Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March

I need MORE. In this installment you get to know Creighton a little better. His possessiveness and alpha like tendencies are more apparent in this story. You fall a lot harder and you get left AGAIN with wanting MORE. It's like that old commercial where the lady is outside the store chanting open open open with grabby hands. That is me, but I am screaming and swiping at the kindle with MORE MORE MORE. Please let it swipe for more.

The hot factor..on point. The feels..they are present. The connection of characters? It is there, because of that you are so invested in wanting to know how it all turns out. Lives are intertwined now in a mess of loins, feelings and love? The only thing this book is lacking is ME. When do I get to meet the hot billionaire that wants to do nothing but pleasure me, cloth me and revere me? Shit..I guess that is why I read?

Ms. March is one of my auto buy authors and these little teasers serials are just another reason why. Keep them coming. I'm hooked.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster

Have you ever read a book that had you squirming due to the uncomfortable situations that are taking place but also breathing heavier because it's so fucking hot in here? Well this book tows the line of right, wrong, indifference and the power that everyone has their match. This story was beautifully disturbed, hauntingly romantic and completely addicting. And I loved every damn page of it. If you read darker romances (even if you typically don't) you need to add this to your TBR. K. Webster completely delivers, her sweet smile is a farce people. She's rocking in an underworld we can only imagine..lol

Add to Goodreads---> http://bit.ly/1QPDt3v

At times you will be

but you get moments that make you feel all...

and for that reason alone you READ ON..

To try to right the wrongs of his terrible, tragic upbringing, Brax finds toys..women that are stripped of their self worth, choices, that are entrenched within their addiction and breaks them in order to put them back together, or destroy them in the process. Jessica is no stranger to evil. She has lived, breathed, survived, and escaped it. All she wants is to numb the pain of the past she never wants to experience again. After losing everything, she trusts in no one...So when she is chosen as the next toy, she is forced to face demons she thought were buried in the haze of indifference but in doing so finds the strength she needs to claim what is hers..a future? Her perseverance in recognizing what she is, who she can be and what she actually deserves makes her a favorite heroine for me. Read this book...set aside your preconceived notions of right and wrong and enjoy. It's worth the ride.

To Pre-Order click here---> http://amzn.to/1UFaIqL

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

I am a huge fan of this author, this book was so different from her others. I loved the mystery, the intrigue of how this one would play out. How could these fucked up people get an ending that they deserved? What would that even look like? Parts of this book had me screaming at my kindle, NOOOOOOO and the parts where you saw the true worth of these characters was incredible.

All of this and a smoking hot three-some. WINNING. I enjoyed the mystery, the OMG no they didn't moments, and the end result was worth the entire crazy ride. Really enjoyed it!

Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March

I'm hooked...you start with Meghan March, add a billionaire that knows what he wants and gets it, a girl that is innocent but not a door mat. SOLD. I am now refreshing my kindle waiting for book two. These two had an instant connection, with a well placed plan that went viral, these two have more story to come.

Combustible chemistry, possessiveness that not even Creighton is used to experiencing, and a just beginning career in country music ensures that there is so much more to this story. I can't wait to see what these two are going to get into as they go. This style of serial is not the easiest to write, you must snag your reader quickly, while creating the connection to the characters in a small amount of words and space. I think Ms. March did a pretty good job with this. I'm looking forward to more connecting with these two in the upcoming books.

If you need me I will be waiting by my kindle...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Blur by N.A. Alcorn

I'm going to start this review with a confession or two...I may have cyber stalked the author in regards to this book coming out. Perhaps clicking on her profile and group hundreds of times on any given day. I LOVED Forget (book one in series) and the ending had me begging for more. I would have paid any amount of money to get my hands on the finale of Bright Eyes and Little Wing...and then one cold November morning there it was, just sitting on my kindle, waiting for me to devour it. So I did.

We pick up where we left off and the vulnerability, angst and want are apparent in both parties. Dylan knows that Brooke is keeping something from him ( I figured out what that was in book one and it didn't take anything away from the story) so he plotted his plan..start with friendship and build from that. Not an easy road when you are head over heels in love with someone.

