Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Left Behind by Dylan Scott & Vi Keeland

Reading for me is an escape…from reality…the day in and day out…I am not a reader that questions a plot to much…I don’t look too deep into the overlay(…I do try to figure out what the hell is going on and come up with plot twists and scenarios that sometimes play out but usually are so far off the mark I’ve embarrassed myself..back to my review) and YA books for me are the perfect escape. I figured out where the journey was leading us, but it never took away from the story... First love…the butterflies of a touch, a kiss and the hearts finally finding each other…GOD I love it, when done right! Dylan Scott and Vi Keeland did it perfectly.

 This story stained my soul…left it’s mark and stayed with me long after the last page of my kindle was swiped…it is the kind of story that I gravitate to, the broken boy, the lost and hardly noticed girl that just wants to fly under the radar. Together they are electric…together they exist for the first time.  Fate can be a bitch and when she bounds into your life like a wrecking ball, all you can do is hang on enjoy the ride and hope that when all the pieces land you can find enough of them to put yourself back together.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It is worth your money, time and space in your heart that it will forever occupy! I hope Ms. Scott and Ms. Keeland continue their writing ventures and bring us more…please!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Misled by Kathryn Kelly

MC books are not for everyone.  Men talking in partial sentences, emphasized with grunts, fuck used as a comma and bitch can be an endearment or a slap in the face. Men of MC’s are not hard to read…you get what you see and they let you know how they want you and when. No arguing, just possession and fierceness. Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell is one of these men…he could be next to the definition of said biker…he has a soft ish part in him and it seems he found the kryptonite that may unleash his fury and possibly love?

Meggie has never had it easy…she was the product of a woman looking for more than a prez could give her at the time…so she sought what she thought was “normal” only to find a monster more heinous than anything she would have endured at the clubhouse.  The exterior of a man means nothing Meggie realized this at an early age, she was a fighter and in looking for her father…she found her real savior. Underneath this find is a secret that can tear her world down even lower than she thought existed.

This story is a mix of that DID not just happen, what the fuck just happened and I’m so glad that just happened. Watching a hard ass, fuck what he wants Prez of a MC club, (who we meet in the midst of a three-some)…find what his heart never thought it sought in the eyes of an 18 year old girl wasn’t a creepy as that may have just sounded. It even tight-roped on the verge of beautiful. This story encourages two people that were taught that they were nothing…wastes of space or things to be abused…were anything but when they are together. Really enjoyed it..

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alex (A Cold Fury Novel) by Sawyer Bennett

I love Alex…thought to be the insensitive, womanizing prick hockey sensation with an ego to match, the crowd loves to hate him and the women flock to be in his bed…none of this means much. He lives a life although in a spotlight because of his job…as quiet as he can. Finding an easy fuck to hold him over until the next time. Never wanting more than the jizz and go.
"The Alex Crossman who lives in Asshole Land, would have come back at her with a snide remark, followed up with a punch to her self-esteem."

Until he is made to step up his game off the ice…in walks the do-gooder, beautiful and not looking for an ego maniac star to warm her bed…social worker.  Match made in heaven, you may ask? Slowly but surely the ice wall that has formed around Alex’s heart starts to melt and he begins to see the world in a slightly different light.

The broke down star, that can never be enough to please his asshole dad…the sweet and solid Sutton that wants to change the world one wronged kid at a time…bring them together and you get a story that exploded with emotion…friendship…bonds and forgiveness and I loved every page of it! 

I have yet to read a Sawyer Bennett book that I have not fallen head over heels for. She is an auto-buy author for me and I for one can’t wait for more!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Covertly Strong by N.A. Alcorn

 When you find an author that writes in a way that totally speaks to you as a reader, you not only become a fan, you relish in the fact that they can write something completely different and find it captures you just the same. Having fallen head over heels in love with first Ellen and then Amy in Ms. Alcorn’s first two books was easily done for me…the humor, the women’s strength and friendship, and the hot guy were an easy sale for this book whore.  So when I saw her new book Covertly Strong was coming…let’s just say begging began for an early copy.  Not even reading a blurb I went in strong knowing I would be able to connect with whatever story Ms. Alcorn was ready to deliver…and I DID!

