Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Worth Forgiving By Vi Keeland

This is one of my favorite series, every book I am a little more invested than in the last one...this one was super hot and I fell hard for both characters quickly.  You meet Jax in the last book, having his whole life crumble around him.  Finding out the father he had always looked up to wasn't worth any of the attention he had surrounding him at all times.  A life of lies, deceit and skeletons in closets...he vowed he would be more, he wouldn't waste his life...having always wanted to fight, he began on a new path. Fighter...business man...the future is new!

Lily was raised around men, not just any men, but the type that protect...grunt and fight for what they love and know is right.  After her beloved father passed she found herself floundering, in that fog she made decisions and put her trust in people that never deserved it!

This story is one of love, fighting for what you want and redemption...I hope this series continues for a long time.  Ms. Keeland has a way of writing not only a beautiful love story but sex scenes so hot they could literally peel paint...and engage in Bikram yoga in!! Steamy baby...just the way this mama likey!  If you haven't read this series, you need to get on that shit...NOW!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hard Knox by Nicole Williams

So this book was a little harder for me to get into than my usual Nicole Williams read...don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both Charlie and Knox...but the real connection came later in the story.  Charlie is a stubborn, independent, feisty female with a snarky comment for anyone she deems in the "in" crowd.  A reporter by profession and heart, she has to have facts in order to come to her conclusions.  That can be a good quality and a bad one...

For Knox this quality actually came in kind of handy...the college bad boy, that is known for getting girls numbers via pockets full of chonis!  Um..yeah!  He is someone you tread lightly around and definitely want on your good side.  But things aren't always what they seem and start to look even more different when he notices Charlie...and becomes protective of her right away.

The mystery surrounding her was one I figured out early on (pats self on back) and through close quarters...protecting a "friend" hearts find each other!  When feelings are realized is when I became completely enveloped into this story...Charlie wasn't so frigid and hell bent to prove everyone was a douche and Knox softened enough around the edges to melt my heart.

Ms. Williams is a magnificent story teller and reading any of her books has always proven to be a great choice!! I look forward to the next installment..

Incandescent by River Savage

I can’t even count how many reviews I have started with the thanking of Tara for referring me to a book.  But let’s be honest when your bff who holds a PhD in all things alpha and likes em’ dirty and hot says this book made her rub one outyou one click immediatelyand after finishing this one, it’s official she never lets me down!
 "Jesus, woman, don't you get it? How can someone so beautiful and smart as you, be so clueless? Every time we're together, I feel it more. Stop fightin' it and start embracin' it..."

"If you don't tell me you're with me, I'll take you right here and now until you agree."
Nix is one of my all time favorite biker boysstrong, possessive, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.  He has his eyes on the prize and they never once stray.  He was lost to Kadence from the first knee to the balls to the teasing of his cock later in the gameand even late and annoyed in her classroom Kadence fell in lust at first sight!
"Kadence is different, and I'm a man who knows what he wants, and by God, I want this woman. This perfectly scarred woman, who pushes my buttons and argues over every damn thing. I wouldn't want her any other way."

You don’t only fall for Kadence and Nixthe supporting players are intriguing and left you wanting morebut watching Z find his family, love and what every 11-year-old boy desperately wants was heart wrenching and a huge part of me falling in love with this story.  The way Nix loves and protects what is his, had him claiming a part of my book-boyfriend heart!

A strong willed, sassy, independent woman is my favorite pairing to an arrogant alpha and Kadence delivered that completely.  Not having always been as strong as she would have liked, mistakes scarred into her body, being the harsh reminder of what can happen when you don’t listen to your instinctswhen you put your heart in the hands of someone that doesn’t deserve it!  Learning from her mistakes, believing and trusting in what love can be is a hard thing to come by

Can’t wait to read Sy and Holly’s story and even more from this author. Loved it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Always Conall by Sibylla Matilde

Conall was not the easiest of reads for me.  While loving the dual POV sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating as the reader to know what the character thinks and why things are the way they are.  Wanting to slap them both upside the head and just get everyone on the same damn page, but if that were the case it would be a 10 page story..and that’s no fun!  Instead you are taken on a journey of guilty consciences, pain, love, friendship and complete devastation...

This author has a way of making me feel what everyone is experiencing and riding the emotional wave with each one of the people portrayed, this story was no different.  Wanting the family to not only see their future was in each other, but that it had always been seen that way by those around them.

Having no family, and truly believing that everyone she had ever loved had left her or were just too out of reach.  Not trusting that when someone says they are in…that it could be reality.  Was how Sage has lived…having a close knit support of friends that look after her.  Conall on the other hand ran because guilt is a strong emotion that can strangle and change who you once were, and in an instant you can make a decision that you think is best for someone, but it is actually breaking them more than anyone could ever imagine.
"I was completely overwhelmed. Overwrought. Overcome. And for a time, all I had the power to do was to clutch him to me and cry."
While cheering for all those involved to come together and find their happily ever after, you find out that the love for each other had been a long time coming…

Sib does it again, a strong friendship, turned something more…enjoyed it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Promised (One Night #1) By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Holy author of damaged men...I don't think anyone can write a seriously damaged, hot-ass, bossy, arrogant, quirky and dirty talking man as well as Tara's self-proclaimed Queen of Bam Bam can.  I am not in any way shape or form comparing the men in her series but they do both possess the qualities named above in one way or another.

