Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Breath by Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare

I enjoyed Last Hit (book one in this series) and part of why I liked it was the funny quips that were made by “friend/fellow hitman” Daniel. So finding out book two was going to be his story I was in..he did NOT disappoint.  Hot, protective, loyal, and did I mention he engages in some dirty talking?

Daniel..hitman, big brother, soldier, and not looking for love.  But from the first time his eyes landed on Regan he was hooked.. Knowing what he witnessed in his rescue of her was only a taste of what she had been through after being kidnapped; he tried to keep his attraction to her on the down low.  

Regan..stolen from her solid, structured life and thrown into a horror show.  Sold into a sex slave ring..used by disgusting, smelly, gross, and violent men.  Not only was her freedom stolen from her, but her trust in humanity and anyone with a penis..  She provoked and prodded Daniel to test his trustworthiness, and loyalty.  He never wavered always proving to be true, and before long their connection was solid.

Not only did Regan not trust the outside world, she wasn’t trusting her feelings..could she fall in love while in this situation, was she losing her self-worth by doing so, and could her rescuer also be her soul-mate?  Working together, learning to trust again and seeing the love that burned only for her in Daniel’s eyes slowly helped re-build Regan to the woman she would forever be..through the violence, dirt, poverty, and bad guys managing to find love, acceptance and faith in each other was worth all the battles in the world..

For me this story was even better than the first..Daniel was such a likable hero and Regan was strong and together they were..right! Did I mention hot, dirty talking sex? Yeah..mmmmm 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twisted by Emma Chase

Having loved the first installments in this series I was giddy with excitement to get an advanced copy of Twisted..did I say “giddy”? Anyways moving on..

I glanced over a couple of reviews who didn’t like it as much as Drew’s POV..I am not one of those readers.  I may have even liked this one more..Kate is funny, engaging and having put up with Drew for 2 years is even more endearing to me..I know everyone loves Drew but living day to day with a recovering man-whore, smart ass is a lot of work..especially in public!

This book had me twisted over in laughter, heartache, and did I mention I was screaming into my kindle “what the fuck!” more than once!  Miss-understandings and not getting a full story led to Ben & Jerry, and Captain Morgan moments. But what Drew did..OMFG..I wanted to strangle his neck and junk punch him HARD..

To me Kate is the back-bone and true heart of not only the story but what makes Drew the likable man he has become..I really enjoyed this book and if you are a fan of Tangled you will love the ending..the cherry on the to speak! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Monster by Francette Phal

Having recently read a lot of “dark” stories I was a little nervous going into this one..just on the name alone.  Starting out I was like is this asshole serious? But there was always an underlying need that was present, was it love?  Possibly? The inkling had me hooked.

You meet said “monster” in the most unappealing way, controlling, demeaning and just down right cruel.  The “accidental” gold digger is just trying to find her chance, her escape from the day-to-day drudgery that has become her life.  Even through all the darkness before her, she wants this man.  Does this make her weak, sick or maybe co-dependent/freaky deaky? No, I think it shows that even through his god-awful behavior there is more to him or at least you are hoping for that!

A world without him, a new life started and just when she starts getting comfortable with it gets slammed back into her face.  Eden has found her bliss..she has a family..a job..and a small group of friends..she is making it..then things start not going her way and she knows Dominic has found a way back in..

Although from the beginning you are meant to despise Dom, there were inner thoughts of his that make him teeter on that line of love and hate..Eden is in constant limbo between the two as well..Her fear and lack of self-worth are all apparent because of him..can he battle himself to win her affections?

Lives and souls found? Read and find out..can a monster be redeemed? This reader says yes but then again I do love me an asshole!

Frenched by Melanie Harlow

 Sometimes a book enters your life at the right time, with exactly what you need for it to hit the perfect spot..Frenched was that book for me! Funny, great banter, bent but definitely not broken leads, and a jilted girl in the city of love..recipe for a romance? Hells to the yes!

