Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sins Of Sevin by Penelope Ward

3.5 Stars

I am going to start this review with some love. I adore this author, Stepbrother Dearest is one of my all time favorite books. She is an amazing person and writer. Ok..fangirling over and review starting: I wasn't bowled over by this book. I did enjoy it, but for me there was something missing. A connection, a likability, I am not sure I can exactly pinpoint the missing connection but it was there.

I felt like parts that could have been elaborated on were rushed, parts that could have been left out were elaborated. And at a certain point in the book the strength of the main female was diminished in a way that had me struggling to like her as much. Her strength and ability to love even when it was frowned upon didn't appear when it was most needed. She became weak, and I struggled to want it all for her.

I did love Sevin, though through out the story. He held fast in his beliefs, and owned up to his responsibilities as he saw them, when the future he really wanted vanished. I wanted a happily ever after for him and because of that was able to root for it. The writing was amazing, the angst, struggle and heartbreak real. Ms. Ward doesn't disappoint, it just missed the five star mark for me.

Sweet Obsession by J. Daniels

It's like the Bama boys meets the Sweet boys, and they came together and made a hot dirty talking, flexible, Australian named Mason. The coming together of these two series was done in such a sweet way, bringing the girl who is unapologetic in her sexual prowess and the sweet, bendable boy that didn't get the girl that last time. Each has their own heartbreak, past, and reasons for being who and what they are. But together they are smoking hot. Watching sex get taken out of the mix for Brooke, was like watching a fish try to ride a bicycle. She did not know what to do with the emotions, feelings and all around friendship that was being created by spending time with Mason. What the hell? Not what she had ever thought she wanted, needed or deserved.

Mason isn't a stranger to beautiful women, he attracts them like a super fucking hero. But with one look, Brooke stole his heart, and he knew without a doubt he had found his future and every single step back was worth the end result. Angst, cupcakes, hot yoga, and a koala will all keep you entertained, and begging for a Mason of your own and a HEA for these two lovebirds.

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