Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Just Love, Not A Time Bomb by Dawn Martens

A journey…you start with a glimpse into the now, and you head back into the lives of two people that are not connected…but through time, circumstances and a friend in common they meet.  Not only come together but relate, in a way that has future written all over it.  Starting off as friends…but finding that beyond a friendship is SO much more.

I enjoyed this book…the trials and tribulations that we all embark on that make us…well us, individuals in a sea of everyone.  The paths that we take eventually lead us to where we are supposed to land, some events are painful…even excruciating but every pained memory, wonderful moment and love that we have had helps us become the final product. Alix and Jordan needed to kiss a lot of frogs to find their prince/princess in one another.

 Ms. Martens' first solo run at writing was fun, angsty, with a dash of reality tv drama mixed in that will keep you glued to your kindle…needing to know if these two crazy kids finally can settle down and find their happily ever after.

Affliction by River Savage

I saw a question being asked one day while I was perusing through the FB news-feed…Who do you like better Sy or Nix? I for one can not answer this question…because each are incredible in their own right. You still get the bossy, protective and completely in love biker…but Sy is fighting demons from his past that give him an extra layer that completely puts him in a category by himself.  Not better or less…just his own.

This goes for Holly too…her light has been dimmed by a situation that was completely out of her control. When you lose something so immense it changes you and finding yourself again is part Sy and Holly’s love story that makes it the incredible romance it is.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I laughed out loud, eyes welled up, fists tightened and I would find myself coaching these two stubborn characters to just confide in one another, knowing that their pain would be less if they did.  An incredible story to add to Ms. Savage’s writing collection. Sy and Holly have left their mark on my heart, I highly recommend this book.

Forked by Melanie Harlow

First love…everyone will have one…and no matter if they are earned or deserved the imprints it leaves on your heart are permanent. Sometimes so permanent that you can’t rid them and the only way to heal them is to revisit the person that scarred you in the first place.

Love/Hate is such a fine line…in one minute you think you everything you want is in a Vegas hotel room and the next you are alone, abandoned and pissed.  Even years apart couldn’t dampen the hate fire within, so when fate leads Coco back to the igniter of her flame; all things are going to ignite and she is completely forked!

Cute love story that has a second chance at first love…doesn’t everyone have the moment or person in their past that would benefit from a “what if?” re-do?  

Friday, November 28, 2014

Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich

Starts with a know some serious shit has just gone down, but how is it connected? What do these two events have in my make believe brain they were intimately intertwined, but that was just too much CSI on my part, even though the truth was captivating enough...

This author has a knack at the initial meet of her two leads...loved it in Layers and this one didn't let me down.  Wrong place, right time and now we know each other on a whole new level. LOL..

I enjoyed this story of two people that are looking for salvation, to rid themselves of the guilt they carry on a daily basis. Not knowing that they each crave the same reassurance that they did not fail their loved ones, the world just isn't always a place filled with unicorns and rainbows...grit and the dark reality changed both of these characters completely. Not realizing that love could finally set them free.

This story has some editing issues, but the story was one of finding the light after existing through a life filled with guilt and regret.  I enjoyed it...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Reason To Kill by CP Smith

alpha male
1. a male animal having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy:

2. the most dominant, powerful, or assertive man in a particular group:

Not all can bring this elusive male to the forefront, some just throw the word alpha around like it is not something to revere. Not me…the alpha male when done right is the finest thing to read, the perfect combination of bossy, possessive, arrogant, protective and loving. Ms. Smith has nailed this technique and every male she writes embodies it perfectly.

Max is not looking for love, but can’t help but be slammed upside the head with it when it stumbles right towards him in a fucking care bear shirt.  Mia is an adorably awkward, yet strong girl that is passionate and loyal, and a little intimated by the presence of one hot ass lumberjack. From the dildo toting senior citizens to the bar hos that surround this town, every piece brings humor, love, friendship and mystery keeping you absolutely glued to your kindle; it’s a who-dun-it with everything in between.

CP Smith has found her way onto my list of favorite authors and every book she writes grips me from page one and never lets me go.  Drama, intrigue and some great growling, hot, sweaty lumberjack sex never hurt anyone.  Loved it!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Til' Death by Bella Jewel

What can I say about this book...other than I FUCKING LOVED IT! Review over...kidding! This book caught me at the perfect time...I was in a funk, needed something quick, intriguing and never hurts to have an asshole as the lead...Til' Death delivered!
Bella Jewel has a knack for writing an ass, one that you can get glimpses of more than what the exterior leads you to believe...she paints the portrait second you are like "wtf lady grow a set and get out!" and two seconds later you are like "I want to be her!" Not an easy thing to come across the kindle with a low page count but Ms. Jewel brought it!

Marcus: "Piece of shit.
                All this shit goes through my head as I leave her, broken.
                I had to do it. You don't understand.
                I had to."

Katia: "He's gone out again
             He said it was for a business dinner. He always takes me to those, but tonight he didn't. 
             He just walked past me without a word."

