Monday, February 27, 2017

Running Mate by Katie Ashley

Addison was having one of those know the kind...nothing goes right and just when she thinks it can't get any worse..she is called out of her office and led to a private meeting with her boss. This. Can't. Be. Good. But the once bad day is about to make a very high priced turn. Enter Barrett Callahan.

Barrett is balls deep in everything that is hot and has a pulse. He is a rich playboy that doesn't want the happily ever after. He is happy with the "happy endings" he receives every night from a different willing participant. His dad decides to take his senate seat to another level and go for President, the one thing Barrett doesn't lack is love and respect for his family. So when he is approached with faking an engagement for the sake of his father's candidacy, he knows he has to.

This arrangement starts with snark, sexual innuendos, moonings and dick picks. It progresses into true friendship, quality time and a sexual attraction that simply can not be denied. The banter and quick wit from both of these vivacious characters kept me smiling, connected and cheering for them to be able to make something that starts fake into the real deal. Giving both of them the "happy ending" they both have earned and deserve.

P.S. Having loved all of Katie's books I was SO excited to get a glimpse of Abby from Music Of The Heart (My Fav)! I love Jake and Abby

Cole by Tijan

I don't have to read a blurb to enter into a world that Tijan decides to create. I know I will be taken on a journey, with characters I fall in love with, and words that make me connect to these lives as if they are mine. So when I began reading Cole, color me surprised that I didn't actually meet him until well into the story. Because of this, I had time to relate and really bond with Addison. The strength she was once known for is tested and after you know her story you realize the pain she recently endured is palpable, her friendship the one light in her very darkened world. So when said friend puts a thought into her head, a move seems inevitable and the life she once led gets turns on it's ass.

One glance, Addison knows that this man she sees only momentarily oozes power, exudes strength and is a scary mofo. The air around him is tense, hard and she can't seem to look away. While she seems taken by a simple passing by, he is taken immediately by her with one look. These two have an undeniable attraction that Tijan is so versed at not only creating but maintaining throughout the story. Having something worth losing makes people vulnerable, Addison might have the power to become Cole's biggest weakness. Mafia, blood, violence, secrets, and so much more is played out in this easy to read journey that keeps you guessing, hoping and loving. Cole is a must read.

Blush For Me by Kristen Proby

This series is a fun glimpse into the world of strong, independent, business minded women that love hard, protect each other, but like to end the day with good wine, food and the love of a strong man. Each time you get a little more invested with all of them. This one had Kat leading the story and she led it well.

Mac and Kat met in a stressful situation that landed them together for an extended amount of time, out of the daily grind they decided to an agreement that they would have their sexcation and nothing more....or....not.

The saying it's a small world would sum this up, if Mac didn't know where Kat worked. Having that knowledge set the stage for a meet...but what they didn't know was they had been closer than they realized. I totally enjoyed these two together. The banter, friendship and the fact that they allowed each other to be themselves and still were able to find the balance to make their differences shine brighter. The strength of character they both possess makes it impossible to not fall hard for them. Add some drama, cocktails, sex times and a man that will hold back your hair. I'm sprung.

Can't wait for more from these girls. Love catching up with them all.

I heard this song and immediately thought of this story--->enjoy
Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur via YouTube

The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde

This one started off strong for me, I liked her, liked him, enjoyed where it was going. And while the story was there, at some point the misunderstandings, entanglements and non explained history of some of these characters became a little too much, or not enough for me. I can't really decide where it took a turn, but I wasn't as enraptured with the story after some things played out. I liked it, but the love I could have had fizzled at a point.

The angsty little switch up, had me coming back towards the end. I wanted to see it all play out for these characters and I will be checking out the up and coming Wrights as they get their story revealed.

If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow

4.5 Stars

I adore this series, opening up my kindle and catching up with old friends while making new ones. This one has us finding safe, teacher and anti-singles table Claire getting caught off guard with an invitation she is too nice to refuse, it sets the stage for a need. That need comes in the form of arm candy and stat. This buttoned up, rarely lives outside the lines girl is about to meet her match.
"You don't have to be anyone else. You just have to stop staring over the edge and jump."
Theo has great intentions with incredibly terrible judgement. While in town he works as an escort to help take care of his brother's family. A man with a past filled with addiction, abandonment issue, but a heart that wants so much more, has finally met his match. Afraid to stay but terrified of what leaving will mean at the end of the day.

