Monday, July 18, 2016

Bossman by Vi Keeland

This is one of my very favorite "meets". What the hell am I talking about, you ask? When the lead female and male "meet". Their first encounter, the spark that ignites the entire story. This one was one of the funniest, most original I have ever read. Their initial reactions to each other and the situation they create, perfect! I loved it..

The connection to both characters was easy, not forced and being able to get glimpses from both via their POV's helped create the bond. Texts, banter and a love/hate friendship was so fun to watch unfold. Some of their situations that would typically having me squirming with embarrassment, instead had me cracking the hell up and had me wanting for more. This book is one of those that once you start don't put the book down until the unfortunate words "the end". Even at that point you want more.

I have read and enjoyed every book Ms. Keeland has written but lately they just seem...more. Heart, angst, heartache, love, sadness, joy and friendships that are so real they resonate deeper. Every story she tells delves a little deeper in to the dark depths of my blackened! I loved this story. Broken people that carry the weight of guilt and responsibility but have enough empathy, likeness and understanding that they are drawn to each other.

"That's no being afraid. Being afraid is when you let fear control your life, let it stop you from doing what you want. When you're afraid, but you look your fear in the eye and live, that's courageous."
And there it was again. That invisible connection I'd felt to him since the first night we met. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blood To Dust by L.J. Shen

5 Stars

As always I have to start this review with a confession of took me a minute to get into this book..why, you ask? The first 3-5% I wasn't sure who was who...who was bad...good...female...male, or who was the POV at the time. I would see the name at the top of the page and think it was their POV but it wasn't it was describing them. Took me a this something I am proud of? Hell no..but I am so glad I didn't stop reading and kept going, because this journey through darkness is not to be missed.

Ms. Shen writes dark, gritty, violent tales like nobodies business. The broken battered leads shine through with a gentleness and light that is hard to capture in the underworld these people live in. Yet she does it with such ease that you forget the surroundings and allow them straight into your heart. Nate is amazing..he is tough, tortured, poetic, loyal, smoking hot and when he loves he does it hard! Having no one he has settled into a life he doesn't want, believe in or get anything out of. Until he meets his more.

*photo made by me and purchased via Shutterstock*

Prescott is a survivor. She doesn't let anyone or anything take away who she is. Even when she is forced to live through hell...she comes out stronger. What she wants more than anything in life is to make the people that tried to make her She has a one track agenda that includes payback and finding her brother. Until she meets a different future.

This story is dark, twisted, filled with "wtf" moments, and righting the wrongs that were done to people that didn't deserve to be in the path of destruction...Love, hate, and two broken people that share a bond that can't be ignored. LOVED IT!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

I want to start this review with a plea...don't let your boundaries, your "safe" reading thoughts, your "I don't read m/m" views get in the way of reading this book. This book is more than just the anatomy of a person, it's about perception, friendship, how we view ourselves and others, the labels that can define us but can't even capture a glimpse of who we really are. This book is about LOVE.  This book NEEDS to be read. Now that I got that out of the way...I wanna talk about the boys and how smoking hot the TUG scenes were. Bow chick a bow wow...

Labels are a part of life that Evan wants nothing to do with. Having fought hard against them and what he should and shouldn't be has molded the man he has turned into....but at what cost? He just ended things with his live in girlfriend...has a job...just hasn't found his person yet. Trying to escape a past that burned him deeply.

Henry...adored by many...loved by his closest friends, also known as his family. Finding himself in situations that can guarantee no long term relationship will happen. He is existing...not seeing himself as the beautiful person he is...until Evan.

I loved these two together from their first encounter. They made you want more. The tension....want....and angst of what could be was brought to life on the pages of my kindle in such a flawless way that at one point I dropped the book...attacked my hubs, when he asked "good book?" I calmly replied "yeeeess, now shut up and call me Evan" TRUE STORY.

Ms. Martinez has an amazing gift of transporting you from your real life into the lives of her characters. You cry with them, laugh with them and want so badly for them to drop the facade of what they think they need and fight for what they must have. LOVED THIS STORY! READ IT!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Slow & Steady by Kendall Ryan

You know the books you read that are just easy. Easy to read, to get lost in, to lose time and forget that you have shit to do? That is what this book was for me. I enjoy Kendall Ryan's writing and stories so it was a no-brainer to grab this and dive in. It delivered the entertainment I search for while getting lost in the pages of my kindle.