I loved this book!! I am a reading junkie, when I enter a book that I love I want to devour it in a sitting and many times do.  This book was one that I felt the need to try to pace myself and enjoy like a nice wine or chocolate.  What happened in reality is every time I walked away from the Kindle, I got the shakes, had to pretend to fold laundry just to sneak read what few pages I could get in-between the real life obstacles. Like the true addict I am, I gave in and entrenched myself in the lives of Lucas and Mia.

Why did I love this book so much? Great was just an easy, un-forced love story that flowed beautifully. Not only for the love that was growing but the friendship and strength they each were finding in themselves. Going to show when you find your true soul-mate, you don’t have to change who you are..I always complain about angst, because of the genre that we read I am always ready for it..guard up..tip toeing through the story waiting for that bomb to never really did and you are just gifted a love story, in a beautiful place, where a future doesn’t need to be promised..or does it?

I strongly recommend this book for any and all romance lovers. The “dropped on her ass”, loves making lists, event planning, type A lead is strong, funny and engaging.  The bartender/teacher/musician/writer/world traveler is adorably sweet, sexy, semi-dominating and falls for the 'not looking for love' girl alone in Paris!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Words escape thoughts are jumbled and I can't even describe the internal battle of emotions I experienced from just reading this book.  Having had to start and finish in one sitting because I could NOT close my kindle without knowing..  Colleen Hoover is not only an incredible author but she is a master to evoke emotion with one "pull of the string" or lyrically driven conversation.  She can have you at the highest of highs and then with one tug you are dropped into an abyss of sorrow.  Tears from laughter, sorrow, heartache and as always the butterflies of remembering the feelings from your own life experiences.  Easily done? Not in most cases, but in this author's case it seems to be as effortless as taking a next breath.

My favorite book of ALL time is Slammed by Colleen Hoover and every time I read a new book I wonder is this the one that can knock it out of it's esteemed spot in my heart?  Having not happened until Sydney and Ridge came crashing into my life..literally with a sore knuckle to start it off..hitting people does hurt..Has this book replaced Slammed as my favorite? No, but it now shares the top spot.  Completely different, but having the same affect on my heart and mind leaves it a no-brainer tie! When words on a page burn into your soul..yeah that happened..

The banter and shared friendship between everyone in the book, the battle of emotions and the connection that is made through music and the written had me..hook..line and sinker!  I don't want to go deep into the characters or plot of the book, it could ruin it for a reader.  What I do want to say, is this story will leave it's mark in your heart.  Make you feel like you actually know these people and relate to them on a completely raw level. Completely torn, ravaged and wanting so desperately for everything to fall into place, and find their happily ever after...Will their someday be recognized?

I would also like to thank Ms. Hoover for the opportunity to read this book early..receiving that email was like winning the lottery with one click. this every book penned by Colleen Hoover..she always delivers and NEVER disappoints.

Two Worlds Colliding by Jani Kay

After getting just a taste of Ryder with the first book, a prequel to this story, I was left with a want for more..what did this book do? Well it quenched it and then slapped me with it again..grr for waiting for book two!

These two couldn’t come from any different upbringings, but you can’t stop love and together they just make sense. In the most convoluted sexy of ways..with lots of hot and heavy sex, written the way only Jani can deliver..explosive and fucking smoldering..

A girl with a plan, the plan slightly derailed when her d-bag boyfriend is caught with his pants down, a big..bad ass biker pulls up and whisks her away to a whole new plan.. Something that looks so wrong, when combined just is right.. Her family knows tragedy,  especially her brother who can’t let go of losing his high school sweetheart, and first love.  Revenge boils, simmers and is directly aimed at MC clubs..namely anyone that looks, acts or behaves like Ryder.  Not the ideal situation for hearts to flutter..

Ryder has known dark, twisted emotions..not completely out of the realm of love. But his family is his MC club and his Max..but I digress..His club is his family and when his “brother” and president of the Scorpions forbids him to see Jade he is hit with emotions he didn’t know existed within his broken soul.  Knowing this is NOT an option for him he bides his time and works around the blurred lines of their families hatred towards each other..and did I mention that have hot, dominating, spank me hard sex? Check please..

In all honesty I would read Jani’s grocery list so it’s a gimme to read the next book and all books to follow..whilst I patiently wait for

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