"Some people want the happy ending, all wrapped up in a nice neat bow, and others are content to let the story go on forever-that's me. You're looking for the destination; I like the journey. I don't want it to end."

Their story will make you smile, swoon, throw your damn kindle and tear up. Exactly what I expect from a Ms. Harlow book. Sweet, sinful, sexy, characters that will grab you and keep you in a stranglehold while you experience their ups..downs and all arounds. Loved it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Cad And The Co-Ed by Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway

This story highlights that life's mistakes can lead to some of it's greatest treasures. Being a drunk that couldn't remember day to day events was the lifestyle that Bryan Leech had led for years. This tidbit of information was not known to the young cousin of Bryan's teammate who had a major crush on the rugby star and jumped at the chance to spend a life altering night with him. This decision not only led her to a new life, it eventually forced her back to secure a future she never thought she would have.

I enjoyed this installment of the series. Every time I read one of these it takes me a second to remember the playbook, to line-up the who is who from each past story and what events that these characters may have played in a previous story. It takes a second but before I know it I am once again entrenched in every arsehole and who they belong to.

These two authors work so well together that they seamlessly weave their writing styles, humor and point of view in a way that you forget it's a co-written series. Can't wait for more from this crew and to draw the lines from the who is who for the next book.

Fake Fiancee by Ilsa Madden-Mills

4.5 Stars

The plot to this isn't new, it's not something that you can't figure out by the title of the story alone, but what you do get is a well written book with characters that you fall hard for. Wanting the fake to turn real with a passion that keeps you flicking the kindle pages at rapid speed while the butterflies of new love flutter a plenty.

Roadblocks, crazy jersey chasers looking to land the hottest, baddest college quarterback around make for angsty goodness. Girls will do almost anything to secure this hunk of man, but an experience that happened years before had secured the heart of Max without even him fully knowing.

"Time heals all wounds, but the scars remain, making you who you are. To me, hers were a beautiful mosaic. I admired her more because of them...because she'd come out of darkness and learned to fly."

Sunny had known pain, she had scars that were left by people that she should have been able to trust above all others. So when a stranger pulls her from the darkness and allows her to run toward a better life she knew this person was better than most. Life happens, experiences occur but fate always has a hand in where we end up.

Like other books I have enjoyed from this author, the characters were easy to connect with, swoon worthy, with a simple likability that makes you want more for everyone involved. I enjoyed this story completely and devoured it quickly. So rapidly in fact that I ended up reading it again after I hit "the end" because I just needed a little more Max.

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A Broken Soul by Jessica Prince

Top Read of 2017

Here is a truth from me. I LOVE JESSICA PRINCE. Yes, this may have been yelled from the top of my lungs. Don't roll your eyes because this excitement is well placed, I have read and loved every book of hers. But this one, A Broken Soul owned me from the first word until the last. This was by far my favorite book of hers. Yes, I may utter these words at the end of her previous books, but this one had it all. Feels, heart, broken trusts, friendship, love of a family and heartache that makes even the most darkened of readers shed a tear or 50. She pulled out all the stops for this one and I for one am so grateful for the journey.

Quinn and Lilly's path was paved with heartbreak that no one should have to face, a bond that was immediate but not necessarily wanted, and the glue that brought it all together was a Little Miss and the singing of a song that bridged the past to the future. GAH..I freaking loved this book. When I get a book that I feel deep in my soul, where my feelings take the hits as the characters experience them. I thank my lucky stars that this addiction, my love of the written word and what it can bring to life led me to authors like Ms. Prince.

I recommend not only this series but all of her others highly. The stories she writes are brought to life so vividly it's like you are watching them play out right in front of you, getting lost in the lives of others so deeply you have to remind yourself it's fiction. LOVE. AND this cover yo. So freaking pretty..ok now I'm done. Read this book.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

I read to escape..retreat from the every day turmoil that "real" life can dish out, Ms. Ward was like a tour guide through the perfect angst-ville where I have decided I want to live forever. I began this book with an open heart and mind, without reading the blurb, just trusting that this author I have enjoyed would do me right. And boy did she ever.

I connected with the characters and their relationship or lack there of right away. The way the past filled in with the way they were feeling and the why they hadn't been together before was done perfectly. I wanted for them, yearned for all of the obstacles to crumble around them leaving them with an open path to HEA. But the angsty road that led them on their journey fed my soul people.