Greyson works...and sleeps...then he works some more. When he needs a little R&R he heads to the strip club. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to see the wife of his fallen friend to be the body he was drooling over..guilt and the promise to protect takes over and he knows he has his work cut out for him to earn his way into their lives.

Finley never imagined that she would be shaking her ass to put food on the table, a roof over her babies head and making ends meet. She had a husband, a home, and was expecting when her whole world was changed. That moment in her eyes was caused by the man that is now starting at her...while she is buck ass naked.

Not being one to take hand-outs Finley fights every kind gesture that Grey makes to help her and her daughter. But guilt fuels Greyson and not much can deter him from being the one to help this family change their lives for the better.

Really enjoyed watching this hard-working military man fall hard for a woman and her adorable daughter...and becoming the family they never thought they would have again.

Sparrow by L.J. Shen

I'll be honest...when I first met Troy I was not his biggest fan, the reason was his gift giving...whore of a mistress. But like all good stories I know there is more to it than what I am I read on. THANK FUCK. I fell hard for the southie that was torn by his past, his future and promises that he made to a man he loved and admired. What he didn't expect was to fall hard for the girl that was given to him so many years marry.

Sparrow was easily liked from the beginning. Not a weak, damsel in distress...she rolls with the punches and doesn't cower when life dishes out more than she should have to deal with. She speaks her mind and fights for herself. Totally loved Sparrow...marrying the boy from the block that was always way above her social ranking wasn't what she signed up for, but she was determined to get what she could out of the deal. 

The spark between these two was pretty hot from the start. The line between love and hate is tight and these two straddled it like a stripper on a pole. Once Troy figured out his side piece wasn't worth the hassle things began to fall into place and the story delved deeper and wove it's way into my was addicting, tense, heart-felt and had the asshole turn to the hero in a matter of chapters. 

Thank you Tara..once again you win!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Listen To Me by Kristen Proby

Kristen Proby writes books that as a reader I can connect with, they are comfortable, engaging and the characters have heart. Jake and Addie were so right for each other, but watching as a friendship and trust bloomed between them was more fun than the instant bang-fest.

Addison is a bad boy magnet...having been burned so many times she meets Jake just as she has banned rocker bad boys from her life/bed. Timing not so good for Jake but he is persistent and knows that if he puts in some time she will be worth it.

Jake has guilt...being the world's biggest star burned him and those closest to him so he has demons..don't all the good ones? Being able to trust not only himself but those around him is a journey that leads him to his future.

I am excited for more in this series. This group of women are funny, strong, independent and have an unwavering friendship that will endure whatever crap the suitors to come can dish out.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Roots And Wings by M. Mabie

3.5 Safe Stars

So excited to have a new series from Ms. Mabie, her writing is an easy escape from reality. A way of writing that has the small town of Wynne playing out in front of you like a movie. This one took me a bit to get into if being honest...but once the relationship between the good dentist and townie heated up, I was hooked and read in one sitting..

Coming from a small town, I know first hand how you can become stagnant...the views of others can become the reality you live. How a nickname can become your destiny. The walls that are built within that name that shell her in, that keep her protected. That all changes when a man rolls into town and wants to know the "real" woman behind the name...only then can she see herself in a different light.

Watching these two strike a friendship, work together, build each other up and eventually fall in love was sipping the glass of sweet tea while rocking on the front porch..I enjoyed having the small town of Wynne come to life and the tomboy girl find the beautiful woman she is emerge through the eyes of a hot new neighbor!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hard Ball by CD Reiss

I love sports, not a fake or fabricated love to fit in with boys. A true love. I love being at a game, playing one or watching an event from the comfort of my home playing out on my t.v.. So I was instantly taken by Vivian. Her heart, loyalty and love for baseball drew me in quickly. You could feel her love for her students come alive within the first few pages. The other thing that I adore is a broken man...a man that is solid, assured and yet has things that are constantly working against him in the grand scheme of life, enter Dash Wallace. His only downfall...he is a Dodger. :)

Superstitions are as much a part of sports as the bat and ball. Anyone that has played has felt the pull in one way or another. You had a great game so your first thought can be something as simple as what did I have for breakfast, so you can repeat that. On a professional level this theory can be drastic, add in compulsive, ADD symptoms and it can have an overwhelming affect on a person. Living each season the same was what got Dash through...he had perfected what had to happen in every city he visited..until Vivian.

