Sunday, May 31, 2015

Combative by Jay McLean

**Warning Love Fest Below**

This author could write about a paper salesman that falls in love with a version of himself in a frickin mirror and I would 5 star it! The words that she deems important enough to string together to make a sentence can slay, haunt, bring moisture out of your..eyes (come on people), make your heart grow and most of all connects you to a story as if you are so entangled in it, you can't remember where reality ends and her imagination begins.

I was a little afraid to start this one, the hesitation Ms. McLean had in it made me think to myself "hmmm if she isn't impressed maybe I should be gentle in my thoughts" WOW was she wrong! This story has it all, love, friendship, mystery, no you fucking didn't, and small moments when you feel your heart beating so hard you take a moment to recoup and make sure you aren't actually dying.

Ms. McLean is a favorite author for me, not only because of who she is, but how she thinks and shares those thoughts so genuinely it all blends together in a quagmire of beauty that literally blows my mind. Read this book..and if you have yet to read her them ALL. You won't be disappointed.

Note to Author: Write the next damn book..please and thank you! 

The Other Man by R.K. Lilley

The book was a given for me to was written by R.K. Lilley, I have devoured all of her books and love when she has a new one coming…but this one? This is my absolute favorite. I was told that the hero was an asshole, but I disagree. He is blunt, socially stunted, aggressive, and takes what he wants, but when Heath says something, it means EVERYTHING. Because of who he is, how he views the world, if he tells you something it means more than someone else who just uses words to fill space, it is nothing but his truth. Something simple to most, is absolute magic from his lips. It’s always the quiet ones...swoony sigh…

It helps that he is also, huge both in stature and cock, possessive, alpha (the real kind..T approved) dominant, and completely loyal to anyone that means anything to him, which is a very limited amount of people. You know there is more to his story, you crave for him to trust enough to share, yet you’re afraid of where it all might lead…totally reading perfection!

Lourdes is tough, and my favorite part she is 41, which means I still have a shot at a younger, sexually driven, hulk of a man that not only will love me hard, but can fuck me 5 times in one night. I don’t know if I should be turned on or afraid…she loves her friends and family with all that she is and deserves the love and devotion that she finds in the eyes of a stranger.

LOVED it! Ms. Lilley has struck absolute gold with this, and being able to catch up with characters that we know and love was an unexpected treat.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leaving Me Behind by Sigal Ehrlich

This story started a little slow for me, I enjoyed the relationships that were forming with the girls, the best friend, but I needed was more Sebastian. Their first meet was awkward and nothing that can be forgotten easily, and each time they bump into each other we get more until we finally get it all! 

Liv is conditioned to believe the worst of herself, never seeing herself the way others do, scarred by a mother that feasts on negative has altered the way she lives, builds relationships and sees her future going. No one can love her, or stay. Sebastian realizes this right away and slowly, quietly starts to show her how he views her, not always with words but actions and truths. 

The second half of this story had me glued to my kindle, thinking the story was going one way, while the author weaved and wound it another. I was pulling for these two people to put their pasts aside and trust in what was right in front of them...


Raising Landry by Andee Michelle

A debut novel that will have you connecting with the story and characters right from the beginning. You meet Carson as her world is taking the expected step forward...when she over hears something that sets a complete life change in motion. She takes the new info she has learned..makes her decision and never looks back. While trying to get as far away from her past as possible, she finds a new career, family and a little trouble.

You get it all with this story, friendship, a little mystery, a hot unattainable guy and an adorable little girl. When her world shifts again...she is in a place to make the decisions to build on and up. Never as easy as we plan, but watching Carson and Kyler figure it all out, and start to depend on each other was an amazing journey.

Can't wait for more from this author, she puts her heart and soul into her writing and you can feel it coming from the pages.

My So Called Life by J.D. Hollyfield

Let's start this review with a fact..this author cracks me up. She writes a drunken, quirky, sarcastic, talks to themselves female like no other. With this book you meet Christina, love to hate her, hate to love her, think she is selfish, all those things can seem true, but until you have walked in someone's shoes I like to just watch and try to hold off on judgements. Growing up the way she did made walking away a part of survival.

