Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Resisting Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor

First things first…being a self-proclaimed cover whore (amongst other things) I was SOLD on book one…I believe there may have been drool on my kindle more than once, and luckily for me, the story behind the cover was amazing…ending in a WTF, I need more way!  Not a bam bam in sight, but completely sold on the sexual tension and want for the v-card to finally be given up made me RUN back for more!

Book two…ended with a ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Making me want to sprint my chubby ass to read the next book!  The connection is so solid that you are completely taken by both Luke and Reese, so much so that I was talking to my kindle, even going as far as screaming “NOOOOOOO”  at one point, but did anyone hear me? Um, no! They just carried on with their misconstrued notions as if I was not even there…

I am handing out my first medal of honor to Ms. Alyssa Rae Taylor.  She is top of her game in sexual tension, teasing and withholding of the bam whilst still keeping me completely riveted and begging for more!  I want to high five and send her a bill for my therapy all at the same time, so with love and pent up sexual frustration I bid you happy reading and please write my Luke fast…deep…long and wide…mmmmmm maybe you can slow down just a bit…yeah right there…oh yeah the book, great story, connections and a love that can last through the test of time…I hope!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

I am going to be totally honest with you all…I love how these women write.  There is something about their style; the males, dirty talking and even the women in their books just speak directly to me.  Almost as if they are writing these stories just for me, and let’s be honest in my world they are my personal writing slaves.  So girls, keep that shit up!

Ansel is just one of many other Christina Lauren males that I have fallen head over heels in love with.  But…Ansel had me at first glance, I just knew he and I had something special.  I also knew what he wasn’t sharing, so I didn’t want to throat punch him as half as bad when the truth finally emerged.  Mia was trying to find herself, not being one to charge the future head on…she finds her strength and path by taking a huge leap.  Hot, angsty, insta-love that permeated all the way through my shriveled, hardened heart and kept me glued to my kindle until the last page.

The chemistry with these two was instant.  Through a crowded room, eyes land on each other and a series of events leads them to get to know each other even better.  A one-night stand turned adventure offered, a family torn, sets the scene for a friendship and realization that something that started as plain crazy may be what they had always needed.  

Just another 5 star read from these two, nothing new for me, now be clear friends…stalking for next book will commence in 3…2…1!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Reprisal by Christa Lynn

This book was like Criminal Minds meets every alpha male I have ever loved, mixed with some CSI and sprinkled with mystery and hot sex…fuck yeah!! 

The insta-love connection that can only happen when the lead male is an alpha, loyal, demanding, hot son-of-a-bitch, is not for everyone; but in this case it works perfectly.  The scene is set before each have any clue who the other is, they are completely drawn to each other.  Check please!

An erotic thriller is a perfect tag for this story, but dark? It is not a smell the roses and kiss your forehead kind of tale, these two are forensic cops on the trail of murderers that don’t kill politely.  The scene is set for violence but not between the two leads, they are just thrust into a mystery that runs deeper than they could ever imagine.

Sydney is not looking for love and Gabe definitely isn’t searching for his happily ever after.  But when lives are threatened and lines are drawn, a love is found and isn’t that what we all want? 

This book will keep you guessing, having you scream out your thoughts and plots, and a wet panty spot could definitely be in your near future…

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

We all have it, that series or book that sits on our Kindle that we really want to read and just haven’t yet…this series was one of mine…Having already enjoyed books by this author and seeing that friends of mine were totally taken by this series I was excited to dive in…and dive in I did!

From the first book I was hooked, the asshole..popular, darkly sinister bad boy, his hot side-kick and band of equally bad ass misfits.  Trace and her snark and willingness to stick out the most humiliating of circumstances with head held as high as she could hold it.  Strong females that don’t put up with shit, that find instant bonds of friendship.  A mystery surrounding them all that you can’t wait to peel the layers away to find out exactly what the fuck is going on…all recipes for a great read!

"Entice: To attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage. Origin: Middle English, possibly from set on fire." 

 This installment of the series was indeed my favorite.  For me, it really showcased the best that each of these “characters” had in themselves.  The protective love that each held for their true soul-mate, the friendships that survived bumps and twists that would normally end the connection. Mil was strong, a survivor that found the "who" she knew would save her and keep her safe, and kept it.  Chase finally found what he had forgotten, he had always needed; HER to protect, to love and to KEEP…

The POV of the character lets you in on the background of their particular story without drowning you in the past.  Just giving you enough of a taste that you can empathize with each person individually, and fall in love with what they may not show everyone else. 

