Monday, March 28, 2016

Roots And Wings by M. Mabie

3.5 Safe Stars

So excited to have a new series from Ms. Mabie, her writing is an easy escape from reality. A way of writing that has the small town of Wynne playing out in front of you like a movie. This one took me a bit to get into if being honest...but once the relationship between the good dentist and townie heated up, I was hooked and read in one sitting..

Coming from a small town, I know first hand how you can become stagnant...the views of others can become the reality you live. How a nickname can become your destiny. The walls that are built within that name that shell her in, that keep her protected. That all changes when a man rolls into town and wants to know the "real" woman behind the name...only then can she see herself in a different light.

Watching these two strike a friendship, work together, build each other up and eventually fall in love was sipping the glass of sweet tea while rocking on the front porch..I enjoyed having the small town of Wynne come to life and the tomboy girl find the beautiful woman she is emerge through the eyes of a hot new neighbor!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hard Ball by CD Reiss

I love sports, not a fake or fabricated love to fit in with boys. A true love. I love being at a game, playing one or watching an event from the comfort of my home playing out on my t.v.. So I was instantly taken by Vivian. Her heart, loyalty and love for baseball drew me in quickly. You could feel her love for her students come alive within the first few pages. The other thing that I adore is a broken man...a man that is solid, assured and yet has things that are constantly working against him in the grand scheme of life, enter Dash Wallace. His only downfall...he is a Dodger. :)

Superstitions are as much a part of sports as the bat and ball. Anyone that has played has felt the pull in one way or another. You had a great game so your first thought can be something as simple as what did I have for breakfast, so you can repeat that. On a professional level this theory can be drastic, add in compulsive, ADD symptoms and it can have an overwhelming affect on a person. Living each season the same was what got Dash through...he had perfected what had to happen in every city he visited..until Vivian.

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Things were thrown out of line...and with that everything began to clear. Through the chaos was the future he had never thought was his to hold. Could he shift all that he has known to possibly throw off kilter the game he had perfected? The whirlwind that these two created was an enjoyable read.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Is Love, Baby by K. Webster

Once again I have entered the depths of darkness, brought to life by a smiling lighthearted lovely woman that pulls heartstrings and emotions like she is a master puppeteer. K. Webster is back tapping into what is right, wrong, bad, evil, even questioning what and who is good with a force that has you contemplating everything you thought you knew. Who is safe, can you trust eyes you have looked into time and time again, are the words spoken from lips you thought you knew so well, real?

This story picks up where the last left off and that is about all I can give you on the story line. This story needs to be embarked on with no hints, cliff notes or spoilers. It is best to pull up your big girl panties and dive right in. At 18 this young girl has been through more than over half the american population will ever see in their lifetime, and yet she is strong, resilient, and completely heart broken. War had thought she was his light, but what he didn't know was he was her light, strength and the only man in her life that she could trust with out any hesitation. Hearts traced on glass seem to disappear when the window dries, always remain, as does an unconventional love found in the trenches of darkness, stained into souls..

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This story will keep you guessing...not trusting that when everything settles it's actually safe to uncover your eyes and let that sinking feeling in your gut rest. Never knowing where the story will drop out from under you, or turn in a way that you didn't even see coming. A story that is all consuming, will make you forget you have a dinner to make, bills to pay, you are taken in by a young woman fighting to survive and a broken man that will walk through the fiery depths of his own demons to slay every dragon in his way, in order to rescue his Queen...Can't have peace without a war.

Drifter by Bella Jewel

The second generation of MC's is proving to be quite entertaining...Mercedes is an innocent bystander in the land of leather cuts, womanizing men, and the violence that comes hand in hand with having a Harley instead of a Volvo. With this life comes very protective men, women and friends. You are never in anything alone, someone always has your back.

I enjoyed Mercy's character the most...she was small but packed a punch. She didn't let the bitches of the world control who or what she was. She didn't allow the "bullies" of the world have anything on her. Diesel was brooding, hot, talented, and did I mention hot? Their first meet was a real first for her, and ended as quickly as it started. Little did she know they would soon be traveling in the same circles.

She was humiliated time and time again, but never once did she lose site of who she was, even if she tried to pretend for just a minute. Friendship found, or demanded...and another group of protectors on her side. When Diesel finally pulls his head out of his ass and faces the truth that has been in front of him the whole time...with a deep sigh of contentment the story captured me. It wouldn't be a Bella Jewel MC story if there wasn't some mystery, intrigue and tense moments...once again showcasing the strength of how these families love one another. Enjoying these stories and happy that there are so many options for what can come next!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beneath These Lies by Meghan March

This series is one of my favorites. I have loved all of the couples, each one growing in likability because you most likely have caught glimpses of them in past stories. This one is no different. It's best to go into this one not knowing...going from chapter to chapter, switching who is telling the story, all the time wondering who, why, where and what is going to happen?

The thing I can tell you that absolutely happens is you fall in deep with people that you may have perceived one way and can actually be another...vague enough? I hope so, because part of the beauty of this love story is the anonymity of not knowing, and not placing the pre-conceived ideals of what you thought was their truth.

Another thing I can tell you is I love me a bad-ass, demanding, jealous, fierce man...I mean love love. Ms. March always delivers and has with BTL with another Must Read book!


Monday, March 14, 2016

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

1000 "Special As Special Can Be" Stars

I just not read...experienced a book. A book that I could have highlighted from prologue to epilogue. There were so many beautiful quotes, smiles, kisses, moments that I only captured one. Why? Because this book can't be explained, reviewed, even recommended it just has to be experienced. It is the most special, intimate glimpse into a love so strong that you can only hope that you or someone you hold special will be blessed to have.

Did I cry? a baby. Did I smile? Yes, even though some of those smiles were through a haze of one of the thousands of tears shed. Would I change this? Absolutely not. Don't let the kleenex posts, the #uglycry comments or the "my heart hurts" replies stop you from buying and devouring this story of first love through the eyes of Rune and Poppy. It is worth every feeling you will have pass through you. The love, friendship, and soulmate that was found in the yard of a new neighbor at 5 years old, now proudly sits in my heart and favorite shelf forever.

Having read and enjoyed all of Ms. Cole's books I knew I had to read this, what I didn't know was that when I got to the words "the end" I would be changed. Because of how these two fictional characters loved, and lived I am determined to walk through my life in a better way. Be aware of time, my words, actions, and to make sure every single person I love feels it to their soul every day. So thank you Ms. Cole for sharing this tale it will live with me...Forever Always. My heart almost burst...

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