Friday, February 28, 2014

Incinerate by Tessa Teevan

Let's be honest I was a goner with the cover!  If this is Knox..I say hell yeah! What is inside the pages though..that is what really sells you on him! Fell fast and fell hard for my damaged soldier..mmmm

Having read and loved Ignite I was eagerly awaiting the release of Tessa's newest damaged boy, and this book did not disappoint.  Knox is back from an awful experience during his deployment.  Even though his job was with explosives, having survived this long he had a "I can survive anything" mentality.  Until surviving was barely an option.

His last moments were filled with "I have no one" and that didn't fulfill him as it had in the past.  A past filled with broken trust from people that he should never have to doubt.  Closest to him, were the last ones he wanted anywhere near him.

A night at a bar, a face he can't shake and a knock on the door of walks Charlie!  She isn't immune to the "happily ever after" jumping up and kicking in you in the face.  Two people who couldn't trust any less, in a position to try.  To open up and see what a future could look like with the right one.

Loved this story, the friendship between Knox and Jace, the strong bonds that make a family and what can happen when you finally let go of all that has held you back.  Highly recommend and you don't have to read Ignite first but I loved that one too.. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arc Review of Dazed by Kim Karr

For me this book wasn't just about finding love through someone else's was also about realizing how to love yourself. To know you are worth more than who you are related to, more than a job, more than just there..  For Aerie Daniels everything has a place..except maybe her.  This story is about veering off the safe, linear path that was her comfort and racing towards a life that was waiting for her to fully live.

Jagger was amazing..just the right amount of sweet, knows what he wants and shows Aerie how to live with the top down.  Knowing that she see's herself through a broken lens, he leads her to find her strength and ability to love herself.  Together these two made sense..but I love me some angst so the little sprinkles of drama were perfectly aligned for a sweet love story. 

Kim Karr has a way of writing that just sets you up, in the moment, in the situation, hell I could even taste the cupcakes she was describing.  You never feel left out of a scenario or left wondering what just happened.  Even with a novella, you never feel slighted within the storyline.  Can't wait for the next installment in this series..Xander you're up!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brutally Beautiful & Cold-Blooded Beautiful by Christine Zolendz

You start the journey with blood, injuries and a pit stop at a strip bar.  My kind of book!  Through swollen eyes, blood stained skin and bruised body parts she decided she needed a drink. My type of girl. That was just the first chapter of the violence Samantha had endured.  You don’t fully realize what craziness she escaped until much later.. is the only thing that Kade knows.  It is what he sees when he closes his eyes, and when his eyes are wide open.  It surrounds him, blanketing him and trapping him in his own hell.. Witness to the murder of his peers and friends at the hands of his partner in crime, his best friend.  It changed who and what he is..not one that thought love could penetrate the dark walls until a waitress sassed him back.

She wasn’t afraid of him, she didn’t back away when he said all his asshole statements. His social ineptness did not make her retreat.  In fact she called him out on his fucked up behavior.  The bond they shared grew, it’s like all the turmoil and hell they had gone through melded them into one. 
Gone..believed the worst..and a hell that no person should ever endure or live through.  Can the asshole take is whiny head out of his ass long enough to figure out she needs a hero?  Read and find out.  If you enjoy a dark, demanding, don’t know what the fuck will come out of his mouth next man? And a strong willed and physically able female and are not afraid of some blood and seriously violent tendencies, you will enjoy this book..

Monday, February 24, 2014

Layers and Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich

I have a friend that I trust, she is not easy to please in a literary sense, she puts her nose to the grindstone and searches for the next great book for us..and I love her for Tara this review is dedicated to you..for all the groups you search, for the hot sex and even hotter alpha research you put in every day.  You my friend, you are appreciated.

This is another book I would have never heard of without my girl.  And what a pity that would have sex, billionaire, and strong female lead that doesn’t make me want to punch her face in.  She is young yet strong, not afraid to show her sensuality, not a virgin and determined to stay unattached. 

When these two meet the sparks fly and the scene is set..insta-love you ask? I would lean towards insta-wanna fuck and the feelings come on strong and quick.  The attraction and feelings don’t seem rushed or made up.  The story flows in a way that makes you want to continue reading to follow their journey.

