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ARC Review of Torn by Kim Karr

Torn (Connections, #2)Torn by Kim Karr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW..just WOW..Loved it! Will post review as part of Torn's Blog Tour @

**ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**


"More-we say that to each other all the time, but it's not about who loves the other more, it's simply that we love each other more than words can possibly express. And nothing or no one can ever change that."

 photo Fotor0926192117_zps77853603.png

If only that were any story that I fall head over heels with there is angst, heartache, love beyond measure and a hot guy..So obviously Torn and I are going steady. Kim Karr has a way with crafting a story flawlessly and even making you root for those who, well don't really deserve it. Living a life can lead to being flawed and when the reality you have been living gets blown to pieces it takes love, patience and honesty to pull it back together.

"You were wrong, River, we are in pieces."

This book had me with clenched fists, gut wrenched and yelling at my Kindle at times. I even laughed out loud..and noticed (I think) that Ms. Karr used Blog names throughout her story? Am I right? References to Aesta, Reality Bites, and Smitten to name a few..did I catch that correctly? If the answer is yes, then Ms. Karr this is me asking you if next book we can get a Sizzling Pages shout out? WORD!

 photo 2790f561-bd77-4ec7-beff-bb15633a5c14_zps2a92b065.jpg

Back to the review..The journey these two took to find their way through the past was well stunning. I was SO in love with River and Dahlia and so not in love with others..I will not name right now..but you will know whom I speak of after reading..

More it boiled down to a love that was more..and when the other characters get their turn, I hope I get More..River!

"Reach down deep into your soul, remember who I am, who we are, and I know you will have no doubts.

I love you more. I love you always!"

 photo ritesh-Couples-romantic-Love-pics-L_zps6f5b2e71.jpg

I felt the story took a natural path to finish, never was rushed and ended beautifully..perfect, really.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

ARC Review of Catch My Fall by Ella Fox

Catch My FallCatch My Fall by Ella Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**ARC kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review by the girls and I at **

Loved it..full review to follow!

4-4.5 Bad Boy Turned Good Stars

This disclaimer/warning is different than most and goes out to my girls..this is not a bam bam book..It is a YA/NA survivor story on both parts of the lead characters.
 photo sorta_zpsf8d5b139.jpg

Tristan Chamberlain is a Malore..what you ask is that? It is the morphing of male and whore..two things that sum up the kind of relationship guy that Tristan has always been known to be.. He is not a love em and keep em around guy nor is his brother. They keep what they love at arms length but will protect those same people with everything they have! Their life was full of emptiness not ever knowing the meaning of what true love felt like. Taken in by friends after their grandmother passed was the blessing they were waiting for and began their journey to healing and being able to possess what love means.

 photo index_zpsbe3d1c13.jpg

"Since the minute I saw her, I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. She's different where everyone else is the same And for the first time in my life I want to try for more I want to BE more Can I be more? I don't know if I deserve to be happy..." Tristan

 photo Oboseala_Young-Love-by-cdglove2fish_zps2504186c.jpg

Mia is a girl who is running..running from a dickhead father and a tragedy so disgustingly horrible that when I read it I teared up..I rarely EVER tear up. Mia and her best friend shared a past that would destroy most people but Mia found the strength to get through her senior year and get out to start a new life out from under the scrutiny of others. I admire Mia in this story, she had every reason to break and shatter into a million pieces and I felt her strength throughout and cheered for her at every turn. Her best friend Darby was also a character and I look forward to reading her and Trace's story..
 photo 2922154329_1_3_zps0da7818e.jpg

With every tragedy comes the opportunity for a hero to be made I felt like Mia and Tristan were heroes in their own rights. Their love story and friendship had me feeling butterflies, smiles and kept me connected to them from start to the the way "the end" leads into book two. Not a cliffy but a to be continued for sure..
 photo 8298_zps6c642a20.jpg

If you are a fan of YA with a touch of NA then I think you will LOVE this book.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Connected by Kim Karr

Connected (Connections, #1)Connected by Kim Karr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book literally sat in my Kindle and taunted me..I would click on it and then remember the heart wrenching status updates I had seen in regards to the ending and I would close and return it to it's place in the carousel..what a dumb ass! I mean the ending..yeah wow! To be honest though I was kind of leaning towards the idea of how it ended..was that vague enough, don't want to be a dumb ass and a spoiler!