You are quickly immersed into the world of what can be often seen as a marriage of convenience, players in a dangerous game, relationships that can change everything and at the end of the day...a tug at the heart that has everything looking different.  Love? Lies? Family? Sacrifice? I can't wait for Volume Two...Need it NOW!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

All I Want by J. Daniels

You get a small glimpse of the cluster fuck that is Luke and Tessa in book one of this series…and the morsel of their fucked-upness was just enough to make me want so much more. Falling for Luke wasn’t hard for me…broody, asshole that likes to hump anything with a pulse, haunted by more than what you see in front of you.  SOLD!

This story starts out about a year after the “scare” and both of these crazy kids are treading between the love/hate line so closely that you crave the angsty will they…won’t they!  Done brilliantly between the POV’s these two have it in their thick, stubborn ass minds that the other threw something more away.  Never taking the time to connect and match up stories.  I LOVE THAT SHIT!

Their attraction and pure sexual tension is so thick you can feel burn in your loins.  The heat that they omit is something that can't be ignored...So you think finally this is it…and no…not yet.  The back and forth, not being quite good enough and wanting more for the person you love keeps these two arms length away…keeping you glued to your kindle and wanting to throat punch both players on more than one occasion…loved it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Misappropriate by Kathryn Kelly

I fell hard for Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell in Misled…his incomplete sentences and use of every bad word in the urban dictionary made my heart swell…and getting more of his and Meggie’s story is always a good thing…BUT this is not a novella at over 3K on my kindle. Let’s just call it a novel and move on!

Drama and MC clubs seem to go hand in hand and when his newest threat comes to town, Outlaw knows he needs to bring all his badassness front and center.  What he doesn’t realize is ignoring his wife and pretending all is well isn’t going to sit well with her.

Meggie and Christopher realize that they are IT for each other, but insecurities and jealousy from a life before can always cloud what you know to be true.  This story takes us on a journey towards a church (nto MC church…God church) wedding, while bikers will be bikers and mothers will be just as bad ass!

Enjoyed it!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Littler Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

When a blogger first gets started we are so gung-ho and excited by every request, every detail we have a tendency to say “yes” to everyone.  Well about a year ago I was blessed to say “yes” to reading a reviewing a new author, she had written a book titled Little Conversations…and I loved it. Ronin was exactly the kind of leading man that I am drawn too…but more than that I fell hard for Sibylla Matilde. This bish can write…but even more that that I also consider her a friend…anyways enough of story time back to my review…

You pick up a few years later and Devin and Ronin are still head over heels in love and embarking on a new family adventure. This is a book that just gives you a small glimpse into the lives of two people that we had the pleasure of watching fall in love, and now build onto that. My only problem with this book is I wanted more…more Ronin, more small towels and more stories.  Novellas are not easy to get into…bonding with characters in a small time frame can be difficult, but having already fallen hard for both of these two, you are in for a nice treat a glimpse into their future, where love endures, grows and multiplies.

Lezzy kisses and hot guys forever…love ya Sib!

Life Next Door by J.D. Hollyfield
 guy and baking, do you need anything else? Not much...what you do get is a sweet love story with a couple that is not looking for anything but finds everything.

Cece has not had it easy in the love department, and one day what she had moved next door.  Without even realizing it, she was given a gift...the gift of moving on from something that was mundane and stagnant...leaving room for the one day that next door had something new...something male and that some thing was Trent.

Trent was taken in at first sight, tumble and sassy comment.  He moved in to a house that held terrible memories for Cece but he knew none of it, little did they know that their pasts were a little more close for comfort than they realized.  Enter...angst stage left.

Ms. Hollyfield is a pro at writing a quirky, fun-loving, slightly alcoholic lovable female lead, that embodies strength and vulnerability in a way that makes her endearing not obnoxious.  Every book gets better...and I can't wait to read more!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Conflagration by Tessa Teevan

Confessions make the soul soar…right? I love assholes.  The guy in the book that seems beyond redemption…every word out of his mouth makes your fist tighten and loins burn…actions though always seem to be towards helping someone than taking from them.  Loved him from afar since the first mention and I knew his story was not as black and white as people expected…Branson. Yep…it’s his turn.

A night he can’t remember…a face he is not sure exists beyond a drunken dream…a feeling he is so desperate to grab ahold of and cherish but not thinking he deserves all that it brings.  My kind of hero!

Fire…glass…eyes…déjà vu? Needing to see the man that saved her life a lie was born, in that misuse of the truth was an honest wish of it being real that only strengthened and grew with every single look, touch and word exchanged.  Experiencing these two fall hopelessly in love, without even realizing it, kept me glued to my kindle from beginning to end.

Both of these characters came from a place of not being enough but found that together they brought out the best in each other.  I loved this book even more than I thought I would. Ms. Teevan has out done herself and being a super fan of hers I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next?  Soon…ish?

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