Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

It's no secret that Sawyer Bennett is one of my go-to authors. I love her stories as much as I love cake, yes THAT much. This one ended up being a chocolate covered gem as well, but...

It took me a little longer to get into this one. Typically I am sucked in and committed within a chapter, this one took me a couple of chapters to connect. I am a reader that doesn't have deal-breakers while reader, BUT I have found that I have to be in the mood to "share" my lead characters with others...weird I know. Though Woolf wasn't into sharing Callie either, so that helped. Can't wait to read Bridger's story, because that menage was hot girls...just sayin!

In the end the friendship, long time wanting, and overall rightness of Woolf and Callie had me fully connected, in love and swiping through my kindle to see if they could find their happily bondage ever after. Loved it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fighting To Breathe by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Sometimes in life all we need is to curl up somewhere comfortable, grab a glass of wine and dive into a book you know you're going to love. Ms. Reynolds is able to make this happen for me time and time again. Austin and Lea's story is one that has long stayed with me after the kindle refused to swipe...not for lack of trying because I wanted MORE.

A love story that began when they were kids, events made the story shorter than either wanted, and a life winding down brings it back to the fore-front. Hard to swallow at times, painful to watch, but the beauty of a true love is knowing that the foundation of it is always there, you just have to remember the strength of it and trust it will support the weight of the past..

I loved Austin, even when I wanted to punch him upside his bearded jaw, he held my heart. Wanting him to let go of the hurt and be able to see into his future, you rally behind him and cheer with every growl he makes. Lea was broken, scared and allowed her fear to lead her into a life she never wanted, truly lived or thrived in. She was waiting for it to all fall apart so perhaps she could finally lead the life she had started all those years before.

Heartbreaking, inspiring, first love at it's finest. Ms. Reynolds does it again...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fighting Shadows by Aly Martinez

Fighting Shadows by Aly Martinez

It's a special occasion when a book squeezes a tear out of my blackened reader heart, when words make the butterflies flutter deep within the rotten gut of a woman burned by the reality of "real life".  So when it happens, more than once within the pages of the same book, you know you have something special...and you treasure it.

Ash is one of those characters you immediately love and want her to win, you want her to have everything that life has to offer. You root for her and her quirky, straight-forward crazy ass so hard that when she is let down, even by someone you have come to adore you are PISSED, sad, and you desperately want her to be fought for, deserving nothing less.

Flint is fading, sinking into the abyss that life has put before him. Loving someone out of his reach, thinking he knows what love is and not being able to capture it, he leaves. He hides in the past, until he is found and the life force that is Ash rolls his ass into the light. Never realizing what he thought he had was nothing close to what he could have, until it's too late.

A story of friendships, life, family and what REAL love is. When someone loves you for the YOU that you are always, not what you put out there, or what society pigeon holes you to be, not the wheels that you rolled in on, or the parents that raised you, just YOU. I LOVED this story, completely and utterly enjoyed!  

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