Being one of the lucky Blogs to get in on the Torn Tour we got arcs of this coveted follow up..and I flew through Connected like a possessed woman, trying to catch up to everyone else. What a beautiful, heart-wrenching and incredibly well written story! I fell head over heels for both River and Dahlia..
 photo IB-398-INSTA-LOVE_zps7e76399f.jpg

"As we walked away I found myself thinking I had just had the most magical encounter and might never be the same because of it."

One night, eyes lock across a crowded club and sparks and pheromones fly..I love insta attraction and the absolute feeling of I. NEED. YOU. between two characters..but the timing wasn't right and you follow Dahlia through her journey until the timing is right..

 photo Fotor0926120026_zps5551206e.png

"I feel like fate has brought us together again. I also believe that one night, so long ago, just wasn't the right time for us. But tonigh is."

River lights Dahlia's world like she has never known. Her one and only love had been what she thought her forever was filled with and when that ended, she was overtaken with guilt for her feelings. Having to deal with the guilt and passion was part of their journey. River was passionate, protective, and head over heels in love with her..when the ghosts faded he was set to be her forever..

"You are so beautiful, perfect really."

 photo tumblr_m31lbabeVl1rqnrc8o1_500_zps9ab3b0cb.jpg

So are you are you..

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Driven by K. Bromberg

Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1)Driven by K. Bromberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy crap T what an ending! Moving onto Fueled and then I will review..awesome book! Hoping book 2 doesn't end like that...grrr

 photo story_time_0_zpse44ba598.jpg

When I started my book loving, word devouring journey I was young. I loved to read. I would spend hours zoned out and placed in a world where my pain, embarrassment and issues weren't front and center and could escape to a place in mine and the author's imagination. I was hooked, mesmerized by words I didn't always even know the meaning of. The Color Purple, Island of The Blue Dolphin, and then I found angsty love stories in my beloved Sweet Valley High and Flowers in the Attic series. Through the years I found that any story spoke to me if there was a connection, a love that could be felt from the pages I read. I found Danielle Steele and other romance authors to feed this need..then I found FSoG and the rest as they say is history..

Why the long boring biography at the beginning of a review for a book about a race car driver and a shy, yet pretty girl who are damaged and have hot dirty sex? I don't know but this book stayed with me and pulled me in, and made me want more..I haven't been drawn into a series like this since FSoG and seeing as though I read that series more times then I am comfortable talking about, it means a lot.

"Rogue. Rebel. Reckless."

 photo w-couples-loving-couples-couples-in-love-couples-sex-myspace-love-bw-ff-blanco-y-negro-kiss-sandee-black-n-white-denniss-alb_zps8b3737e6.jpg

Colton, young, hot, race car driving bad boy that flits from women like they are disposable razors..not really thinking much of the revolving fact the first meet he is hooking up with someone flag? Maybe but once he has his eyes set on Rylee..lock, loaded and ready to engage!

"Donavan is confident and sure of himself and more than comfortable with being the alpha male." Yeah baby..

Rylee a young, sweet, naive or perhaps guarded is a better way to describe her. She is protective and has a selfless heart that beats for the kids at The House. A place for abused kids that she runs and helps get funding for (of course with help from non-other then Mr. Donavan). The relationship that Rylee has with her staff, the boys and her friends made her genuinely likable and puts her in a state of vulnerability to the reader. You root for her and want her to find her happy ever after..

 photo 41744be8-dad6-408c-8666-ac91952b561f_zps82311310.jpg

Of course on the road to happily ever after is potholes, construction, and a cliff that leaves you hanging by a thread. This book had me by the heart strings from very early on and held on through book one and two..this author has an auto read fan in me!

 photo boy-broken-falling-love-note-Favimcom-255237_zpsdea6f4a0.jpg

Read this book you won't be has angst, heart and sexual heat that can leave your burning for days..but have book 2 ready to go!

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Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2; Rosemary Beach, #5)Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Abbi Glines..that's all! Love her..full review to follow..for more from the girls check us out

4.5 Woods Stars

Abbi Glines could re-write the phone book and I would read it..that being said the last few books I have read seem like billboards for the next books to come..I have debated this with my girls. They compared other authors saying that they also weave characters into a story. To me there is weaving and there is direct slamming of another story..that by the way I am going to read into a story I just want to read about. Does that make sense? I want to read about Della and Woods..I will also read about Grant and Harlow (happily) and Tripp when his story comes..and anyone else that shows up at that beach..