Life had been good for was good...her douchey boyfriend was douchey and rich...her BFF was crazy and loyal, but she was never really complete or real. Not until a phone call came through, a life she knew changed in the blink of an eye and real became her truth.

Watching her go from a selfish, superficial girl to a loving, caring family member that Ian always knew her as was an incredible journey...and Ian, he was loyal, caring, devoted and completely solid in what and who his future was all about. Another great read by Ms. Hollyfield!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tin Man's Dance by M.K. Schiller (Falling Hard A New Adult Anthology)

This novella is part of an anthology, a short story amongst others..yet this one sticks out in a way that will have your only complaint being "can't I have more?" I fell for this author hard when I read A Girl By Any Other Name, she rocked my world with that story. She had me hook. line. sinker. and because of that Ms. Schiller writes...Dawn reads. No blurbs needed, no what do we have here, just open and start.

The connection with these two character is fast, solid and has you wanting the best for both of them. Both have lived through tragedy, adversary with their heads held high, back straight and eyes toward the future. Not looking for a partner until you see your future dancing right before you and plans are made to make sure fate has a little push in the right direction.

Two people that love each other from the beginning and help each realize what home and dreams are really made of.

Hindrance by Angelica Chase

With book three I have decided I am neither #teamaiden or #teamdevin I am ONLY #teamangelica! This installment dives deeper into the quagmire that is rich people and their #99problems but morals ain’t one style of living. We meet new people, find ourselves wanting more, and then we get it we FREAK THE FUCK OUT! 

Angelica Chase has quickly become one of my favorite authors, she has completely nailed the serial series, writing in a way that not only has you banging your fists in frustration, dry humping anything available with the hot as hell scenes but also falling for these damaged characters in a way that you can excuse faults because you actually care. All within the smaller word count of a serial…pretty amazing!

I recommend her series to anyone that enjoys a wild ride of hot ass men, strong females, and twists and turns that will leave EVEN ME totally speechless. The power that words still have over me as a reader reminds me why I make time everyday to dive into my next adventure, and will have me one-clicking Ms. Chase with Every. Damn. Book. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reverence by Angelica Chase

Holy plot twist…just when I think my #teamaiden fangirling is at an all time high Ms. Chase spins her sneaky ass web and I’m completely intrigued by Devin. Enthralled in a way only this author can make you..second guessing all that you loved about book one, all that you thought you knew and BAM you find yourself wanting something (or someone else). I’ve never considered myself a fickle person, swayed easily from one bed to another, but something about Devin keeps me wanting to know more, wanting to cradle him in my bosom and make all the bad things go away.  My love for Aiden is still strong, lighting the path between the heart, loins and all the special pressure points along the way.

That is the brilliance of Ms. Chase and the perfectly done serial, just when you are settled in with your team chosen, foam finger and #teamaiden shirt printed she throws a wrench in the system and has you questioning your own alliances along the way.  I still hold a brighter torch for Aiden but at this point in the “game” I don’t know if I will be disappointed in either pick..let’s just hope she doesn’t kill one off. Share the wealth and write in a new character, we can call her Dawn and she takes the sloppy seconds happily!

Can’t wait for more…great series a MUST read in my opinion! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Final Temptation by K.C. Lynn

I love this series...every time there is a new couple ready for the spotlight I am chomping at the bits to get my hands on it. Cooper and Kayla have been in the background, supporting everyone else's story with friendship, humor and understanding. Getting into the "why" these two work and have just always been, was a journey I not only enjoyed but devoured.

Kayla's humor, determination and all out love for Cooper is one of the reasons you fall hard for her. She loves hard, true and final in all things. Going on a trip to "back in the day" experiencing these two not only being neighbors, friends, but finding their way to the happily ever after Kayla has envisioned for them from the first day Coop moved in...even if Coop saw her first?

Another sweet, easy to connect with story from Ms. Lynn..always excited to read more from her and sad that this part of the series is ending...or is it?

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