Friday, April 24, 2015

Opulence by Angelica Chase

If I could personally thank this author I would...she has a way with words that is uncanny. Filthy mouthed, demanding men, that you are drawn to...not knowing if it's because you want to slap them silly or fuck them into oblivion.  And this series doesn't just give you one of these get TWO! Her women can seem weak due to a situation but at the heart of them just want to be loved and worshiped like we all do. A strength that is beneath the surface but shines through enough that you are rooting for them every step of the way.

And her endings? Yes this woman has perfected the art of writing a serial...just when you are like swipe and the shit DOESN'T at all!! Keeps you wanting..panting..begging for more WORDS..?? Yes, that good! She has made a stalker...I mean fan of me and I can't wait for MORE. LOVED it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forever You're Mine by K. Langston

This series is up high on my favorites list...every time I think that I have found my favorite couple Ms. Langston goes and writes another one. Cannon and Cora separately were beautifully flawed, together they were stronger and completed each other.

The journey that these two embark on starts with a solid foundation of friendship, though they both want to mount each other and hump like rabbits...they fight the urge, not wanting to risk what they both mean to each other. Cannon knows that Cora deserves so much more than what she has always settled for. Cora is highly aware that Cannon is dangerously affected by events that she has yet to learn about. Together they find their way on a path of fighting demons, themselves and all that life throws at them to end in a happily ever after...we hope.

Angst, love, friendship, and an undying affection for each other is apparent throughout this story. Cannon is fucking smoking hot and Cora is determined, willing to fight, and simply can't see her self without her man.

LOVED IT..can't wait for more. This story is easy to connect with...can be read as a stand-alone, even though I don't know why you wouldn't read the first three?? The whole series is amazing!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sail by M. Mabie

Bait was one of the most frustrating, intriguing, wanna throw my kindle and punch anyone within a mile radius stories I have read in a LONG time...I loved it, hated Blake, loved Casey, hated the "other guy" (doesn't even require remembering his name) and wanted much more, but what I got was THE END...until Sail.

Dropping whatever I had been doing, reading, cooking and dove into the story immediately...starting where we had been left out to dry (insert smiley face). Everything is pretty much out in the open and an affair is not an option anymore..all or nothing.

Having always loved Casey this story continued my love affair with the lovable man-child...not always having fond thoughts towards Blake shifted in this story, reasons for continuing the way she was living, not feeling like Casey was all the way in, a life she thought she was supposed to live hung in the balance. And the other guy? Yeah I was right all along about that toolbag,,,just sayin'!

I couldn't quite put my finger on what was missing for me in this story...and then it hit me, a type of retribution..not a violent one, but a way for Blake to feel the way she made everyone else feel for such a long time, in limbo. Her complete selfishness was her downfall for me and even though Casey's happiness hung on Blake, at times it just pissed me off that it all went her way (except for that lil part..but no spoilers here).

All in all..Casey is happy so I am happy. Blake matured and became someone worthy of my Casey, so again happy happy happy.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Will anyone ever take Asher Mayson's place in my reading heart? Probably not..let's be honest BUT July was like coming home for me. This author found her niche with this family and I can't wait to experience every single one of their BOOOOMS!

July was strong without being too much, soft and tender when needed, without being a pushover and the right fit for a strong, possessive alpha biker. Enter Wes...swoon...he was just the right amount of "you are mine" but still be you, wrapped up in tight jeans, shirt and boots on a Harley..check please! A mystery...a protective family and a story that sucks you in and leaves you feeling completely satisfied.

Working our way through the Mayson family and any cousins, uncles, siblings and neighbors that may come our way is making me crave more..Boom! Loved it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Reclaimed by River Savage

Having LOVED Nix and Kadence in Incandescent I was excited to get this glimpse into their domestic life. It was honest, blunt, real and still held a quality of biker bad-assness that was all Nix. Everyone leads you to believe that having a baby is this magical, beautiful thing that just seals instantly, but those of us that have actually encountered it know it can be rough. This is the story they don't tell you in the What To Expect books and movies, this is the grit, sore tits, crying over nothing, can't fit in your fucking jeans version that holds a truth all of us can relate to.

