Friday, August 25, 2017

Under Her by Samantha Towle

I love a story with a male point of view, as a reader it seems like it may be a harder view to write from, but when done right it is so gooooodddd...and Wilder was done right. The perfect combination of stud to douche, you root for him to win and can't help but laugh when he just misses the mark. A brilliant mix of laughter, man-whoreness and misinterpreted feelings that warms the heart and can lead to an outburst of lol-ing.

Wilder and Morgan have known each other since college. A number of unfortunate interactions have left Morgan questioning her college crush on Wilder. An over privileged jackass that likes to stick his sword in every female within 10 feet. Morgan came off like the nerd, I am too good for all this nonsense, stick up the ass and because of this these two were oil and water in school.

Fast forward. BAM. They now work together. Morgan is smoking hot, intelligent and much stronger than she was before. Wilder is a workaholic during his week and pretty much the same "college" boy on the weekend. Until he just can't be.

I loved the back and forth with these two. The hot water Wilder was always in from his life as a manwhore. Will these two eventually figure out what went wrong all those years ago or will past mistakes find there way into their futures? Very entertaining. Another winner from Ms. Towle.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Corrupt by Jessica Prince

**Full review below**

I am a fast reader. But I didn't just quickly read this book, I devoured it. I adore this author and have enjoyed every book she has written, so I didn't read the blurb, didn't know the first thing about it. Knew I loved the cover and the author. The end. WOW. Rocker boy jerk face turns into rocker boy perfection. Strong sassy, dealt a shitty hand in life young lady, finds her end game and never settles. I loved every second of this book.

You know that feeling? The sensation of falling in the pit of your stomach, that you crave and despise all at once, I felt that throughout. The zing of firsts, the pull of not wanting to fall completely, the heart palpation's when you finally do. AAAAAHHHHH I loved it. The friction between the community ho and lead female had me fist pumping in the air like Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. I was ready to throw down!

Great banter, angst, this story just had it all for me as a reader. I can't wait for the next installment. I am cyber stalking like a fiend. Game. On.

We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels

Fantasies. I partake in them while washing dishes. Dreams. We all have them. Wishes. Make those daily, by the dozen. Obsessions. Yep..mine? Justin Timberlake...this book gave me another thing we  should all have...HOPE.

Corinne Michaels is a go to author for me. I am always guaranteed an emotional read, pulling heartstrings I didn't know I even possessed. I thought in my 44 (coughcoughugh) years they had all been pulled so much, stretched so thin they didn't have the ability to work anymore. But alas...they do.

 A woman that has seen more than her fair share of loss, living in a quagmire of no hope for so long, she couldn't remember what really living looked like. A man that had "everything" at a glance, but those who know him realized what he needed he had not yet found. Until. Tonight.

Their connection was immediate. Go. Time. 0 to 60 and I loved it. The want, the fantasy lived out..gah I lived vicariously through this story so many times I may have forgotten who and where I was. The feeling of more lining every single interaction these two had. A persona that was perceived, blown wide open with so much heart and loyalty shown right from the start. I really enjoyed the connection between Eli and Heather so much. The supporting characters added some zing and background to the story. All in all it was a sweet, loving, heart-filled story of resurrecting a life from sadness..totally enjoyed it.

About The Author (of this review)
A little about me...I LOVE BOY BANDS. I have seen everyone that has ever been. NKOTB, N'Sync, BSB, Boyz II Men, New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, 98 Degrees..shit I have even seen Kriss Kross. It's a problem. So this story worked. LOL.

 Now...THE END
Monday, August 21, 2017

Beard In Mind by Penny Reid

It's hard for me to rate these books. They aren't what I would call rateable..because reading them is an experience. This one was emotional, honest and times hard to read because the feelings that were invoked almost caused you to feel too much right along with the characters. I will say this, I can't enough of this authors unmistakably "different" characters. Their quirks and way of speech are so likable it's, like I said an experience to be had with each new installment. I love this family, but if being honest I NEED Billy's story, like yesterday! But I read on..and wait! Beau and Shelly were honest, real and just the right amount of perfect for me. 

They can both change your oil, fix your brakes and do just about anything under the hood. But what they can't do is figure each other out. Secrets. Insecurities and a mess of other "situations" just keep getting in there way. If only they could break through it all and just see each other for the likely souls they have in each other. Pot meet kettle. Stroll of into the sunset. But alas we get more, so much more.