I know a book has done me right when I have that little knot in my heart. It pounds out of control when the situation calls for it, it flutters in my stomach when it decides to take a gut wrenching turn and then it beats with my own when the path leads to hearts connecting. Of course being the lover of all of the agony that real life can dish out...having it all play out the way it did and knowing that what was meant to be will always be, it just takes a few wrong turns and missteps to achieve it. As always I anxiously wait for more from this author.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lost In Between by K.L. Kreig

Is it MAY YET?? The book isn't a cliffie so to speak but the build up of all these characters is so intense that you can't help but want more RIGHT NOW. Ms. Kreig has a knack for writing addicting, all consuming stories that keep you second guessing where the story is going. A dropped hint here, there, keeps your mind racing with how all of these things will play out. In the first 8% I had the story going in three different directions, just to find out all three of my inclinations were WRONG. It's that kind of groundwork that defines the kind of fantasy that you can lose yourself in, and that is exactly what I did.

Shaw and Willow met with a bang..and their lives kept weaving in and out of each other. Both were completely captivated with the other from the first time they laid eyes on each other. A "mine" was heard across the land. Can it last? Is it real? It was real hot trying to get those answers I'll tell ya...their chemistry sizzled off the pages, burning it's way into a five star read for me. I am salivating for more. Stalking engaged!

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Failing Hours by Sara Ney (How To Date A Douchebag 2)

You know that feeling when you are reading a book and every single check box you have as a reader is checked? Broken bad boy? CHECK. Said bad boy starts showing his heart? CHECK. Strong, yet quirky and kind female? CHECK. Heart? CHECK. Smoking hot chemistry? CHECK. The butterflies of first love found within the walls of the library in Iowa...AGAIN. I loved the first D-bag Oz but I FLOVED Zeke. The asshole outer shell just held in the ooey gooey caring man inside.
"Intimidating. Cold. Callous. Complicated. The moodiest, broodiest, douchebaggiest guy I have ever met."
"He swears too much. He isn’t nice. He isn’t sweet. He isn’t kind. Or generous with words. Or affection."

Violet was the perfect girl to break through all of Zeke's b.s.. She loved beyond what she has been shown. She decided to turn her past into something positive, while Zeke on the other had used it as a defense mechanism to keep everyone an arms distance away. He showed his caring in underhanded ways that still made it seem like he was being a jerk. Every bad boy, jerk comment he made had me falling harder for this guy who didn't realize he was falling just as hard for a light blonde ray of sunshine.

“Even her name sounds like fucking sunshine and shit.”

I can't recommend this series enough. The humor, friendships, d-bag ways of all of these guys will keep you smiling..swooning and falling in love right along with them.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Defy by L.J. Shen

I am going to keep this short and sexy just like this novella. I FUCKING LOVE JAIME. Was that enough? I wish I would have read this before Vicious, but that didn't happen. My love affair with all things Vicious had already blossomed. But this one was all Jaime. His stalker ways, beyond his years  alpha-demandiness was such a turn on that it helped me connect with him right away. I loved love love.

Melody was not feeling the whole "teacher" title, so when approached by the hot student with the man bun...she was actually quick to consider what a short romp could do for her. She engaged. She was pleasured. She fell hard.

Not usually a fan of student/teacher romances but this one felt different. Right. So I allowed myself to forget that I have a 20 year old son and what icky feelings that could evoke and I let the story take over and it was SO worth it. If you are able to read Vicious first, I recommend it. If you have already read it, you need to get up close and personal with Jaime and Melody. It's worth your time!

Singe by Aly Martinez

You are always guaranteed a great story, with amazing writing and characters that speak to your soul when you read Aly Martinez, this book fits that description. From the prologue to the epilogue, you want more for these two broken souls. You want the fire that has brought them together to burn in more ways than one. Redemption, guilt and hero worship that is deserved and not.

Appearances are not always what they seem...and while some things are known, others are suspected and some just seem; This book will test all these theories. I loved getting to know these two..I struggled a bit with getting to know the what and why of Rhion. Once you get more of a handle on all of these things that make up her strange existence the connection strengthened for me. 

Jude on the other hand was easier for me to fall in love with..he loves with everything he has. Nightmares plague him, his guilt weighs him down, yet he is loyal, demanding, but he can't let go of feeling that he is the reason his Butterfly suffered has changed him as a man. His need to heal and protect at all costs is smoking hot..Out of the darkness emerges light while emotions burn, love ignites and images go down in flames. Can't wait for more. 

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