Many people are going to go into this book with expectations set at The Lord and higher.  I was not one of these readers, I went in completely blank and fell head over heels with M...his quirks, habits and thing made him crawl right into my heart and take over.  The bossy arrogance is abundant and the mystery is thick.  I was quick to start putting together the pieces to figure the jig saw that is M.  The clues that were inadvertently floating around the pages of my kindle. At the end with the pieces all in place you get more questions than answers, but most of all you get to "THE END" and the dreaded wait for the next installment.



Ms. Malpas is as talented as they come in the art of sexual tension and build up.  Before they even touch you are rubbing your thighs together, panting in expectation.  The written word is a powerful thing when done right and it is done BEAUTIFULLY in this novel.

Can't wait to get back into the eccentricities that are M and Livy. Make sure everything is in place, lined up and ready to go...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Always In by M.R. Joseph

After finishing Giving In I was immediately messaging the author to see if we could get our hands on this book ASAP.  I was absolutely in love with Cruz and Harlow and had to find out where there story was headed...after that ending I was pacing with anticipation.

Book two picks up into Harlow's recovery and she has no memory of her life, love and that she had given her heart and soul to Cruz.  She could remember everything but the past months of her life, the life with Cruz.  That is where I found my problem with the story, while I understand the fact that she didn't remember I couldn't wrap my head and heart around the fact that all of her family was telling her how special they were together and she didn't want to fully explore that.  The change in both Harlow and Cruz in this book was almost night and day.  The characters I had fallen for were almost lost to me. 

Instead of trying to remember what she had, it seemed she almost gave up and looked elsewhere. Honestly, I was tied in knots, yelling at Harlow, cussing out Cruz and tossing the kindle into the night!  I just wanted Cruz to find his man-whore ways and bail out, I wanted Harlow to get her head out of her ass and wanted my damn happily ever after...and that my friends is emotion, brought to you by the workings of Ms. Joseph..whilst wanting to scream I also have to tip my hat..kudos to you.  This is an emotional roller-coaster of wtf's, no you didn't's and at the end of the day the path souls have to take to find their way back...

Saxon by Chantal Fernando

There are a limited amount of authors that I can honestly say that I will read ANYTHING that they write.  Ms. Chantal Fernando is amongst the few that hold this title.  It never ceases to amaze me how she can write a story that captures my attention, and my mind so quickly.  Within the first pages of her books I am in love.  The strength of her females, and the solid manliness of her male leads are always in place, no matter their profession or lives.

Saxon is a man-whore...love that! But he has his eyes, heart and soul set on one girl, and he is willing to play the game in order to win her over.  Tee is not easily sold, although she feels the pull of the hot ass rock-star, there is too much baggage for her to even think about going there.  Until she realizes this may be her "the one".  What do you do when the one you should be with, is the same one you shouldn't be anywhere near?  Life happens, things aren't always what they seem and at the end of the day these two have to remember why they fell in the first place. 

Enter strong banter, sassy encounters and a sexual tension that explodes all around igniting my kindle from within!  Ms. Fernando NEVER lets me down and I always recommend any of her books

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wherever You Will Go by Stephanie Smith

4 Debut Author Shining Stars

Guilty…I am guilty of loving my angsty novels.  The feeling you get when you don’t know if your heart is going to burst out of your chest, tears are queued, and butterflies take over your entire being…yep love it!  This book had all of that! Tears pooled in my eyes more than once, anticipation burned, the heartbreak of losing your partner, having to live a life completely different than you had once envisioned.

But fear not…enter Saxon!  He was protective, fierce, loyal, and had loved her from a-far from a first glance.  Sometimes our paths may lead us to where we were always supposed to be? 
"I'm not even whole enough to give her. I know though, without any doubt, if she'd take me I'd give her all I have." ~Saxon
Brooke was broken, living in a hell of her surroundings, not able to take the next step towards healing, until a visit from the only other person that knew her pain as his own.  A dream that needed to be continued…a team was made and feelings were found. 
"I want everyone to know Brooke is mine."
 The love story between Saxon and Brooke never felt forced or overdone.  Especially with the small snippets you get of interactions between Nate and Saxon.  Finding herself again with the help of her friendship with Saxon, she begins to realize how many slight changes happen in comprising within a relationship. Being able to be herself and not feel the pressure to behave a certain way was something I found a connection with, and made me feel a stronger pull to all things Saxon.  Afraid of scaring her away he loved her in a way that made her find herself, realize HER dreams and build a future on her terms.
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author…

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