Now back to Della and Woods..Woods is the reason for the high star marks because I wanted to junk punch Della about 100X in the 3 hours it took me to devour this book. I am happy her journey took her to a better place and I can truly appreciate coming from a terribly abusive past and needing to find inner strength..what I can't understand is getting beat by a psycho and not at least swinging back. That I can't excuse even in my reading mind. And the fact that nothing ever came of that? Again..perplexed.
 photo say-what_zps36f7fcdd.gif dirty talking, possessive, crazy in love sweet boy.. He knew his life NEEDED Della in it and he went on her journey, even when it was breaking his own heart. He lost pieces of himself and was able to find strength in his love for Della. He never wavered, never failed and only ever thought about was best for his soul mate. He patiently loved her to bring her fractured soul the peace Woods could only bring.
 photo 122468eb-4d50-4026-bd76-16b7e9acd457_zpsdc3ba23a.jpg

I really did love the book. Felt it was a little more juvenile then the Too Far series but not in a bad way. Sometimes in our reading journey it is hard to switch gears from HARDCORE mommy porn to Abbi porn..but what I can I say I love it all!

 photo f49a1cd663ea4e960e7de9c8bde61467_zpsb9809acf.jpg

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Little Conversations

Little ConversationsLittle Conversations by Sibylla Matilde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Copy given to girls by author in exchange for an honest full review to follow..

This book took me on a small journey..I wanted to slap the heroine Devin in the face on many, many occasions for being weak and letting a boy (stupid boy at that) make her feel less than she is. But a part of me recognized myself and young girls growing up. I would like to think I was a bit stronger back in the day..but if I am being honest, I found my strength in my years and experience.

 photo tumblr_mk4c9sN5Ri1s5baq5o1_500_zps68e5a2fd.jpg

Ronin on the other hand was perfect. Alpha, protective, sweet and always concerned with how something effected Dev even if it would be harder for him. He was a sexy, sweet, protective dirty talking construction boy who fell hard for the damaged young girl that walked into his house on a Saturday night. Right from the beginning he felt the need to protect Dev and that need grew into more..

 photo 4d7199e4a3f5308e72843a75afc804de_zps8eccde58.jpg

The story was good..I felt like the strength Dev found in herself happened in an honest way..but being a crazy bitch who can't condone physical or mental abuse on anyone..I wanted the little sawed off prick to suffer way more then he did. That's me though..always looking for brute force justice!

 photo handquote_zpsbf55a698.jpg

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Consumed (Consumed, #1)Consumed by Skyla Madi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let's start with a mantra I live by..I LOVE FIGHTERS and especially MMA boys..Seth..mmmmmmm

Seth is the typical slam bam thank you ma'am lover that doesn't do the second time around and doesn't hang out to even care enough to get your name.

 photo 72938c2f-c713-4e21-aa6e-1d2bf5c0aacb_zps079f6ea4.jpg

”He’s definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about-the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him”

Why this makes my panties wet? I will never know but I love me a bad boy.. And Seth delivered starting out with the initial eyes set on each other and sparks fly..but being the consummate bad boy he “doesn’t do the girlfriend thing.” Do any of them? Until the one girl who gets under their skin and CONSUMES them..

 photo large_zpsad6b4e11.jpg

Queue Olivia, loyal to a fault has been with one guy for the last 6 years that treats her like she is disposable. Fed up with the cheating and lies she finally calls it quits with all she has ever known and starts to remember who she is. I can appreciate being stuck in a rut you know with all your heart is not what you deserve but the safety of the situation is almost comforting. Some people see this as weak but the ins and outs of life can do this to the best of us. So I enjoyed Olivia and felt her naivety was part of her charm and not an annoyance, for me. Plus her ditched douchebag was named Blade..really? What are you a fucking Power Ranger?

Even when all signs were pointing to these two being right for each other, Seth had to do something or say something to derail the whole situation..and I felt O stayed true to what she knew she wanted. Having already experienced what she definitely did not deserve.

 photo tumblr_mb85durVvM1rpwa2bo1_500_zpsf267f88b.jpg

”You can take your dinner, your apology and your heads up and you can shove them up your ass because I don’t want you.”

True? No but she didn’t want the treatment he was known for dispensing so you preach it Olivia. I enjoyed the surrounding and supporting cast and felt connected to the story. If you like bad boy fighters, alpha demanders and sweaty muscled up this book. If you are more Shakespeare and poetry I think your reading the wrong reviewer..

**copy kindly given to us by author in exchange for honest reviews by the girls at ** Another fighter boy I love it!

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