I can’t wait for the next book, to learn more about Tex and Mo and get to the bottom of their tumultuous alliance. 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last Second Chance by Caisey Quinn

Having fully enjoyed the Kylie Ryan series I was excited to jump into this spin-off series and it did not disappoint.  Ms. Quinn has a way of writing that is so easy to get fully engaged with the characters from page one, and keeps you wanting more.

How many second chances can a person get, waking up in a hospital bed, having almost killed himself, and it still wasn’t his wake-up call for rock bottom.  Wanting to jump up and meet the day as any other was Van’s go-to escape. Numbing his pain with pills, alcohol and females that meant nothing, that is what got him through his days…not wanting to stay still long enough to have to actually address the demons in his mind.  His career on the line, his livelihood and all that he knew hung in the balance and off he went to Second Chance Ranch for his final chance…

Stella was just numb…striving for perfection to be enough through the eyes of her parents, her self and anyone that may be paying attention.  When all she loved was painfully taken from her, she didn’t know where she stood.  So running away seemed the best answer at the time.  But not being enough seemed to follow her, having her boyfriend leave her and then quickly fall in love with her only friend/roommate.  Just seemed par for the course…until she slammed into her “one” and her future starting looking good enough…

Flirting, sexual tensions and innuendo were strong, and when they finally succumbed to their attraction it was hooootttttt...but underneath all of the angst and banter were real feelings and an undeniable need for each other that was tangible...


Second, third or whatever chances you are on now are always needed.  This story solidifies that motto and finding your true love can happen when you least expect it.  Two broken souls finding their worth, redemption and ability to love unconditionally is always the perfect story for me.  And this one is worth your time, money and kindle space…so get to reading! I can’t wait to read more second chances…we all need em’!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inflame by Tessa Teevan

Having loved first Jace and then Knox I was on FULL stalk mode for Kale…knowing bits and pieces of his relationship but not knowing how deep the connection had become.  Was the news we found out at the end of Knox and Charlie’s story a beginning or a quick end?  I had to know…like NOW!

Thanks to the lovely Ms. Teevan we were lucky enough to receive an arc of Inflame and it did not disappoint…Kale was every bit the strong, determined, loyal, and sexy man that we have come to fall in love with in this series. 

Kale and Lucy were friends with “benefits” that started with the pact of no feelings just sex…yeah that always works! The more they are together the quicker it becomes MORE…Lucy wasn’t looking for anything but an orgasm if she was lucky…but a hot soldier that she can sow her wild oats with, but he has become her best friend and before she knew it all the bubbles were completely filled in!  When things should have been shared, secrets were kept...will their pasts ruin the future they both want to Sprout..

A family is made between blood, soldiers and friends…redemption is found in an emergency and lives are bonded together…this author has a way of keeping you intrigued with the exact right amount of angst, heavy and hot sex and connections that keep you glued to the pages.  I can’t wait to read about the Wellington brothers and Xavier, in hearing about all the new boys I get to keep tabs on my last boys…love it! 

No Place Like Home by Deanna Holland

I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I read it in a quick sitting.  A broken girl, with no family, friends or place to goturning 18 in the “system” is often the beginning of the end and having only known bad, she wasn’t looking forward to her future

A meeting with her social worker, a slice of pizza, a connection and her luck looks like it may be changing.  Having only ever been given the shit end of the stick, Jules doesn’t know how to operate in a family.  Assuming the worst in herself and the intentions of others is a hard habit to break, but learning her worth and finding her way was a journey I really enjoyed.

Not knowing how to accept love and recognize friendship that doesn’t cost you anything is a difficult way to live.  Jules finds herself in the chocolate brown eyes of a boy that she doesn’t realize can deliver her happily ever after

Jake has known heart-ache, but he also knows love and when he finds the girl of his dreams, he isn’t sure he will ever see her againso life rolls on untilshe is there!  Together these two slay demons, and find true friendship and what it means to find your self completely

Loved the friendships, the banter and watching a broken girl become whole and find her strength through independence and the love of others

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