Brooke has a quiet strength to her, some might find her weak but I found her the opposite. She is a care-taker, she puts her people before herself. She wants everyone to be happy and fulfilled, this never was a problem until she met Dylan and realized her own happiness would be the victim.

As for Dylan...I LOVE HIM! He's MINE..DIBS!! That's all..

Read this series, the humor, friendship and love that is always front and center in a N.A. Alcorn book is here and it's waiting for YOU.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Denouement by Cassia Brightmore

I literally just closed my kindle after reading this book. My mind is a jumbled mess, I am at a loss of words but I just experienced a book.. You know when you are reading a great thriller and it is playing in your head like a movie? That. Just. Happened.

I want to start this stringing of words that I have (also known as a review, hopefully) with YOU. MUST. READ. ALL. BOOKS. IN. ORDER. This book will be a total cluster fuck if you haven't experienced the books in order. Having loved Malevolent and been meh about Evanesce, it all comes to a head in Denouement, all the stories crash into one and it makes everything that happened in Evanesce make sense. I may need to go back and alter my review for that one.

Lives intertwine, memories come back, pasts rise up from the darkness, and all the while taking you the reader on a most fucked up entertaining journey of WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK? While reading you almost need a playbook of sorts to keep everyone in order. I don't want to say too much...but I will say this. This book is thrilling, brutal, with moments of love/lust, and a story line that you have to actually immerse yourself in to get it all. Reading about it, doesn't capture the full mystery that is the Darkness Series. And that ending? Ms. Brightmore does it again. I think she gets a kick out of torturing us...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rage by Elizabeth Reyes

In all honesty this book took me a while to get into. One reason was the POV, I struggle with the third person writing style. I don't seem to connect as quickly. The other reason was the first 20% was quite repetitive. It was she doesn't date baseball players, he has a temper...back and forth. Once these two connected and the story gelled it was much easier to connect with.

I wanted to see Clair and Addison get their happily ever after. The keeping the birth father a secret didn't sit well with me. Knowing how Andres felt about secrets, I felt she should have told him once they got into the love territory. He deserved to know. Kudos to me, I knew who the douche bag was the whole time.

Watching Rage fall in love with Clair and then Addi was a treat. I enjoyed the story. This was my first read by this author, I would read her again.

Prove Me Right by Anna Brooks

Being a fan of this series, I was anxiously waiting for this story. Meara and Liam were background through-out the other books. They have loved each other forever, and have lived their love separately. Liam living the rock-star life, while Meara held down the home-front getting ready to takeover her parents pub. Throughout it all though they loved each other, stayed true to that love but distance has a way of rearing it's ugly head in other ways.

Liam has always known the dark side of living. His father doesn't think enough of his own life to live it better. So as a good son, he would often stop by to clean up, check on his health and well being, always knowing in the back of his mind this was no way to live. Knowing and experiencing are two different things. Loving his band, but wanting to start his life with Meara, to have simple things like a bed to sleep in every night are dreams he is wanting to live now.

Meara has always loved Liam. It was written on her soul before she even fully knew what love was. She stayed true, supportive and was his biggest fan...but the insecurities and fears were present, even with the trust she had in her other half...she feared the worst. Living under a spotlight has it's downfalls and Liam lived through a scary episode. Meara was there for him...but if the past was coming back could she be strong enough to see it again? Beautiful once in a lifetime story that I flew through and enjoyed thoroughly. Can't wait for the next story.

Monday, November 23, 2015

All That's Left To Hold Onto by Ella Fox

I knew nothing about this book when it appeared on my kindle, other than it was written by Ella Fox. SO I dove in. This book is a perfect escape. A lovable male lead, a strong female, a beautiful second chance at a life they never knew could exist. It's a good day when you sit to read a book and by the time you realize you have hit the end you are all smiles. Ms. Fox has a way of writing that grabs you and takes you on a journey that you are always glad you embarked on.

The love that this family has for each other is enough to challenge anyone's preconceived notions of what family means. While the love of a mother shines in two totally different ways, it shines bright none the less. The power of a soul growing inside you can make even the most fucked up person know that what's right needs to be done. Lives change in an instant and love grows with a touch. From evil, emerges love, hope, redemption, family and a chance for a good life for everyone involved. Ronan and Keely were always each other's light in the shit hole they called home, that was enough to forge a bond that years and distance could never sever. Really enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster and Elle Christensen

This book starts with sweetness, flowers, gumdrops and then BAM..reality slams you in the face and you know you are in for an emotional ride. Beginning in the past, fast-forwarding to the future. A young, optimistic girl becomes a hardened, lonely adult. When a professional matter becomes personal she is forced to deal with a past she isn't ready to face.