A little intrigue, some bikers, a family of "different characters" add to the mix ups, shenanigans and life that we have, as readers, connected with and feel a part of. I am always waiting for more from all of these guys. Catching up with past bros, keeping track of who is who and what is what, is all part of the Winston charm. Can't wait for more.

Wild Card by Karina Halle

I do love me a second chance romance, and this one completely filled the bill. You get the present while glimpsing into the past, to see where these two started from and how it all went to hell. In doing so, I fell hard for Rachel first. She had so many demons to chase away, it was a wonder she could even manage, let alone thrive. When the love of her life leaves her brutally she is forced to leave the only home she has known and her one and only love. He humiliated her, solidifying what she had always thought of herself, that she was truly unlovable.
"Every single memory of him is slamming into the front of my brain, no longer buried in the back. They morph and change, from us together as children, to dating as teens, to every wild and real and beautiful thing in between, and suddenly the memories fade and it’s just the here and now."
Shane. He did what he thought he had to, to protect, to save the only girl that holds his heart. The wish of all wishes he has ever wanted. From the first time he laid eyes on his Raven she was his. But one night. One mistake. Took it all from him.
"This is wild, so wild. I’m shaking as he works me, our kiss is messy and hard and full of anger and loss and hate and love and so much history and so much time. So, so much time."
These two were the result of bad timing and a heart so black it could soil anyone that came within feet of it. A negative so forceful that not even soulmates could see there way through it. Or can they. This one had everything you can want from a second chance romance. A love that never left, grew in the absence of years and when the truth is finally realized might get the chance to grow wings and fly. I can not wait for Maverick and Fox's stories.

Hate To Love You by Tijan

Tijan has a way of grabbing me right at the beginning of a book and doesn't let go...ever. Even after I have hit the inevitable end, I think about the characters and story that I just experienced. In this one I was dropped into the dorms in college, with catty ass girls, hot blooded football Gods, and one girl that wants to avoid it all. But alas, that is not how her world will play out. Not at all. In fact if you sit too close, you might feel the heat that Kennedy seems to always land in.

Shay and Kennedy had something from their very first meet. Although they tried to call it hate, it just solidified the saying thin line between love and hate. But I can't see ever hating Shay. He was perfect. Loyal, protective, broody, clueless, and loved to banter and tease perfectly. He showed more than once how much Kennedy meant to him, she was just blinded by her own fear to realize it.

Twists, turns, denial all while keeping up grades. An addicting read from the first page. Tijan is the master at creating a cool kids club that everyone wants to be a part of. An escape into a life that has way more abs than mine does. Loved.

Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

This book started out strong for me, as all Penelope Ward's books do. I love banter, phone calls, texts, letters and constant conversations to really connect with the characters. I mean a drunken moment of WTF why not, a phone call made, we've all been there. Although this story started this way somewhere in I lost the connection I had started to feel. Rana felt immature and almost slow on the uptake on too many things. While Landon started super strong, from the cover even, along the way I lost my infatuation. Things were blown out of proportion, and the twists that I was ready for never occurred and the surprises that were suppose to shake me to the core, barely registered. This simply was a miss for me. Will I continue to read all things Ms. Ward? Of course, I am a huge fan, but this one missed the mark for me. I am sure others will connect, but I unfortunately did not.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan knows how to write an addictive, hard to read, moody, hot ass male lead..she has also nailed the smooth sail reading with a BAM...the end. lol leaving you with your eyes bugging out, jaw dropped, staring at the unwanted words...Acknowledgements WTF??!! I want mooooooore. But the wanting more is just the beginning of all the things you get in this story. From the different point of views, not overwhelming me but giving glances into their world from all of the perspectives. A blossoming relationship that is constantly teetering on the verge of destruction due to not sharing enough..

My only problem with the relationships is I feel one person is giving more than they are receiving..being the person there for everyone might take it's toll on their heart and that is a little sad for me. Hoping through out the series we see all of these people get the happy ending they not only need but deserve. You got me girl...addicted and can't wait for more. So hurry up and write. I am here for you if you need grocery shopping done, errands run, laundry..I am your girl!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

I LOVE this series. I was taken from book one, mesmerized with book two and totally immersed with book three. I love me a slow burn read. An attraction that simmers, boiling over in certain situations and for whatever reason has to be saved, savored until the time is right. Emma Chase mastered that emotion in this installment, while still keeping in her humor, hot bodies and a friendship that outshines all of the rest. A connection you care about from page one, keeping your attention on nothing but what can happen next..

