Monday, January 30, 2017

Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

The old adage their is a thin line between love and hate would be a perfect way to describe this book. The hatred that Daisy was consumed with on a day to day basis, even when years had kept them apart was almost too much to handle. Right when I thought I couldn't read one more snarky word..a new viewpoint was added. And done in a way that made me connect on an entirely new level to this relationship.

Competition can be an aphrodisiac, but it can also be a complete mood killer and these two straddled that line like Olympic gymnasts ready to rumble. The back and forth with these two was like a tennis match..but once you remembered where the future of such a heated rivalry can lead to. Egos clashing, bodies mashing..When you hate hard. You love harder. It's a fact and this book proves that can be a reality.

For me, Lucas was the reason for reading. His passion, patience, and drive to prove what he has always known was inspiring to watch unfold. I loved his unwavering pursuit to show Daisy that what she thought she knew was almost the exact opposite, all she had to do was get out of her own way. The heat these two could make could burn down a damn town. So when it all comes together. It's a pairing heard through out the county.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

When I heard the phrase "slow burn" I though hmmmmm that sounds interesting...when I read a book that defines "slow burn" I was ADDICTED. This book is so much more than slam bam thank you ma'am. It builds..look by When a simple statement can turn your insides to mush, it defines the "slow burn" read. And I LOVE IT!

I read The Wall Of Winnipeg and Me by Ms. Zapata and totally fell in love with her writing style, I mentioned in that one that the lack of sex was more than made up by the full intimacy of every single moment these two shared. And Dallas and Di were exactly the same for me..little did I know that this was Van's bestie?? WTF? DUH..forehead slap!

Family, loyalty, friendship, connections that are so more than an ass grab or clit lick...even though it does go there, and when it does it's FIREWORKS my friends. These two build on everyday experiences and you forget how GD long the book is because you don't want it to ever end. **Reviewer 662 pages I should get credit for 2 books on my GR challenge even though every word is tattooed on my heart**

If you are a reader that needs the WHAM BAM P to the V right from the get go..maybe this isn't your book but if you love heart, emotion, humor and real life struggles and victories than I implore you to read this series. Start with The Wall and continue to won't be disappointed.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield

I sat down to read this book and glanced up about 3 hours later, only when my kindle refused to swipe any further..done? The end? But did that happen so quickly? Yet it did. I started and finished this book in one quick sitting. Why? One word...banter! As a reader it is the easiest way to connect with me. A wrong number text. A texting friendship ensues. A sudden need for more. Phone calls. Intimate moments before even laying eyes on one another. And BAM. Ram.

"Who knew a wrong number could go oh-so-right?"

Ram and Dani without even knowing it were it for each other from the get go. Ram never fulling dealing with the depression of losing his father. Dani being the nice girl that gets walked all over on the daily. Each living in their own form of denial until they accidentally meet. Bringing out the best in each other. Completing. Via. Text. Call. Love.
"Get ready, Buttercup. I'm playing for keeps."

Both of these authors are favorites of mine. So I did know who wrote what and it made sense that they chose it that way. Funny, sweet, light hearted, yet laced with a dark overlay that keeps you so connected to the story and characters you can't help but laugh, cry and want right along with them. The background characters and their explosive chemistry an added bonus. Also ensuring that your stalking of these two authors will be stepped up extremely as the wait for the next book becomes too much to handle.

"You're both my punishment and my reward."

Totally enjoyed this one. Easy to read, connect with and 5 star.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pieces Of Heaven by Natasha Madison

I have read all of Natasha Madison's books..every book just keeps getting better and better. In this the second book in the Heaven and Hell series we get more of Mick and Marissa's story. Finding love while entrenched in every parent's worst nightmare...all the emotions make what they feel for each other more heightened, and take over quickly.

I wanted more of Mick when we met him in Hell And Back, he had never been put first, never been shown that he was important enough to know unconditional love. The first time Marissa and Mick meet is cringe worthy...emotions run high, Mick thought his past was standing in front of him. He reacted instead of reassuring her, but that brought out the brassiness that was Marissa...and a connection was formed.

"Leading to the man who made my dreams come true. The man who saved my daughter from the devil. The man who has given me my own little piece of heaven."
If you read Hell And Back you already know how things are going to work out with the first half of the puzzle, but you get more in-depth with what is happening on the Mick, Marissa and Lori front. The day in worry, angst and falling in love that happens as they search for clues. Just when you think you can relax and enjoy all things lovey dovey...BAM, plot twist..and then BAM here's another obstacle. I do love obstacles.

Adrenaline high, all the feels, hot love scenes that will have you rubbing your thighs together. Clears throat...but all in all the love that Mick has for not only Marissa but her daughter is what kept me connected and in love.

Love In Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

Holy batman, sweet mutha of pearl, all things holy angst...the back and forth, the tension and attraction that pulsates off the pages. Oh friends, this..this feeling is why I read. Now for my review..

When I see a book over and over in my news feed my interest becomes peaked. When it's an author I have read and enjoyed before, I one click and start. This is how I began my love affair with Trey and Kate.

You begin this journey with Trey looking to save his lingerie company and Kate looking to leave a job she despises. From the first meeting you know these two have chemistry, they have a connection, but they also have different lives and life styles. Fast forward and between working to save Trey's company and Kate's drive to be the hero in achieving that a friendship blossoms. A friendship that is fueled by an underlining lust, that is becoming more like love every day.