**Photo purchased at shutterstock**
Things were thrown out of line...and with that everything began to clear. Through the chaos was the future he had never thought was his to hold. Could he shift all that he has known to possibly throw off kilter the game he had perfected? The whirlwind that these two created was an enjoyable read.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Is Love, Baby by K. Webster

Once again I have entered the depths of darkness, brought to life by a smiling lighthearted lovely woman that pulls heartstrings and emotions like she is a master puppeteer. K. Webster is back tapping into what is right, wrong, bad, evil, even questioning what and who is good with a force that has you contemplating everything you thought you knew. Who is safe, can you trust eyes you have looked into time and time again, are the words spoken from lips you thought you knew so well, real?

This story picks up where the last left off and that is about all I can give you on the story line. This story needs to be embarked on with no hints, cliff notes or spoilers. It is best to pull up your big girl panties and dive right in. At 18 this young girl has been through more than over half the american population will ever see in their lifetime, and yet she is strong, resilient, and completely heart broken. War had thought she was his light, but what he didn't know was he was her light, strength and the only man in her life that she could trust with out any hesitation. Hearts traced on glass seem to disappear when the window dries, always remain, as does an unconventional love found in the trenches of darkness, stained into souls..

*Photo purchased via Shutterstock*

This story will keep you guessing...not trusting that when everything settles it's actually safe to uncover your eyes and let that sinking feeling in your gut rest. Never knowing where the story will drop out from under you, or turn in a way that you didn't even see coming. A story that is all consuming, will make you forget you have a dinner to make, bills to pay, you are taken in by a young woman fighting to survive and a broken man that will walk through the fiery depths of his own demons to slay every dragon in his way, in order to rescue his Queen...Can't have peace without a war.

Drifter by Bella Jewel

The second generation of MC's is proving to be quite entertaining...Mercedes is an innocent bystander in the land of leather cuts, womanizing men, and the violence that comes hand in hand with having a Harley instead of a Volvo. With this life comes very protective men, women and friends. You are never in anything alone, someone always has your back.

I enjoyed Mercy's character the most...she was small but packed a punch. She didn't let the bitches of the world control who or what she was. She didn't allow the "bullies" of the world have anything on her. Diesel was brooding, hot, talented, and did I mention hot? Their first meet was a real first for her, and ended as quickly as it started. Little did she know they would soon be traveling in the same circles.

She was humiliated time and time again, but never once did she lose site of who she was, even if she tried to pretend for just a minute. Friendship found, or demanded...and another group of protectors on her side. When Diesel finally pulls his head out of his ass and faces the truth that has been in front of him the whole time...with a deep sigh of contentment the story captured me. It wouldn't be a Bella Jewel MC story if there wasn't some mystery, intrigue and tense moments...once again showcasing the strength of how these families love one another. Enjoying these stories and happy that there are so many options for what can come next!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beneath These Lies by Meghan March

This series is one of my favorites. I have loved all of the couples, each one growing in likability because you most likely have caught glimpses of them in past stories. This one is no different. It's best to go into this one not knowing...going from chapter to chapter, switching who is telling the story, all the time wondering who, why, where and what is going to happen?

The thing I can tell you that absolutely happens is you fall in deep with people that you may have perceived one way and can actually be another...vague enough? I hope so, because part of the beauty of this love story is the anonymity of not knowing, and not placing the pre-conceived ideals of what you thought was their truth.

Another thing I can tell you is I love me a bad-ass, demanding, jealous, fierce man...I mean love love. Ms. March always delivers and has with BTL with another Must Read book!


Monday, March 14, 2016

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

1000 "Special As Special Can Be" Stars

I just not read...experienced a book. A book that I could have highlighted from prologue to epilogue. There were so many beautiful quotes, smiles, kisses, moments that I only captured one. Why? Because this book can't be explained, reviewed, even recommended it just has to be experienced. It is the most special, intimate glimpse into a love so strong that you can only hope that you or someone you hold special will be blessed to have.

