Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alpha & Omega by K. Webster

This review won't be an easy one for me to write...because this book needs to be experienced. In my opinion you need to go in not knowing much. I trust the person that recommended it to me so much that I didn't even read the blurb, I went in completely blind, unknowing of what beauty was to come and I think that made the experience so much more.
"One smile. One goddamned beautiful smile infected my heart and soul with such a force that I nearly exploded. All hopes of afterlife and the eagerness to leave this one vanished with that one handsome smile.

I will tell you this...real love is eternal. Whether it be for an Oreo, a life you once shared, or a person that completed you. Sometimes the souls connect in way that make any other way of life an impossible journey to embark on alone. Lark was existing before...lived and lost...and barely existed after. She needed a guardian angel to help her from drowning in the pain of "what if" and to show her life in the "now" can be lived, and the sun will shine in a way that matters again.

Alpha is a perfect protector and will have you cheering for him to break through the darkness that has consumed Lark for years. All the while you know the future is as unknown as life can hope...beyond hope that somehow all the roads can connect and heaven will be found. Loved this journey and can't wait for more from this author!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

A little boy running from the worst day he has known a world where bad days out number good...enters a window and finds his future. In one pair of the bluest eyes he has ever seen, holds the key to happiness.

 A girl that escapes her dreary existence hiding in an abandoned apartment sketching is interrupted by a young boy she expects might be doing the same, and from that moment on, within the walls of this magical place, for however little time a day, things don't look so bad.

Nothing comes easy for either Till or Eliza but together they are a force that nothing can penetrate, not even their own insecurities and weaknesses. A family is formed, a night almost takes it away, but when the going gets tough the only thing that will help is the love and friendship they have in each other.

This story was more than just a love story, it was friendship, family and knowing deep in your heart where you were meant to be and who you meant to be with. Eliza never gave up, was the strength that the Page boys needed to rise above what they had always thought was their fate. Really enjoyed it and can't wait for more..

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan

A love that started before Danielle even knew exactly what love was. She just knew that love equaled Cohen Cage, and that knowledge never changed or faltered. There was never anyone that could replace what he represented and with that she made it her goal to have him forever.

Cohen had always loved Dani, but their age difference, her dad, his deployments always seemed to be in the way, until he realized that waiting would only bring him unnecessary pain. One night...was enough to seal their fate. As we know love isn't easy when your attached to Corps Security..enter drama.

I enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of everyone, the next generation taking over and making their presence known. The connection was a little weak for me, but the end result was worth the ride.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Obligation by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I am going to start this review by saying I will read anything this author writes, that was decided when I met Asher Mayson. I adore the way Ms. Reynolds writes a strong male lead, it works for me.

Kai and Myla's story starts with a marriage, not a relationship. It moves at a pace that was hard for me to connect with. I was never sure exactly what the connection was, what the danger was or how things came to be, exactly. But, that didn't stop me from enjoying Kai. I only wish I could have learned a little more about why he was who he was.

Myla was harder for me to bond but there were moments when they came together and it all worked. Ms. Reynolds always does protective and possessive men, that know what they want and go after it with everything they have, and this was no different. Kai and Myla's story was a long time in the making and finding their forever was a hard fought battle but worth it in the end.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Where The Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

I have read thousands of books...some pass the time....some you wish you hadn't wasted your time...and some your your soul and they never leave. This is that kind of book. The kind of book that makes you thank your lucky stars you got to read and exist in it's pages for the time being...the kind that makes you want to write all over the world how lucky you are in red ink...that kind.

From the beginning of this book I was enamored, from the distressed meet, the ongoing night, the mysterious girl begging to be known...Not Abby was plain sight without ever being seen. Until she was and then that's all The Hunter could see, once in his line of sight everything else faded while she became all to clear.

Blake and Chloe's friendship was quick, right and strong. The surrounding players were amazing, and solid without taking away from the story only adding heart to it. From the kids to the skateballing best friend, to the most amazing parents kids could ask for. In finding each other, they found a family amongst the walls they had both built around themselves. I can't say enough about this book. It has heart, a hot basketball stud, is there really anything else you need?

I laughed, cried, even got the quickened heartbeats and butterflies that go with a tale told not only right but perfectly! Where The Road Takes Me will remain not only in my heart but proudly on my favorites shelf...this author can't go wrong with this girl..

Intoxicate by Tessa Teevan

I feel like I was waiting for Xavier and Kalli FOREVER...and then I get the book and I have to wait for X to figure his shit out to get what I have wanted...for like ever!  Luckily. I am a very patient girl (book life only) and enjoy the back and forth struggle between should I...or shouldn't I?
It's very rare that I enjoy the female lead more than the male...but don't get me wrong I did love Xavier. but Kalli was honest, real, and didn't play games. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to tell it, go after it and after all is said and done wait for it. She knew it was her happily ever after and those don't always come wrapped in an easy little red bow.

The relationship between Lily and Kalli was strong and helped build the bond between her and Xavier as well. Waiting for a guy to see the light. sounds so familiar.  A family found...a love that finally can see the light of day....and all the past casts to catch up with. Loved it!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

39 & Holding by M.R. Joseph

This story gives me hope...the kind of hope that burns bright on the dark "who the fuck did I marry?" kind of nights, where you dream of living in blessed solitude with nothing but a kindle to keep you warm. Having visions that my husband finds himself in a tall, long legged, gorgeous young hotties vagina and dives in head first, I still might have a chance to meet a hot ass doc that treats me like gold! Yeah that kind!

I LOVED this story, I fell head over heels for Nick from the first goofy ass cameo he made, and continued to swoon over every other moment they shared. From the minute countdown texts, pebbles at the window, and the demanding hot talking man he could be when needed. This story was more than a love story, it was a reminder that even when the world as you know it drops out from under you, there is more waiting for you if you open your heart to it. Finding the ability to move past the hurt and faults that paved the way to demise and start enjoying the road that you are now traveling on with out all the baggage. Truly living in the moment and basking in real love...

Greer was funny, real and I completely connected with her character. Feeling her loss as her fault, by not being a good enough wife and mother may have lead to the decisions made by her douche-bag ex? Feeling at fault is a natural response to a family crumbling, I think even more so for a mother. The way in which her ex went about his life and the complete disregard for his wife, friend and mother of his children was hard to swallow. Worst fear recognized.

I laughed, swooned, clenched my thighs and felt the nerves from starting over as my own...Ms. Joseph really touched on the feeling that turning 40 can evoke, insecurity, humor and overall life moments for everyone in this story!

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