Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige

4 Stars

Being a fan of Ms. Paige is easy...she writes in a way that connects you to both the male and female leads quickly and permanently. You are enveloped in whatever tale she is spinning from the first word until the last. Of course this one starts off with a bang..several and a dead body. Love these stories!

Blaine was summoned home by a blast from his past, never one to not help a friend in need he hits the airways to protect his childhood friend. Delia is an author, a booknerd with a heart of gold but not the outgoing sort at all (totally love her) She is thrust into a crime she never knew took place, and into the arms of a man from her romance books. Two people from different worlds..led to each other because of scary bad guys..fate? I think so!

Blaine and Delia have an instant connection, which can happen when you are going 60 miles an hour from the very beginning, your relationship has a way of moving in fast forward. Both of them are eager to solve the crime before them and hopefully live long enough to have the future they both see in each other. Really enjoyed it and always waiting for what's next from this author!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Relinquish by M.N. Forgy

This author has a fan in me...every book I have read of hers just pulls me in and doesn't let go. Her characters are flawed, strong, and possess a force about them that keeps you riveted to their story. You start this story from the beginning...a tragedy strikes and you can feel the momentum moving towards all worlds eventually colliding.

Strength comes in many forms, it can be from the life that you were given, the life that was taken or the surroundings that you are placed in; but in the end it's ultimately about how you survived. Charlie was made strong by circumstance, settings around her, and a pair of inked wings that have stained her past. Memories are just out of reach, life isn't kind and because of all of these elements choices are made that change her path. At 18 she is already deemed a survivor...

Landon isn't living the life he wants to live, but a promise was made to a woman he loved and so he does the best he can with what he has. A moment changed his life...and set his path...a run-in...a connection...a barter and BOOM all worlds collide.

Really enjoyed this story of life, love and forgiveness that comes to some easily and others at a high price.

Beat by Vi Keeland

I am a girl that doesn't really have "dealbreakers" I try to remain a reader that takes the story for what it is..an escape from the hustle and bustle of real life, laundry, dishes, work, etc...so I just want to love the couple, feel their pain..happy...joy...turmoil...with Beat you feel it all and more.

I LOVE Flynn...he is kind, hot, and knows what he wants right from the beginning. Waiting for Lucky to catch up is part of the pull of this story. Knowing that the Douche Lord she is with isn't where she was meant to be...you wait...pray...cringe...cheer...and get so pissed you want to throw your damn kindle across the room. This author has an ability to immerse you so quickly into the story and characters, so much so that you suddenly realize you're at 48% and bargaining with yourself to slow down, to savor.

Lucky is existing...she has all she ever thought she wanted but isn't actually feeling any of it. Paralyzed with fear and sadness has made her life a series of steps to conquer it all, no one has stepped in to help until she spots bare feet in the crowd. Small things like that are what make loving Flynn SO EASY.

It's simple really Vi Keeland writes a story...Dawn wants to read story. The rest is history!

The End...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Catch And Release by Ella Fox

I fucking loved this story...I really enjoyed Catch My Fall and Mia and Tristan's story, but this one? It slayed me, and had me falling so hard for the quietly broken boy turned man Trace. Some may hate on how he punished himself and might see it as a "deal-breaker" to what some need to be "safe" stories out there. Sometimes life isn't "safe" it isn't "comfortable" filled with daisies and unicorns; it's dirty...raw...and has the power to break a young boy before he finds the strength to know how much he is loved and worth.

Darby never faltered in her love and complete devotion to Trace. She knew when she locked eyes with the clean-cut, polite boy in his khakis and polo shirt that her life would never be the same. He held her future and she would climb any and all walls that he put up to keep her out. Broken and battered she held on to her faith in him like it was her life-line. Even when he ran away, "malored" himself around, she stood firm in her belief that they were made for each other. Her strength was inspiring and never made me feel like she was weak or less for staying. 

The emotional ride this book took me on was amazing, I devoured it! Love catching up with this crew.

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