Did I cry? a baby. Did I smile? Yes, even though some of those smiles were through a haze of one of the thousands of tears shed. Would I change this? Absolutely not. Don't let the kleenex posts, the #uglycry comments or the "my heart hurts" replies stop you from buying and devouring this story of first love through the eyes of Rune and Poppy. It is worth every feeling you will have pass through you. The love, friendship, and soulmate that was found in the yard of a new neighbor at 5 years old, now proudly sits in my heart and favorite shelf forever.

Having read and enjoyed all of Ms. Cole's books I knew I had to read this, what I didn't know was that when I got to the words "the end" I would be changed. Because of how these two fictional characters loved, and lived I am determined to walk through my life in a better way. Be aware of time, my words, actions, and to make sure every single person I love feels it to their soul every day. So thank you Ms. Cole for sharing this tale it will live with me...Forever Always. My heart almost burst...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

RoomHate by Penelope Ward

I devoured this book. I opened and closed it in one sitting. I felt like I had ran a marathon with all the emotions I went through in this story. The friendship, hate, love, new beginnings, endings, what ifs, and even more that I can't define took place in my heart. I wanted something so badly that I just continued reading...praying and hoping that these two best friends could find their way through the fog of "hate" back to the love they both had for each other from the first one-eyed glance.

This book embodies the saying "thin line between love and hate" if you have enough energy to hate you care enough to have or still do love.. No matter what the world threw at these two at the end of the day their friendship endured and they held their battered hearts in each others hands. Every time I would think "ok it's their time" fate would throw something out there to change the course.

Destined to be...the emotions..gah! Ms. Ward can pull your emotional strings like a marionette, she is amazingly skilled in evoking feelings you didn't even know existed within the pages of her books. She is a word ninja, and because of that if a book is penned by her I will always beg for opportunity to read it. Always. You will fall in love with Justin...wanna strangle him...swoon and feel like you are right in the middle of every awkward or amazing moment they share.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Love So Tragic by Stevie J. Cole

First love, love betrayed, love lost but never ever replaced or forgotten. Everyone has that "one" whether it was your first, last or current, but what if that one wasn't yours anymore, but still owns your heart? This story follows how that can change your life, your path, and everything in between. A bond so strong not even years and miles can lessen it.

A break gone wrong, a choice was made and a love neither thought could ever end was shattered. A tragedy, a visit, memories flood and feelings remembered. The one you are supposed to lean on is nowhere in sight and the one you could never forget rises to occasion. Safe is not a word I would use to describe this book, real, gritty, getting your hands dirty and the overwhelming guilt of trying to live two lives at the same time...totally. The only part I didn't totally agree with was why Peyton stayed in her life for so long..I needed that part of her life to be a farce.

I really enjoyed this book, the angst, the terrible choices, but overall the writing...the words used to make you fall for characters that aren't making the best decisions in a moment but you still root for them. That all falls on the author spinning a tale so beautifully that no matter your thoughts on certain variables in life you are invested. So wound up in the story you find yourself cringing, laughing, sobbing or screaming at these people..that is what Ms. Cole can do. Beautiful story of the strength of first love...true love that can stand the test of time..

The Mind by Kate Stewart

I knew what I was getting into when I opened the pages of this book..knowing how it all ends didn't save me from the almost accentuated every word, every touch into a myriad of emotions. To stroll down a road knowing the detour that lies before you...brutal...beautiful...heartbreaking and yet you can't stop yourself from experiencing it.

Rose and Grant has an instant connection. They saw each other, breathed each other and had to have each other. A feeling neither had experienced before, caught them off-guard and completely lost to it. I loved reading their love story, so heartfelt and completely connecting to me as a reader. None of it felt fake, rushed or unrealistic. The only downfall for me is I wanted to change the outcome, I screamed at my kindle to make a different choice, one that would have lasting affects for their future. But alas that wasn't the path these two could take, and still I loved it. My only advice to you as a reader is read The Fall all makes sense and plays out when you start with book one. Don't miss out on this's a must read love story that will stay with you long after you read the words "the end". Ms. Stewart is a FEELS machine and knows how to pack an everlasting punch to the heart. And a jug of wine to deal with the after affects..

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