Having found the love of her life, overcoming all of the obstacles that were thrown before them, finding out you're pregnant, getting married and becoming a mom in a very short amount of time, it's not a surprise that the birth of another child, although blessed added just enough to be ENOUGH already.  Knowing that the love was there it just was clouded with a depression that isn't easily remedied, nothing a big cock and orgasm can cure, only time, patience and an understanding that many men don't usually comprehend. Watching your friends naturally come by motherhood, and knowing that you are better than what is being handed to you.

I enjoyed this story..the reclaiming of a love that was so fast, so strong that not even postpartum could derail it. Reminding both Nix and Kadence why they fell in the first place.

The Summer Remains by Seth King

I had to digest this book, sit on the feelings that it evoked and dry my eyes before even considering writing a review. This is the kind of story that often scares me...afraid to take in the feelings that I know will follow, but everyone needs to read this book. It not only saddens, it inspires, it makes you want to live a life full of everything available. It reminds you to smile at the homeless man on the street, you don't know their story, you don't know what happened to them to be where they are. It is an awe inspiring, take in every moment and give it all you have kind of story.

Cooper is and will remain one of the top book boyfriends of all time...he was flawed, protective, loving, non-judgemental, broken and loved with all he had. He was the difference, the reason, he was worth the lame app, he was everything. Summer was quietly strong, devoted, fierce and didn't ever give up. She took the time to make everyone around her feel better, more loved and stronger with a simple smile or an ear. She was afraid she didn't matter, wasn't leaving her mark. But she was wrong. Mark. Left.

Everything about this story was beautifully done...and captured not only your heart but your soul as well.

What Doesn't Destroy Us & The Scars That Define Us by M.N. Forgy

MC books often times have me reading through my hands over my eyes..why you ask? Although tough, possessive and hot, MC bikers often can't keep their dicks in their pants and have a way of whoring their way though the club trash... This book has Shadow..he is smoking ass hot, possessive, afraid of what he feels for the Prez's daughter, and completely hooked by her seemingly innocent nature. Dani has a sheltered life, with little love shown from her bitch of a the middle of the night all of what she has known is over in a blink of an eye and she is now property of The Devil's Dust. Little does she know she has more of that in her than she ever realized.

Dani was tough, gritty, innocent, and fierce in her love and devotion to her new family. All of this would be tested at some point...and when everyone let her down she remained loyal and had one person stand by her. Just not the person you so needed it to be..I loved both of these books. Watching Shadow fight the rules of the club, of his lifestyle and brotherhood to get what he not only wanted by needed, to only let it fall through his fingers because he couldn't pull his head out of his ass long enough to see the love and devotion staring right at him.

Thrilling...gut wrenching...beautifully told and addicting! I loved this beginning of the series, devoured it. And can't wait to read all about Bobby and Doc next!

*thank you to the author for a review copy*

Jake Understood by Penelope Ward

I have read many books that take a popular book and write another in the male's POV, some I have loved and others...let's just say meh...this one falls under the category of LOVE. 

The way Ms. Ward told the story that I had already read in Jake Undone was beautiful..and fresh, not any easy task. You start off with a little heart break and worry and travel through the relationship that Jake and Nina embarked on..with new insight and understanding of why Jake was who he was, and did what he did. The guilt and responsibility that has weighed on him since he was a teen was becoming unbearable now that he found a future he wanted to live.

Nina couldn't fully understand the why...the WHY he was gone every Saturday...the WHY he still felt so responsible for this other person...until she did. That simple gesture...that knowledge sealed their fate and made a future possible for all of them...right?

Zack by Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett = Dawn's Girl Crush for the review. I LOVE this series, I didn't think I would fall for anyone as hard as I fell for Alex...but Zack is now the champion of the my Cold Fury heart. Don't get me wrong...Garrett and Alex both hold a piece of it and I'm sure Ryker will as well but Zack...swoooonnnn

I was extremely nervous to dive into this story, knowing how Zack's life had changed in an instant, I wasn't chomping at the bits to read about his life. I was nervous it would be too much...too sad? But Ms. Bennett had a way of weaving his background story in such a way that you were allowed to be sad for him, while also letting him find the love that was waiting for him always. Knowing the way that it came to be was not ideal but was meant to be on such a level, it was beyond fate.

I loved the dorkiness, and silent strength of Kate, watching her slowly crack the facade of a man wracked with guilt and the weight of the world on his shoulders was amazing. This might be my favorite of all my Sawyer reads so far? I adored everything about it! The family that was made, the light that was found and the bond that was created by everyone finding their true selves within loving each other.

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