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Dark Destiny (Dark Brotherhood Book #4) by Bec Botefuhr

Dark Destiny (Dark Brother, #4)Dark Destiny by Bec Botefuhr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am speechless..and that never happens..this book blew me away..full review to follow..


Blown away..this book took my heart and squeezed the ever loving shit out of it and then slowly, painfully started releasing the squeeze and letting it take form again. My heart is now back to it's beating self..while my mind has to figure out that this love story is really over and be okay with that..

                                      photo 4660394-a-heartbroken-shattered-red-valentine-heart-symbol-of-love-broken-to-pieces_zpsa93f9b45.jpg

This book opens with a note from the author, in this you get an explanation of the reason behind there being a book four. When you end at book three it really does leave you thinking this is their HEA. Ms. Botefuhr decided to write this story one for her fans (thank you) and two for a more personal reason. From reading this personal insight it would seem she too was a victim of a deep dark depression and through the love of others and hard work, lived to see lightness again.. This personal observation meant a lot to me and set the pace for what I was getting myself into by reading this book. I can't say enough about what the note meant to me and I am sure to many others who know what darkness looks like..

"Darkness, you never truly understand the full meaning of it until it consumes you. It's just a word, it's just a place you hope you never have to go. Once it takes you, it's not something you can be freed of easily." Jagger

At the end of Dark Endings all is open roads and happy thoughts but after real life slows and Jagger is hit with the facts of what he did. Life becomes as far from happy and easy as it could ever be. He is nothing, he feels nothing, he just exists. Willow has watched it happen from the sidelines, not wanting to push him too much, afraid the push will send him away from her forever. They don't sleep in the same bed, they haven't had sex in months..WAIT WTF?? yes months and not even his children bring him joy or even a smile. Willow has always been a fighter but she doesn't know if she can fight the darkness that completely has enveloped him.

         photo n546w22883_zpsce4dfca1.jpg

A plan is hatched, a woman fights for the love of her life and still nothing. No life is left in the eyes of her beloved. Not ever wanting to quit on her soul mate and father of her children, Willow's passion leads the brotherhood to find Jagger again! When she leads the brigade she has the stamina of a warrior but after every dead end and wall she hits..she starts to break piece by piece..watching Willow struggle to maintain was almost as hard or harder than the darkness that enveloped Jagger. Knowing that the love they felt was real, you are championing for her to invade the walls and bring back the REAL man behind the facade that is in front of her..

             photo heartbroken-by-a-son-of-a-beach-jason-blalock_zps8968acf8.jpg

"I'll do whatever it takes. No matter what. I will fix us." Willow

A visit from a face from Jagger's past is what it takes to start his healing. But this is not a welcomed thing for Willow, in fact it is the opposite. As Jagger starts to see light..Willow is done! Done with fighting and done with competing with a past that she can't change and can't unsee. The past that they both share but that Jagger doesn't want to taint Willow's perception of him. It is a maze of misunderstandings and feelings that at some points seems won't ever be won..

               photo light-in-darkness_zpsd4fc0ec1.jpg

This is the final chapter and the past is settled on when Jagger's heart remembers why he loves his family more than his own life..I loved this series, loved the realness of the darkness that encompassed Jagger and the honest approach the author took to bring this journey to a full close. I look forward to the story of Ace..the friendship that he and Willow formed was a shining light in this dark story as well..

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ARC Review of Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson

Beautiful Rose (Beautiful Rose, #1)Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Arc kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review by the girls and I at** I'm really hoping for something after seduce slayed me...

Ok I have slightly recovered from the gut wrench that was Seduce and was able to read the next book. I am opposite of what a lot of people are saying..I think. I liked this book and still am not completely sold on Seduce. I didn't whole heartily fall for the relationship of Jack and Belle, maybe the age difference. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but it didn't seem lasting. Did I want the story to end the way it did? That would be a resounding HELL NO!

 photo b7cf164c-3d1a-4c38-b7bb-59fd885aa854_zpsf3c1cf32.jpg

past tense: damaged; past participle: damaged

inflict physical harm on (something) so as to impair its value, usefulness, or normal function.

