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Beautiful Broken Mess by Kimberly Lauren

I loved the first book in this series..but I LOVED this book even more.  It is funny to me how the author took a character that you can't stand in book one and make her not just likable but cherished.  I felt like the Audrey we are first introduced to is a total farce now..which makes me re-think the power of book one.  Fair?  Maybe not, but Jace and Audrey stole the show in my opinion.

Jace first stole my heart in book one, being the best friend to Emerson and just a nice guy.  Always thinking of others.  You realize that this trait is what kept true love out of his grasp for as long as it did.  A chance meeting, a bond made, a misunderstanding and lack of communication set the course for heart break.  Why did Audrey make these choices?  A past like hers would keep me from thinking anything other than get the hell out of dodge too..  Did her heart belong to someone else?  In bringing her REAL story to light you would be an ice princess to not feel for what she has been through..  She wasn't a whiner though, she did the best she could with what she had.  Young minds and younger hearts are not the best at making winning decisions.

Years later, Audrey is finally getting her life in order but she can't fill the void that Jace left in her her new friend/family Lane talks her into going to talk to him..  This is where you meet Audrey in Beautiful Broken Rules.  Her visit along with everything else is taken in the wrong context and she leaves feeling even worse than when she first went.  Another chance run-in..ends badly and when she lands at the same college as Jace and working in the same bar as Emerson, her story unfolds.

The author did an amazing job at not only re-telling a story that you thought you already knew, but did it in a way that stole your heart.  If you haven't read book one I suggest you do, but I would race through it to get to this one..  Loved it and can't wait for the next installment to hear more about Lane and get my glimpses of Jace and Audrey..

**Arc Kindly received from Author for an honest review and blog tour**

Monday, November 25, 2013

Arc Review for Asking For Trouble By Tessa Bailey

I love it when a new author is brought into my life that I can read whatever they write and be happy!  That is what I have found in the lovely and talented Tessa Bailey..  I have yet to be even slightly disappointed in any of her books.  In fact I love each one just a bit more.  Ms. Bailey has a way of drawing you in and writes an alpha male that you want to both strangle and straddle at the same time!  So yeah, insta-love for me..

                photo hot-couple-kiss-love-black-background-wallpaper_774511565_zps2d582cb4.jpg

 This story, the fourth in the Line of Duty series, has Brent taking the lead role..with his leading lady..these two lovebirds have been trading jabs for awhile and can't seem to stop the sarcasm long enough to see what is right in front of them.  Brent doesn't do love, he is married to his job and can't see tying himself down like all his friends seem to be doing..  One night, an ultimatum that neither of their stubborn asses can avoid and a connection is found.  I believe the connection was always there but that could just be me!

"If you have any doubt about my ability to fuck the ever-loving sarcasm right out of you, I'll be more than happy to clear it up." Brent

"Brent Mason did not give her flutters.  He only gave her hives." Hayden

                                            photo hot_couple_6jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0_zps182deb7a.jpg

These two can't seem to get on the same page..until they do, and then HOT SCENES AHEAD!  Hayden always seemed the rich, spoiled girl that looked down on people.  She was however living in the shadow of a judgmental, bitchy mom that would sell her soul to the devil to remain in the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to.  Hayden couldn't shake the persona so at times she just ramped it up, with her comebacks and quips.  Hiding the real girl that just wanted to be loved.

 photo chainhearts_zpsb72c11df.png

Trying to prove to herself that Brent meant nothing, backfired at every single attempt.  The more they were forced together the more she knew he was more than he seemed.

Brent was a dirty talking, alpha, possessive man that stole my heart in earlier stories, but owned this story completely.  He is a hard-working family man that is too proud to ask for help.  Brent would work with his last breath to make sure his family is taken care of, and they love him back the same way.  He doesn't broadcast this about himself, so the closer Hayden gets the harder it is to back away.

"I'm going to cram your tight pussy full over and over again," he growled. "I'm going to fuck you until your ears ring.  I'm going to bite you hard.  Mark you.  Ruin you." 

Yes slap my ass and call me crazy but those are words that steal my heart and make a panty check guaranteed.  I loved this book and recommend this one and all the others in this series.  Tessa Bailey is an auto-read author for me and should be for you too..


