Sunday, June 22, 2014

Giving In by M.R. Joseph

You know the saying “too many books, not enough time” is SO true when you get a recommendation of a book, you may have never heard ofand you fucking love it!  That is what happened with this story.  A simple question posted on our Facebook page, an author chiming in with you may like thisa one-click at Amazon and what happens?  Magic, that stomach swirling butterflies gotcha going, “will they ever stop antagonizing each other?”, will they won’t they pull that keeps you coming back for more and has you devouring a book in a few short hours.  These are the moments that romance junkies like myself live forthe gamble and the payout and for me this one hit the jackpot!

You start with a bar bathroom romp, not the usual for sweet Harlow but an everyday occurrence for man-whore Cruz.  A little side-bar moment herethe lead boy slut in this story was called Cruz, and this is my 18 year old son’s nametook some clever mind tricks to keep that fact straight whilst reading this okay continuing on  Even though this started as a one-time, never gonna see ya again, I can’t believe I just did this momentthere was still that connection, and as a reader you felt it.

 Fast-forward and fate brings these two together againlove at first sight?  Hells no, but enough friction and sexual tension that you knew once they figured out all their shit, they could do great things together.  Their friendship and growth as individuals and together was an amazing journey to be a part of.  Cruz goes from being an immature, “stick your wick in anything”, not sure where he is headed kind of boy, to a manHarlow hasn’t always been the strongest girl, but once she gets a taste of what true love really means, she finds her strength.

 Being a first time reader of this author, I was impressed with her writing and bringing the connection to life, so much so that you physically felt what these two were going through, whether it was angst, humor or anticipation. .

Can’t wait for book twoin fact I am refreshing our email every 20 minutes or so in hope that our arc will magically be there.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Sexual tension anyone? Yes…please!  R.S. Grey writes it better than most.  She can coil you so tight with want and expectation that you are left swooning, panting and begging for more… with just a look or kiss!  And don’t even get me started for when the real heavy petting and action start…check please!

Scoring Wilder was a fun, flirty read that hooked me from the very beginning.  Wanting to be friends with Becca & Kinsley (or be her), envisioning kicking the mean girl’s asses and wanting to dry hump Liam from his first appearance to his last.  Kinsley had a strength and determination that made her age not reflect negatively in the story for me, in fact the maturity she exuded in so many situations made me love her even more.  Young, hot pro athletes at the height of their careers and body images…I’m squeezing my thighs just thinking about it!

The friendships, banter and connections that are found and formed through-out the story, keep you captivated and if you’re anything like me…sneak reading at work to continue with the feeling!  Another goal scored (couldn't resist) for R.S. Grey and a big time thank you to her for allowing us the opportunity to read this gem early.

If you enjoy NA, quick wit and hot lickable leads…this book is for you! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley

It started with an accidental "meeting" or more of a slamming into, that is all it took for Jeremy to have his heart stolen by a young ice skater.  Through the years they just continued to have their paths cross, but not until they were adults did the attraction stick...

This was a cute, easy love story that I became swept up in...the absolute resolve Jeremy had in making sure that Emily would not only become his, but remain his was solid.  Another reason I read these books is to live vicariously through these lucky little bitches that get loved that HARD and even through the ups and downs these boys stick.

I look forward to reading Josh's story next, the little tid-bit we get at the end of Frozen Barriers was enough for me to be anxiously awaiting the next story! 

Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I knew…I knew it like a Mayson man knows his BOOM…what did I know?  That Nico was going to be SPECTACULAR and he was going to tattoo himself right onto my heart with a big, solid, manly man BOOOOOMMMM!

When you have a man tell his buddy he is seeing someone…before even knowing that “someone’s” name, you have an alpha of outstanding magnitude.  There are authors that can just simply write an alpha without blinking an eye, and more importantly without making him douchey, and Ms. Aurora Reynolds is an absolute fucking pro at it!

Nico was everything you can want in a man, as all MY Mayson men are.  And so here I patiently wait for a Mayson man of my very own…even if he has to exist on my Kindle, I wait…

This love story is beautifully told, and has you glued to the pages that lie ahead in complete anticipation of what may happen next…as I always do I love this book, my Mayson men never disappoint and I am hoping for the Mayson babies to get their day in the sun, of course after turning 18-21…because I need more!

BOOM…and that’s all folks…who needs anymore than that?

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