behind His Lens held me from the first page, never once did I check my place in the book other than thinking..”and the shoe will drop now!”  The way the characters attraction built from the first glance until the final page was my humble opinion.


Charley was a hot model, and Jude was a fashion photographer..both running from a past that held them prisoner.  Never letting life fully engulf them, but with each other they found their bliss..

The emotion leapt from the page, from knots in my belly to butterflies and panty changes, I never wavered with wanting more!  Scenes between the two were hot and written in a way that even when there was no sex, I left feeling completely satisfied, possibly with hands in pants..

The supporting cast helped tell the tale of the two broken souls and added to the mix without taking away from their story.  I would love to hear more about Bennett and Naomi as well..

This book would have completely slid by me if Tara my book pimp had not mentioned it me.  And that would have been a shame.  I implore anyone that loves a solid, sexually tension charged love story to read this book.  I look forward to more from R.S. Grey, I won’t let it slip by me!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Read Under The Mistletoe by Kristen Proby

The With Me in Seattle series by Kristen Proby is one of my favorite reads.  I started with the first one and every book has just gotten better for me.  The Montgomery family is one I just love to read about.  Having read all of them so far, I was surprised to see this selection in our Holiday Read and Review..  I had not even known it existed and picked it as soon as I saw it. 

This book starts with Stacy and Isaac Montgomery, the stable and solid couple that is always there for a shoulder to cry on or some straight shooting advice.  They have finally been able to have their daughter and are learning to adjust to the fun of family life.  Not always the easiest adjustment to feel sexy and wanted.  Changing diapers, barely sleeping, and sadly your sex life can be the last thing on the daily agenda. 

Conforming to the new life, and the raging hormones has Stacy not acting herself and her lack of confidence leads to feelings of betrayal.  In all honesty this book spoke to me on many levels.  You are being pulled in a million different directions, feeling like a lump and the slightest tinge of jealousy can rage into a boiling inferno in seconds.

Isaac being the hot, devoted and madly in love with his wife hubby that he is..recognizes this and makes sure his woman knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the fairy tale happy ending that he has always wanted.


The brief glimpse of the life that Stacy and Isaac lead was fun to dive into.  Being a novella was the perfect little taste of the eldest Montgomery brother that has always held his own in everyone else's story.  The fact that Stacy is a book blogger and reviewer was the icing on the cake.  Loved it!

“This is the best Christmas present, right here,” he whispers against my mouth. “Just being with my girls.”

“I bury my face in her neck, breathe in her sweet Stacy scent and murmur, “God, I love you too.  Merry Christmas.”

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Falling by E.K. Blair

  Finding love where once only was a horrible tragedy is the light of this story.  Losing who you are as a person, to finding yourself through the eyes of someone that loves ALL of you unconditionally.  Both characters having lived through different tragedies, still found their true selves through each other.. 
E.K Blair you can can evoke so many emotions with a simple sentence..I am not usually one to cry whilst reading and in all honesty I teared up twice..I know right? That good..

Ryan was a broken soul, meandering from one vagina to the next.  Not even taking the time to remember some of their names.  He used women to numb his ever-racing mind.  His mind that was stuck on re-play of the childhood he had to endure.  Every step was a brief reminder of the man he refused to become.  Growing up in an abusive household definitely molded the man he had become.  Until one night, one broken girl, a tattoo and a memory that he could not shake.

Candace had goals..she was a ballerina that wanted desperately for her parents to accept her.  She was willing to try and become anything for their approval.  Because of just that she unexpectedly found herself in a situation no young girl should ever have to experience.  Her life as she knew ended that fateful night..

Little did she know that night also changed the path for Ryan..and their stories were intertwined forever..

This story was powerful, for me it was even better than the first book.  Maybe because Ryan was the pull for me in book one?  Candace was not my favorite female lead, I hate to judge a woman’s reaction to this kind of horrible event but being a strong survivor I feel she was weaker than I would like to see.  This story focused on Ryan’s side so you didn’t see her weaknesses as much as in the first book.  That being said I did like Candace, definitely not hating on her..Ryan though..mmmm

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