The sexual tension, angst and "please don't do that" moments that come at you in this story twist your gut, heart and every other emotional tie you have when getting lost in the pages of a great love story. Being an absolute LOVER of all things angst, this one hit me in the perfect spot at the perfect time.

             “No, I’m serious.” He meets my eyes. “I’ll give you anything you want.”

You cheer for these two, but at the same time you enjoy the slow build to both of them realizing what their friendship could turn into. Really enjoyed this one, devoured it quickly, and was left sated but still wanting a little more...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Real Good Love by Meghan March

Real Good Love is the conclusion to the love story of Logan and were left with a "uh oh" moment, and the story picks up at the same part. I enjoyed both Logan and Banner but I felt like this installment was just a little more sex than story for me. The action was a little too far into the book to keep completely motivated. I LOVE Meghan March and her writing style. So of course I enjoyed the story, but as a reader I need a little more angst, obstacles, and I hate to say it...drama to keep me completely sated. Although the sex scenes were hot and the connection was solid with these two characters..I found myself skimming in some places trying to figure out the mystery that was brewing while they were humping like rabbits. lol I will always pick up a Meghan March book, no reading of blurb and read it. Always. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

EgoManiac by Vi Keeland

I love Vi Keeland books. Having read each and every word she has deemed important enough to write, has made me a fan. But these last couple of books has made me a SUPER fan. Her words resonate with me on a whole other level. The banter and wit that these two share and bounce back and forth had me connected with them and the story from the very beginning...a love story that starts with being caught breaking and entering with your pants down. How can that go wrong?

The sass that Emerie radiates, and the ego that pulses through Drew make for a sexual tension that you could feel emanating from the kindle pages. The story takes you from the present to pieces of the past that make you understand the how and why of Drew Jagger. The friendships, loyalty and heart of a father is what makes him tick...the actions and words out of his mouth act as his armor.

Needing to feel something other than resentment, anger and regret...enter Emerie and her positive outlook on life and love. Her strength in not only her beliefs but her upbringing, bring a sense of understanding and peace that calms and inevitably can heal. Wrong doings can take a lifetime to undo, but the love a good, strong, positive woman can be the light that changes everything. I loved this story, I giggled, swooned, had the heartstrings pulled and over all fell in love with both characters.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me by Mariana Zapata

It's funny when you read romance books people assume you read it for the sexy times..but I'm not that reader. As long as I am connected to the story, people and what will hopefully take place at some point, I don't need it. This book has almost no sex, yet I had that feeling, you know the one you get when you read a really good love scene. A smirk, hug or kind gesture from this big guy, was more than any panty dropping that happens in some other books. His natural need to be honest, and not fill the air with unneeded words or promises made him so easy to fall for. You didn't get anything that wasn't earned from Aiden Graves, Vanessa would know, she spent two years working for him and didn't even gain a "hello" each day. Until she left...

I fell hard for both of these characters, throw in Zac and I was lost to this story. It's the kind of tale that you don't even realize some parts of the relationship are missing because simple things make up for it, and mean SO much more. This is the first book I have read from this author and it won't be the last. She has mastered the art of the slow burn..the anticipation of more to come kept me wanting more and reading quickly. I loved this one.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vicious by L.J. Shen

I don't know how to put into words how much I loved this book. Having loved her books prior, I knew I was in for a great story..but Vicious took it to another level for me. The angst, hate, love relationship these two had from the very beginning was addicting. The passion was palpable from the first time they laid eyes on each other. All of that combined had me tearing through the pages, not being able to "adult" for the hours it took until the unfortunate words "the end" and my kindle would swipe no further..

Both Vicious and Emilia were doomed from the beginning, hating that they love, and loving who they hate. Makes for a great match up. Emilia being the underdog from day one, the Help, yet people couldn't help but fall in love with her light. Being different from everyone else, set her apart and made her desirable to more than just Vicious. way. Enter angst and asshole maneuvers. Why does this make me hot bothered? Who knows. But it does. And L.J. Shen has mastered writing the most desirable "assholes"..cornered the market I tell ya.
*photo purchased via Shutterstock*

Vicious knew love once, it was brutally taken from him and his life mission was to pay back everyone that held a hand in a boy being wronged. The causalities that pave the road to retaliation might overshadow the ones waiting him to find his way to redemption. A love story that will make you angry, swoon, throw your damn kindle again but all the while wishing that this broken man can find the love that even he deserves. A flawlessly told love story that reminds us that the line between love and hate is almost non-existent.

Now bring on the next HotHole..I'm ready!

Real Good Man by Meghan March

Meghan March has a way of simply telling a story, that I am guaranteed to enjoy, connect with, and fall head over in heels in love with the characters. It's simple really. She writes. I enjoy. With that being said, Logan and Banner were no exception.

From the beginning of this one you get a glimpse of the straight forward, trouble maker that is Banner. Her friendship with her neighbor, her banter with anyone she bumps into really puts a smile on your face from the start. Underneath all that sass is a girl that is scared of love, and knows she won't find it with the douche bags she dates in the big city. Along comes Logan...

Logan, small town kid, never thought he measured up, served his country and returned destined to make good in his small town. Who knew the girl that could actually win his heart happened via text messages. Welcome to 2017.

The friendship, back and forth between these two and the inevitable bedroom shenanigans, that are smoking hot, all lead to a well written, easy to connect with story that leaves you begging for the next one. Like I said, Ms. March writes, it's gonna be good!

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