This book starts 3 years after Seduce leaves you. Jack has picked up the pieces of his life and moved to New York area to live by his brother. He has continued making music and bought a bar that was his home away from home anyways.

 photo cdc731d52a34292d288d5ec514ab9977_zps7a3ca03a.jpg

Jack isn't falling in love with anyone soon, he actually likes to surround himself with fake, horrible bitches that are good for one thing only! After the birthday surprise that Harmony bestowed on him I was like yea maybe not marriage material? My husband would probably disagree..But who am I to judge? And it was kinda hot! So he has awful Harmony, none of his friends like her, even Jack can't stand her. He settles for this sort of living so that he can stay away from hurt and love. As long as he doesn't put himself out there he will be safe, until..going to pick up his brother from work, he hears a voice singing that he is automatically drawn to. Rounding the corner he sees Rose..and did I mention he asked his brother to help find a waitress..see where this may lead?

 photo amolife-black-and-white-couple-coupling-erotic-face-Favimcom-39735_large_zpsb96bf41f.jpg

Jack and Rose have a connection, one that neither of them are willing to really address. Both are suffering painful pasts and haven't really faced them in the light of day. Drowning in the agony and just trying to survive around it. A friendship ignites and feelings are found.

Rose has demons from her past she isn't even aware of. Not dealing with them in any kind of healthy manner, she is a shattered shell but the pieces have yet to fall. One false move and the cracks will fall to dust. I still found a strength in her that compelled me to like her. Weak females are my number one no no in a book. Seeing as though the way she deals with her pain could be seen as a major weakness, I surprised myself liking her. People were not forthcoming with Rose and she thought the way to release her pain was to make it stop, completely. Neither Jack nor Rose think they are good enough for the other, it takes a moment apart, a fear conquered and a friend behind them to see what we all do!

"After everything you've been through, you deserve someone who can be there for you. I don't know if I can be that person." Rose

 photo tumblr_lmfv3vm1vD1qenoito1_500_zps523d6c58.jpg

Together Jack and Rose seem like a storm that would just cause too much damage. But from damage comes a new light and a new foundation. So I believe together they might negate the darkness that has overcome them and maybe together they can finally find forever.

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Arc Review of Ripping Pages by Rachel Rae

Ripping PagesRipping Pages by Rachel Rae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Arc kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review by the girls and I at **

4 Love Me a Rockstar Stars

"I loved living in my book worlds where there was always a happy ending," Tinley

I couldn't agree with that sentiment more. I read to escape the ins and outs of the everyday turmoil. Throughout this book I was screaming, cussing and wanting to slap Tinley and jump in and talk her straight. I was not so sure my HEA was imminent when at very late percentage in the book I still wanted to pull my hair out! Everyone's HEA looks different but the writer should know what MINE is and just get me

 photo images_zps3761c957.jpg

Choices..not all choices are easily made. You weigh your emotions, your time spent, your past and the one thing that should always sway the decision is your heart. It took Tinley awhile to trust in her heart and find that a love of a lifetime doesn't always present itself perfectly.

"Ripping the page from the book of your life, and moving on."

Tinely was a girl with only one experience under her belt, one experience that ended abruptly and without notice. Her heart was broken and her soul was crushed. Her one love had left her without considering the affect it would have on her. You meet her when she is digging herself out of depression and starting a new life in New York. New job, apartment, friends and family help her pave a new direction. Then one night in the park she hears guitar and moves closer to hear and BAM..insta love? attraction?

 photo 763f1a23f9ab6484ddd3519de64ef3a8_zps5af6123b.jpg

Van has known nothing but the "good life" his whole existence. Nothing was hard for him, everything came easy. A sexy, rockstar that could have any woman, and has had many, grew up in an affluent lifestyle. What didn't come easy was real. Real love, real feelings and real emotion. The one time he thought he had it, the falseness of his surroundings made him hardened. So instead of loving he just took.