Logan was perfection. The broken boy, that doesn't feel worthy of the gleaming ray of sunshine known as Ellie. Loving her from afar was what he thought his life would always be. Until the tether between them got so tight it threatened to strangle them both..

Ellie..full of life, love, light and a heart that belongs to one man, Her protector, her safety the one person that puts her before all else, even when she doesn't know it. When she realizes settling isn't an option, everything comes to a head.

This series just keeps getting better, more heartfelt, stronger bonds, knowing these characters from past stories you can't help but connect right away. Loved it!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Beneath The Truth by Meghan March

Here is my truth. I have been waiting for Rhett's story for a long time. Especially since he lost out to the girl back a couple of books ago..I liked him right away and knew he deserved his own HEA. He always seemed loyal, there, and just a bit broken. When his world is completely altered again he makes his way home back to the streets of New Orleans to figure out the how and why the life as he knew it all seemed to be a lie.

The girl next door. Always watching. Surveying. Wanting. Little did she know she was "seen" and not only that she had been admired too. But when that girl is your best friend's sister...where does that leave you? A computer "nerd" or more genius and a hot tatted ex-cop. Check please.

Do many twists, turns, bad guys, good guys, who is who that you feel sometimes like you can't trust anyone. Ms. March gave us a finale that she should be proud of. Wrapping up the lives of all of these couples we have come to feel as our peers, friends that we want the best for, and guys we want to steal. Dibs on Lucas FN Titan. But in all seriousness, this series was addicting, never failing to keep me entertained and wanting to experience New Orleans in person (one day) by making me feel part of the culture through her words and descriptions. All in all I am sad to leave but intrigued because Mount. Can't. Freaking. Wait.

The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde

I have read all the Wright brothers, and they all have worked for me on some level. Landon frustrating me the most..but Austin, I fell head over flip flops for him. A broken boy, controlled by his addiction. Loving, hurting, broken, covering, enduring all while living but still barely existing. Taking everything for granted until he finally sees that the girl that frustrates, challenges and doesn't let him get away with anything might be his end game...

Hurting her when he realized what it all could be was his biggest regret. But could he fight his demons to make sure he doesn't continually follow down the same path, are there any more chances to be granted? I don't the book. It is so worth it. I devoured this one in a matter of hours and was so taken with every character, but Austin he was my reason. I don't know what's wrong with me, but a broken bad boy with issues = total panty meltdown.

And don't let me forget Julia...a bad ass, tatted, smart mouth that can shoot a bottle right outta your hands. Her heart has scars, she has something in her past that is blocking her future with Austin..she is the ying to yang, the ding to his dong but both of these kids need to rid their skeletons in order to build the happily ever after I want so badly for them. All while the back ground characters are building their lives or surviving until their story is told. Each installment solidifies the connection that much more. Totally enjoyed this many emotions and cocktails.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Opposite Of You by Rachel Higginson

Holy sexual tension..and OMG the description of the food...I swear my stomach was yearning as much as my heart was aching for these two crazy kids to get together. Don't read this book while low could tear it all apart. lol

I fell hard for Vera from the start..she was trying to overcome bad decisions and right all the wrongs she had made. She fell for the wrong man and paid the price. So she came home, got a plan and went to work..right across the street from the hottest competition she had ever seen.

"I was the exact opposite of him. He was sure and stable, where I was fickle and shaky. He was confident when I was only insecure. Strong where I was only ever weak."
Right from the first look the sexual tension between Vera and Killian was ON. They were both strong willed, eager, broken in ways they didn't even realize, and connected. From the first critique to the final page the attraction was apparent, felt through the kindle and I couldn't help wanting more. A dash of salt, a bad yelp, all of it led to finding their way to each other...Right parking lot...right time!

The Difference Between Us by Rachel Higginson

I totally enjoyed this story. Ezra was the perfect illusive strong male that I love to read about. The kind of man that doesn't give you much, but what he does share is everything. You hang on to his words because they are fire to the flame. Quiet, broody, and strong. Perfect. The email banter that started the "slow burn" connection between these two had me connected and wanting for them both.

Molly was done. Done with boys and wanting a man. After witnessing what real love could look like, through the eyes of her lifetime best friend, she vowed she would not settle again. She also didn't think Ezra was within the realm of a choice. Because of the "no pressure" attitude she had adopted, Ezra got to experience full Molly. Let the sexual tension and want begin.

This series is full of love, heart, friendships and food. Did I mention food. The whole time I was wishing I wasn't low carbing because OMG the way they described food in both book one and this But seriously this series is addicting and captures you heart, soul and stomach. Loved it!

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