Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shaken, Not Stirred by Sawyer Bennett

I love this series..and I have been waiting to get Casey's story. Gotta be honest I thought the damage that had been done, turning her into a woman that looks for an up town man with money was going to be a bit more, but being Sawyer Bennett it was all good!

Casey has been in the background of everyone's story so far. The sister of the twins, the single best friend to all the girls that are quickly finding their happily ever after. But not Casey, this is not the ending she sees anywhere in her future. Until a biker breezes into town and demands that she change the way she looks at everything and everyone.

Tenn is just surviving, his world revolves around his daughter that his vindictive bitch of an ex wife has moved across the country. Battling with his destiny within his family and the reality he sees himself living, he takes an offer to ride his Harley cross country and figure out his future. Little does he know a blond behind the bar is what he has been looking for all along.

No promises, no strings just some dirty talking sexy time and both of these non-believers are DONE. Not wanting to admit that whether they like it or not, their fates were sealed with the first look.  Even with all of the bumps and twists life can bring along with it, these two have a way of settling their own souls with just one look. Loved it!

When I Fall by J. Daniels

This series is like reuniting with old friends, it's comfortable, easy to settle into and you know you are going to be entertained. No fuss, connecting right away as if no time has passed. I love it!

Reed is a background character in everyone's stories, the lovable manwhore that will not let his dick get attached to anyone. Until a night at McGill's when the master becomes the student. Reed is taken by Beth right away, not unusual but when the past knocks him on his ass, his future is there to dust him off and put him straight.

Beth finds her confidence, her self, and a family all in one car trip. Having believed she was unlovable, unwanted and not enough for so long, actually belonging to something has her feeling connected in a way that is almost too much. Watching both Reed and Beth find their way, letting go of insecurities that have held them both back from living the lives they both deserve was incredible.

Can't wait for more from this author, I am never disappointed!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

If by Nina G. Jones

There are so many words in the English language, some make you feel better, others can crush you to the bone and there are certain words that are so small they seem almost insignificant, but can change the course. Never having really thought much of the small word "if" and the power behind it. If I had not gone to the dance I may never have met my now husband, if I were rich I could..., if I were thin...and so on. If is a dreamers word and can mess with the "what is" of the moment.

Both these characters could live the "if" life, obstacles that stand in their way aren't ones that are easy to ignore, or easily surmountable, but they each live their lives in a way that demands attention. Bird is determined in a way that most only talk about, she has a dream and isn't letting what others think of her decide her destiny. She embodies a strength was easy for me to connect with. Ash is living a life no one wish upon their worst enemy, in a way of punishing himself for things beyond his control. Both these characters are flawed, damaged and beautifully powerful all in one.

When these two notice each other it makes the difference in both of their lives between existing and living. But alas, nothing worth having is ever easy to come by...enter angst stage left. I connected to this story completely. It is different. It is powerful. And it has you taking everything in your life and experiencing it just a little more than you did before. If...no one wants to live an "if" life, make it a did, do, or happened kind of journey.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The 27 Club by Kim Karr

I love Kim Karr..I appreciate the way she can tell a story and completely immerse you in what the character is feeling and experiencing in that moment. She is descriptive, and composes a story like a musician would a song. You feel everything in the words.

The 27 Club was a different kind of story, not only a love story but a how to live without fear of dying tale as well.  Zoey is scared that her destiny has already been written and in that, she should not get too close to anyone or anything. These fears are her chains, they hold her back from living a life fully. Until Nate. One look, one touch and these two know they have to at least play along with the fate that has been laid before them.

Unraveling her brothers life and how he lived before his untimely death, leads Zoey to find her own.  This was a beautiful tale of love, life, friendships and forgiveness. It was hard for me to get into, but once I did I enjoyed the ride.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Brisé by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Let's start this review with a truth..I had to Google to get the ' over the e. After 20 mins I figured it out. Now for the review on Brisé <-----

I LOVED this story, had me at the first meet, a boy meets a girl, a boy decides he's her superhero and their future is set. Except this is a Leigh Ann Lunsford book so right when you're just traveling down the road of happiness and flowers..BAM enter angst.  Being the lover of angst I am, while cussing at kindle and author, the journey for these two to remember what started it all begins.
"The woman I was hopelessly in love with and couldn't live without. You were not just a mark on me; you were my fucking heart, Phoebe." ~Luke
"The day you told me you were my superhero, I loved you. I have never stopped. But you aren't my superhero, you're so much more. You are my lifeline, my reason for being here on earth." ~Phoebe
Futures were planned, but the thing with plans, they never seem to work out the way you need them to. Life comes in and smacks you in the ass and reminds you anything can happen. One thing that is a constant through out the story is the love that was found when they were small children and their worlds revolved around each other.

Even apart the pull between two souls that are meant to be find a way to remain together. Again, this is Ms. Lunsford so you can't get to comfy with happy...you never know what this woman will pull.  :) every book I read by this author grabs me, and digs a little deeper. Had me at Superhero and kept me with Twinkle Toes. Endurance, friendship and a love that rivals most, makes this an incredible journey that makes you appreciate life and all it brings.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks

This book came to me when I was complaining on our blog that I was having a hard time connecting with the stories I was reading, a private message, an offer to read a new author and next thing you know I am hooked on this story.

Charlotte and Travis meet in summer, Charlotte is visiting with her family and Travis is trying to figure out what he should be focusing on. A chance meeting at a favorite spot, and a cry for help from a stranger, creates a bond between these two that never goes away, no matter the time or distance.

Summer flings can be deceiving, the sun, surf and little things like how old we really are can get in the way of the happily ever after you crave so much. A summer that changed the course for two people, destined to be one. A promise to be there when you are ready is made and then life just keeps going, and guilt and miscommunication keep the angst meter on high!

When worlds collide and eyes meet, Travis is quick to claim what has always been his, but the innocent girl he fell in love with, has something dark she is holding back and this time he isn't leaving it up to chance.

Really enjoyed this and a big thanks to the author Anna Brooks for allowing us the opportunity to read. Looking forward to more from her.

Malevolent by Cassia Brightmore

When Tara is speechless and the only words she has for me, are "read this book" I go in, no need to read the blurb or know what I am getting into.  So I knew nothing about this going in and was so intrigued by the first couple of pages, I decided sleep, cleaning and basic parenting could wait until I found out who the hell did it, and how they got so demented.

Not only a great "whodunnit" mystery is unfolding but a hot alpha sheriff that decides the new girl in town is HIS and we all know how f-n hot that is.  Protect mode engaged. Possession decided. Game. On. 

At a certain point you are pointing your finger at every single player in the game, knowing that there is not only one, everyone is suspect. Were they accounted for, flipping back pages, did I miss something? These are the best kind of stories the ones that grip you not only with the amazing weaving of a mystery but the hot blooded, tingle ensuing of an alpha claiming his woman, yeah hot sex included.

An amazing debut by first time author Ms. Brightmore and I for one, can not wait for more.

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