My only slight hiccup came in the form of third person, but where I would gently set book down and move to another (not my favorite) I plowed and on and quickly forgot the out of POV comfort zone…I fell hard for both Nixon and his Meli from the get go…her strength and sassy-ness (best game of nerf war ever) made the connection for me solid and quick…and Nixon was completely swoon worthy and possessive of his girl from first glance…years, careers and pasts that took a different turn but inevitably intersect for my pleasure take place…but once those paths cross, the bond that was created and never forgotten is realized as what they hope is their forever!  Nothing comes easy for these two and this simple fact has you gripping the kindle until your knuckles are white...
"God, I need her. I fucking need her more than I've needed anyone or anything in my entire existence."

Really enjoyed this story, and find myself still thinking on it weeks after reading it! Suspense, romance, strong female lead, first love and a hot soldier…check please!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

This review is a little different than my normal…because I am in the midst of a full on tantrum.  I often want to live vicariously through the lives of the characters I read about…but I really want to be Sophie! Auction my virginity off at 21 for a cool mill…hell have my virginity at 21 let’s start there!  Not only auction it off to the highest bidder but also the HOTTEST millionaire bidder, yes please! Can I get something…anything? Alright tantrum sort of over and on to the review…

Sophie knew from just glancing at his shoes that if she was going to be ok with anyone “winning” her he was her safest bet…add in his voice and she was solid in this thought...bidding over and reality sets in, this man bought her to be his personal sex slave for SIX months…little did she know she was walking into a battlefield of pasts, emotions and a life that had hit pause two years earlier.
Both recognized quickly that there was more to their arrangement than was previously thought and feelings have been found that can’t easily be dismissed.  Watching two people who haven’t always put themselves first, although in different ways, allow someone in enough to care and watch over them was beautiful to watch…the tug scenes helped with the ache that settled between the thighs too.

I had just finished a book that just did not work for me and on a friend’s recommendation picked this one up and it was the perfect story, at the perfect time to remind me why I read.   I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good romance with a man that needs to let go of his broken past and girl that has yet to live for herself..and hot tug scenes sprinkled on top!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finding Kat by Elizabeth McMahen

3.5-4 "It" Couple Stars

 What happens when you take America’s Sweetheart and throw the tattooed bad boy rock star right into her path? Sparks a-flying, and a romance no one saw coming..paparazzi evasion, stalking to get where Kat may be…all this from the a bad boy that just wants to settle down and feel what real life can bring him, having lived the rockstar life already.

Kat has long been a fan of Cade’s and when the chance for her to go to his concert comes up..she is quick to go and try to blend in with the others.  Being noticed is a way of life but she is never one to inform anyone of being the “it” girl of the moment.  Having lived in the lifestyle for so long, she craves any sort of “normal” she can find.  Her momanger is a stage mama to the 100th degree and always thinking about her career before her well-being. Finding someone that loves her for just her hasn’t been easy, not even in her own family.

Kat and Cade embark on a journey to find not only love but a peace amongst the craziness of the business.  Their normal is unlike most and dangerous roadblocks seem to pop up all around these crazy kids…enjoyed this sweet debut novel and look forward to the next installment.

Lost and Found by Megan Fields

At a young age Ella realized what love was…when that love walked away and didn’t come back like he promised…she went looking for it, what she found was NOT the same…taken hostage by someone she had given her trust to, she was brutalized in the worst way and lost herself along the way…

Not being able to trust men, her own desires and instincts she was saved by a friend that dominated in the world of BDSM…with her help Ella found not only herself, but slowly began to trust her instincts again…but only if she was in complete control of her surroundings.  One chance stop at a café and her first love was standing in front of her…not sure if she can trust him, herself or what he would think of her new life…she ran!

But her past was suddenly slamming into her present and she couldn’t hide from Jack…he was not taking no for an answer.  Realizing the feelings from long ago were still front and center, these two have to navigate not only their emotions but the need for control that Ella has and the lifestyle she leads.  What does this equal? Hot..hot..hot! A woman in control and a man that just needs her and is willing to rise to the occasion of submission...enjoyed the story, the friendships and the finding a compromise that will lead to a whips and flogger happily ever after!

**Thank you to the author for gifting us an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review**
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