 photo 8e907aab33797b2b47a849a4637de299_zps9ea34a2e.jpg

At first sight Van was taken with Tinley. She was authentic, sweet and didn't want anything from him but him. Trusting in that became an issue and his skewed vision of the world and past experience brought a twist in the story..

 photo 0b5b87ee5442c924102cc59d13d5fa71_zps81485ba9.jpg

And so the past entered, Kindle was thrown and words were yelled (by me). Knowing that the true choice was known in the heart the whole time..I just crossed my fingers and hoped it wasn't a cliffie.

"He wasn't a choice, because he was right, there was not question. He was it."

 photo lovetriangle_zpse2966356.jpg

I really enjoyed the story, the characters and being a lover of angst, it totally had me sucked in. I know love triangles slay some readers (Nic) and I am not always a fan, but because the author did right by me, I give it a high thumbs up!

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ARC Review of Ignite by Tessa Teevan

Ignite (Explosive, #1)Ignite by Tessa Teevan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review by the girls at

4.5 Holy Debut Author Stars

A love that started innocently on a baseball field in high school. The shy stats girl that loved the game and the popular jock second baseman that caught her eye. A friendship bloomed and both Jace and Alexa fall in a routine of affinity, never recognizing the true feelings they both share.

"I wake up with a wine-induced fog hanging over my head for the second, okay, third time this week." Alexa

The story begins with the loss of Alexa's husband, she has been in a deep depression not being able to get over not only the loss of her husband, friend and confidante. But the circumstances in which he was taken. A car accident was the culprit but heated words that could never be taken back were said and forever stained the core of Alexa's faith.

 photo heartatbeach_zpsbdf0aeff.jpg

Alexa's sister Sierra, her husband Jeremy and 4 year old niece Ava are determined to help Alexa start climbing out of her almost two year bleakness. For Sierra the perfect escape is her and Jeremy's ten year high school reunion in their hometown. She plots a way to make sure Alexa will be there and so will Jace McAllister. All of Lexi's memories of her high school and hometown are wrapped up with Jace and as nervous as she is to see him. The butterflies have never subsided.

A last night before deployment, a best friend and a promise made. That is how Jace and Alexa ended their time together. Through bad timing, an idiot friend and minds that weren't mature enough to follow through, hearts were broken.

 photo Fotor0102113348_zpse90a2bc1.png

Jace never stopped loving Alexa and through multiple deployments and women in his bed, he knew she could never be replaced. So when misfortune turns into another chance, Jace has to tread lightly to win the heart of his one true love.

This story was so engaging and so special in my eyes. A best friend turned love story. Misplaced emotions and baggage that ran deep. The perseverance on the part of Jace made me fall madly in love with him. I wanted to reach in the Kindle and force him to engage and save Lexi from another case of blue clit more than once. But in the end this story had everything I personally love in my books. True love, understanding and enough angst to keep my stomach from knots to flutters.

 photo 1b9e4ef8a3c845d5d45e5f558296bb60_zpsae92e9f0.jpg

Through out this story I had the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes stuck in my head, looping non-stop. After reading this book and rating it I was lucky enough to get an email thanking me for giving the book a chance from author Tessa Teevan. I explained that this book really stuck with me and that I never had a song kind of attach itself to the story. She told me the song she listened to while writing. I am attaching a link to this song..because Tessa you win! Perfectly matched..

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Dark Poison (Dark Brother #1) by Bec Botefuhr

Dark Passion (Dark Brother, #1)Dark Passion by Bec Botefuhr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy mother of cliffies!! Will review when finished with series! Check out what other crazy crap is going on at

"I know what you're doing and it won't work. act tough, be brave and witty but let me tell you this; I WILL break you, little girl, because everyone has a weakness - even you."

