Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Wright Boss by KA Linde

Back to the land of the Wright Brothers...this trip brings us Landon, his dipshit of money grubbing wife and Heidi, the woman that truly loves him for who he is not what he has or doesn't.

I have enjoyed both brothers thus far, but they have both possessed a quality that doesn't completely connect with me. For this round, Landon's "door-mattness" was a bit of a turn off for me. At one point in the story he made a choice that I did not understand at all! Even when the reasons behind him staying were revealed they didn't rectify my complete disappointment in him.

What I did enjoy was Heidi, I felt her to be real, relate-able and honest. She never wavered in what she believed and was strong enough to endure the wishy washness of Landon's indecisiveness. It didn't make her weaker for me, it drew me and made me root for her happily ever after. As always I am excited to dive back into this family on the next go-around!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chance Encounters by Jessica Prince

I love this series so much...each new pair of characters invades my reader soul just a little bit more than the last. But Melany and Chance, they now own it. I love a nerdy, awkward girl coming into her own. And when she is able to do that because of a hot, hasn't found his "one" guy, it makes it that much sweeter. The banter, painfully embarrassing situations, friendship and overall heart of this story was exactly what I needed. 

Jessica Prince has become an absolute go to author for me. She writes, I read. It's that simple. She has a knack of putting just enough friction, love, angsty, ooey-gooey whole-hearted goodness into every page. Simply put I love her writing. I can't recommend her stories enough. I'm not an expert on genres but if you love a well written love story, that can leave you swoony, heart in the throat love struck, read her words. 


**Oh yeah Free on KU

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