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Arc Review for Storm by Nina Levine

Storm (Storm MC, #1)Storm by Nina Levine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Me a biker..full review to follow..

3.5-4 Stars

Let me start by saying I LOVE BIKERS.. I love their lack of full sentences..I love their possessive, you are mine attitude. I think they are sexy beasts that embody the alpha male. Things I don't like, cheating fucktards and J isn't one..So I love J!

                            photo eaa78cb1-b1d7-4271-84d7-ceb02bba3e93_zps74152fe8.jpg

Living amongst the MC lifestyle your entire childhood, teens and early adult life isn't easy. There is trust issues, looking over your shoulder and secrets kept. All of things are true for Madison. She was raised deep in this style of living, her father being the President and his mother his faithful companion. She falls in love with a prospect and knowing that the choices that can come with that falls hard. J and Madison have a great first love that hits a brick wall..after that all of the consequences lead to Madison having to leave and start anew.

                                            photo 9b6b9f75e58157aa709a8a6bcb5030bf_zpscf7d6dfb.jpg

The book begins with Madison, sober and living far away from the MC and her family. She has found new friends and a life that she loves. The one thing she doesn't have is true love and respect. She feelings, no second date and no "I love you". This is what she thinks she wants.

          photo 7cd057a3c5d0eb7a0f7ae470bd4c4694_zpsd60a68e4.jpg

A phone call, a body guard and her life changes yet again! One look was all it took to come flooding back. Finding your way back to the true feelings that began a lifetime ago is not always the easiest path to navigate. Love can usually conquer all..

                                            photo 7e368f01146d217d5677f0449847b0cb_zpsba49161a.jpg

This was a beautifully written love story, that leads you on a sometimes brutal view of a lifestyle most only read about. Debut author to definitely keep your eye on, Nina you did great!!

Arc provided by author for an honest review by the girls at thank you..xo

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Arc Review of Lost in France by Jani Kay

Lost in France: Firebird Trilogy (Book 1)Lost in France: Firebird Trilogy by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Too Many Boys Too Little Time Stars

Jani is becoming a favorite of my authors..she writes in a way that just grabs you from page one..full review to follow..

Ok I am going to start this review with a little story..Jani (author) messages me on FB to ask if she should change a part, because of what I said on GR? Well being, me, I don't remember what the fuck I could have said on GR..quickly looking before I answer..I only see Too Many Boys Too Little Time.. She took that to mean I thought the main character was a slut..I meant the bitch was LUCKY. So NO Jani do not change a thing!!

 photo XAQBa_zpsec99bea8.gif

I loved this book, Jani has a way of writing that draws you right in and makes you feel for the characters so quickly. It is not an easy task and she does it seamlessly. The writing flows in a way that you are rooting for the heroine, before you even know why you should.

 photo Hot-Couple-sexy-hot-Love-Couple-black-and-white-hugs-passion-kisses-erotic-tags-kiss-romantic-sexy-couples-black-n-white_lar_zpsaa56570d.jpg

Now let's talk about the boys. I know I fall hard for the assholes and this book is no different. Let me rephrase that, the asshole isn't always who he seems. I like the hard to get, prove me your worth my time boy and you get that. His name is Maxwell and well I fell in love.

 photo L-Couples-Together-sensual-Soft-hot_zps6607777a.jpg

We start with Rebecca leaving the life that she has created because of a man. The reason isn't splashed in your face but you know it was a major cause of strife in her life. She has loved Julian for as long as she can recall and doesn't see her life moving forward without her moving away. Like continents away. On the plane ride over she meets a man, then in the conference room she meets another. One seems perfect, the other seems perfectly flawed. The perfect one is anything will have to figure out which one is yours.

 photo couple-sensual-kiss-love-couples-merci-lovebisous-poljubac-sexy-new-album-kisses-sex-wow-paare-amor-romance-romantisme-amour_zpsdcbbc1fb.jpg

I can't say I am not harassing (encouraging, stalking) Jani to keep her ass working. Diligently checking in with words of encouragement to get book two in my hot little hands. Oh wait did I say Hot? Yes the other thing Jani writes like a champ is HOT LOVING SCENES..oh yeah panty check meter went off a plenty whilst reading this one. Great book, great characters and great sex! Can't ask for much more!!

Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review! Honestly get on with BOOK TWO..xo

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Arc Review of Remember When 3 by T. Torrest

Remember When 3 (Remember Trilogy, #3)Remember When 3 by T. Torrest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 I Heart Trip W. Stars

I was desperate for this book. So much so that I may have bartered one or all of my four kids! She has 2 of her own and turned my deal down, but still allowed me the honor of reading the finale in this wonderful, heartfelt trilogy.

       photo tumblr_m31lbabeVl1rqnrc8o1_500_zps9ab3b0cb.jpg

Trip and Layla's journey began in Book One Remember When, taking place in the late 80's early 90's totally spoke to me. That is my time. Class of 1991, baby! When your theme songs were Ice Ice Baby and Paradise City. When music videos were still on MTV and know one knew what reality TV was. Note passing was how we told our friends we liked people, prior to texting, social networking and when a book read was paper only! Thank the heavens above for the, aahhhh!

                                  photo 1348712168_1374007627_zpsd3e6c146.jpg

So being from the era and understanding not only the references but the feel of the situation just called to me. Book three starts with how Trip took Layla not showing up at the hotel. Let's just say it didn't go over well. A decision for a clean break was made and a life of regret, alcohol and bad choices followed. Fast forward years and you find Trip and Layla connecting and putting together the pieces that were skewed for so long. Is it enough for the future both of them have always dreamed of? The love that was found so many years ago in a "shabby, turquoise tent." The "Hollywood" life that Trip now led is not the easiest to navigate and compromise is a needed attribute. Not ever being the best at communicating, Layla and Trip are trying to find their HEA.

 photo lifeandstyle_zpsce3113ab.jpg                                         photo index_zps4745f42c.jpg


I love this series..the whole damn thing and I want to thank T. Torrest again for gifting me the arc. I will miss the whole gang and the lifetime connection they had.

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Night Owl by M. Pierce

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy, #1)Night Owl by M. Pierce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Hands Down Pants Stars

 photo damon-dont-judge_zps891be928.gif

I can't even begin to count the ways that I love this book. Or the positions that I used in combating my ever growing hornyness that this book evoked. My hubby thanks you M. Pierce..I had to have the girls talk me off the ledge when it came to the bunny..a dirty talking, stroking mad men and a bunny? Just wasn't my cuppa..but I do understand broken and repairing with fuzzy creatures.. I would have just preferred a pitbull or a great dane..that's all!

 photo 1276201232_bunny-humps-balloon_zpsc0619c66.gif

A new sign off tag was also created between friends..Hands down pants..and there was tons of that going on whilst reading this novel. And while others had the opinion that things with Matt didn't add up, I thought his character was perfectly flawed and portrayed what an addict and dark soul can look like. He was not what I would consider an alpha, but when his soul met his match his true self was allowed to emerge. And he stroked it like a fucking yeah SOLD..

 photo Emma-Watson-Uses-A-Shake-Weight-MRW-Gif_zps1f7b461c.gif

 photo tumblr_m7lew1bHhP1qmoxb9_zps925efd4c.gif
 photo tumblr_m74oolq0EI1rnvwt1_zps68533ad9.gif
Maybe a little
 photo sig-lucypinder-lick_zps86030e7f.gif

I absolutely devoured this book. I made an EPIC mistake when I took it to a doctor's appointment and tried to read it in lobby. Warning..don't read this book in public. Of course there will be haters..he uses animal references, calls her slut and cries after sex. Whilst others call these things wrong I say Right..Right and Damn Right.. My husband may have teared up after I had my way with him the 10th time in a 24 hour period after finishing this book and I state Win!

 photo 774128_zps42e6c829.gif

So please if you like Disney Princesses, being called doll whilst being pummeled or only engage in missionary sex maybe skip this book and call it a day. My man can call me slut, slap my tits and spank my ass, but as I have always said you wanna make me REALLY happy do some frickin dishes..WORD!
                   photo counselor_zps5b6a42bc.gif

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