Paint colors, denial and a face Chase can't escape, he finds something worth fighting for in the broken woman that is attempting to slip under life's radar. He connects with Tori, and starts to break down the walls that she erected so many years ago. Slight changes in both of them offer a life they can possibly capture. Chase and Tori have been barely existing, putting up pretenses that only they can uncover. Can these two fight their demons, or will the past be the only thing they can't face together?

Emotionally charged, with humor, friendships, and writing that forms to your heart and keeps you invested until the words "the end" sadly appear. These two authors need to come together again and again. They make magic happen.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sins Of Sevin by Penelope Ward

3.5 Stars

I am going to start this review with some love. I adore this author, Stepbrother Dearest is one of my all time favorite books. She is an amazing person and writer. Ok..fangirling over and review starting: I wasn't bowled over by this book. I did enjoy it, but for me there was something missing. A connection, a likability, I am not sure I can exactly pinpoint the missing connection but it was there.

I felt like parts that could have been elaborated on were rushed, parts that could have been left out were elaborated. And at a certain point in the book the strength of the main female was diminished in a way that had me struggling to like her as much. Her strength and ability to love even when it was frowned upon didn't appear when it was most needed. She became weak, and I struggled to want it all for her.

I did love Sevin, though through out the story. He held fast in his beliefs, and owned up to his responsibilities as he saw them, when the future he really wanted vanished. I wanted a happily ever after for him and because of that was able to root for it. The writing was amazing, the angst, struggle and heartbreak real. Ms. Ward doesn't disappoint, it just missed the five star mark for me.

Sweet Obsession by J. Daniels

It's like the Bama boys meets the Sweet boys, and they came together and made a hot dirty talking, flexible, Australian named Mason. The coming together of these two series was done in such a sweet way, bringing the girl who is unapologetic in her sexual prowess and the sweet, bendable boy that didn't get the girl that last time. Each has their own heartbreak, past, and reasons for being who and what they are. But together they are smoking hot. Watching sex get taken out of the mix for Brooke, was like watching a fish try to ride a bicycle. She did not know what to do with the emotions, feelings and all around friendship that was being created by spending time with Mason. What the hell? Not what she had ever thought she wanted, needed or deserved.

Mason isn't a stranger to beautiful women, he attracts them like a super fucking hero. But with one look, Brooke stole his heart, and he knew without a doubt he had found his future and every single step back was worth the end result. Angst, cupcakes, hot yoga, and a koala will all keep you entertained, and begging for a Mason of your own and a HEA for these two lovebirds.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kick Push by Jay McLean

There are certain authors that can evoke a FEEL out of the shrewdest of readers, they paint a picture with words so vibrant that you feel as if you are actually in their world even if only for a short time. You exist in it. You breathe it. You live it. You COAST.

Opening the pages to begin the journey of Josh and Tommy I had braced myself for the onslaught of feelings that were going to be thrust upon me..and of course Ms. McLean didn't disappoint there. The hardships this young, responsible, never say quit dad faced right out of the gates seal your love and devotion for him. You are rooting for this young team with a fierceness that is unmatched. A helping hand...a life found...a new family forms...and quiet emerald eyes in a window reflect a future seen.

Becca hasn't had it easy, she silently struggles with every detail, experience and daily task that comes her way. Until Tommy, a young boy that likes her for her..part of the shell cracks and allows entry to two young men that hold the key to more. You fall in love with her quiet strength, devotion and want the three of them to cross the finish line hands locked together in victory "firetruck" everyone else.

This story at the end of the day is about a young man that knows his future is his son...he holds strong in being the dad he once had, a hero, even at life's toughest moments Josh puts his son first and that is amazing.

**This is a stand-alone BUT I strongly suggest you read Where The Road Takes Me first...not that you have to but you NEED to...it is just a have to kind of thing..**
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