Did Jagger know that her weakness was going to be him, he was the beginning and end for Willow. Every bad experience and every great one was going to include Jagger. This is not a typical love story, thank goodness and it was one that takes you on a journey of "I love this man" to "he did what?" But never once was there a doubt that their feelings were raw and lustful. The need they had for each other was immediate and raw, even though the situations surrounding their beginning weren't ideal.

 photo 71b05eac7dc4db16215616aadcd55d7e_zpscab2dee0.jpg

Forever questioning her sudden attraction and complete need for this man that had taken her from her home and family, Willow fought Jagger every step of the way. Jagger knew if he could just show her that what they shared was real and not just a figment in her mind, she would be his.

"I realize it's the first time I've ever heard Jagger laugh, and worse, it's a beautiful sound that has my heart clenching in ways it never has before."

Jagger has lived a life of loss and heartache. Fighting for everything, while ending up with nothing. His Brotherhood being the only thing he can completely trust and call his own. You don't get a lot of who his and why he is this way in this first story, you just know there is SO much more..

 photo Fotor0102112379_zps8df5f31e.png

"I can only promise you that I'll give you every ounce of my heart and soul, and hope that it's enough." Jagger

And so I read on..and will continue this review with book 2.

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Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1)Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it..full review to come

4.5 Hot Ass Damaged Alpha Stars

I am really enjoying all of these debut authors and their alpha leads, not only in the male lead but also the female. Every book I have read lately has really nailed what I like to read. And if I like it then it's awesome, k? This book was no exception.

It started with the back story of Summer who has been kept from her father and step brother because of her dad cheating on her mama. After Summer is suddenly found alone she decides to take her brother Xander up on his offer to stay with him. Summer thinking this is a temporary arrangement doesn't believe she will find common ground with her father. While still wants desperately to get the love and attention from him that she was denied during childhood. Summer isn't a wallflower and speaks her mind, I love that in a lead. Watching her find a family and realizing that her dad wasn't the bad guy she had always been told he was a great part of the story too. I love a protective man in any capacity, brother, dad, I love em all!

"They seem to think you're the sweetest thing, but I know there's some fire in you."

 photo SASHA-sexy-couple-woman-beauty-sexy-hot-Love-sensual-Couples-daniels-bostongemini-arenas-Pictures-love-couples-grab-girlpowe_zpse8d47ad3.jpg

From the beginning you know the men that are suddenly in her life are keeping secrets. What the secrets are, this is found later in the book and to be honest I thought they were going to be way worse. I actually enjoyed where the secrets lead the reader and the book for me opened up from that moment on.

"Unlocking the door, I pull it open and come face to face with an extremely pissed off alpha male."

 photo Alpha-Male_zps506ff3c4.png

Reid and his twin brother Ryan have had a tough life and are hot, protective and the toughest of boys. Wrapped up in a two pack..yay! Summer is drawn to Reid immediately but finds only a brick wall of asshole, why that attracts us? Anyone's guess, but it totally does! He doesn't think he is good enough for Summer and doesn't want to be disrespectful to her father and brother, people he has known his whole life. There in lies the beautiful beginning of an angsty alpha breakdown to book boyfriend! Swoon..

"I can feel him, without even touching him."

 photo 86c827e82f76521e73cd80c5357de2ac_zpsbe172af8.jpg

Reid is fighting demons and a life that was never fair. Within the story he finds peace and a way to let go of the rage that a less then ideal upbringing can lead to.

 photo 6a81447d6bb3a54568b34c139bdb9f4d_zpse67e87e8.jpg

I mentioned that Reid had a twin, Ryan. I loved the friendship that Summer and Ryan formed and found their bond a treat within the love story. I always enjoy a female/male friendship. Ryan was a total man whore, so I fell in love right away. You get a teaser of the next story that stars Ryan and I am already attached and anxiously waiting!

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