Did I know there was a book two?  Not when I started and thank goodness the second was out because I started it at “The End” of book one.  

Their love story was not a perfect fairy tale, it was paved with angst, mistakes and parts that made you want to toss the kindle into the night air.  Dominating, capable, possessive and doesn’t need a road map to the big O: Daniel Stark was the draw for me to this book.  He was written in a way that made you want to have your way with him and then punch in him in the throat a second later..I love those types.

I recommend this book strong, especially if you enjoyed the FSoG series..

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bound To The Fallen by Stevie J. Cole

This book is labeled paranormal, and the beginning of the book takes you back so far I would consider it the start of existence. Not being one for historical books I was slightly nervous..but the scene is only set with the backwards glance, so that you know why the players are where they are now. 

You fast forward brilliantly to the now, you meet graduation, a whole patterned life sits before her, but it is not the path she envisions for herself.  Her father has always wanted one of his daughters to become the second doctor of the family.  His actions as a human have pushed Brooke away from ever wanting or accepting that kind of behavior.


A new job in the medical field, new creepy ass boss, a girl I don’t trust from first meet, and one hot looking doctor sets her new scene for the foreseeable future. 

Gavin is a man of singular tastes.  He doesn’t dip his wick in the company melting pot.  He has no choice but to exist in this world so he has come to know what he wants and desires.  Never has a woman made him stop to imagine what if…but he is a dirty talking man that knows his way around the lady parts and for that I say “hollah”..

Attraction crackles..lines are crossed and love is found.  With the world as Gavin knows it Brooke safe?  Can these two find a happily ever after when one has no end in sight?  Little did I know the answers will be in book win this round Stevie! Another thing this author did was to incorporate music with the story, even if just on the radio in the car, or a background song emanating through the scene, it helped set a tone that was incredibly deep.  So with that I leave you a song that reminds of me of my immortal..

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Consequences of Deception by Ella Fox

WOW..that is my review! From the prologue to the epilogue I was glued to this book.  Ignoring my “real” life to bask in the pages of Killian’s dirty talking, rich, wounded days.  Having nothing but my battery operated boyfriend and a locking door to keep me company..yeah that good!

Bossy, arrogant, beyond rich, intelligent, sexually explicit, happy spanking and domineering man..Killian Brandt.  Waiting for her time, innocent, alone and completely head over heels in love with the only that man that has ever been in her heart..Sloane Evans.

One night changed both of their paths..lives lost, futures altered and wicked webs weaved!  You know from the very start that there is more to the story, but you aren’t sure where the road cracked.  

All I wanted was for these two stubborn, headstrong people to talk.  Something wasn’t adding up and the answer was just right there..slightly out of reach.  With that said the angst because of this, was so perfectly executed by Ms. Fox, that you crave it.  

This story also had a song looping through my head..every time I wanted them to just open up..So I finish this review with a MUST read this book and a song that reminds me of what I wanted both Killian and Sloane to finally do..say something..

Monday, February 17, 2014

Worth The Chance by Vi Keeland

Hot, sexy, brooding and hot blooded MMA fighter?  I say "yes please"! Loved Nico from book one but Vince, he stole my heart.  All grown up and going through women like disposable napkins, until one day in class the face that has haunted him since high school is staring back at him.

Liv is writing a story to land her the job she has always dreamed of.  Never in a million years did she think the fighter they were sending her to write about was the same Vinny that she fell hard for as a nerd from back in the day.  She tutored a boy that was the epitome of a bad boy, but she got to see deeper.  She saw the man he could become.

The sweet bookish, girl next door was Liv..Vinny knew he wasn't the kind of boy that could deserve her.  One night he almost pushed too far, and after that their paths went different directions.  Always wondering what could have been?

When the story leads down a path she is not willing to take him, futures are altered and choices made to save the boy who never had it easy.  But Liv had already taken over
Vince's heart and he wasn't able to see an ending that did not include her.

"You rewrote the ending of my story with the truth."

Possessive, hot,  muscled and would kick anyone's ass that got too close to what was his..mmm grew up so nicely! Loved it!

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