Friday, January 31, 2014

SLACK: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston by J.A. Huss

Having never read the Rook and Ronin series I wondered if I would know what was going on in this book.  I was told I did not have to read the earlier books to read this..they were right and thank you Nichole for selling it. I am now a die-hard fan of Ford Aston and don't want to read the earlier books because they might make me sad. But I probably will anyways, because this author can write!!

This novella was written in a way that even though it was short you felt you really knew this character inside and out.  To me that is quite a feat, I have read long novels that I didn't connect with the lead in the way I did with Ford..  So kudos to you J.A. Huss, taking 77 pages and making me want more in the perfect way.

Ford is a fucked up man with a heart of gold, he just hasn't found the right person to show his true
self too.  He thinks he has but I don't think he has.  I love me a fucked up man and the fact that he knows he is damaged just makes him that much more lovable in my twisted head.  His hardened dick-head demeanor is just the candy coating hard shell that every woman wants to be the one to melt away.  Sighs dreamily..wish it was me, but alas that is why I read.  I have the real hardened shell at home it ain't so cute in real life HD..

I highly recommend this book and when you are done with this book make sure you have TAUT Ford's Book One locked, loaded and ready to go, it will not disappoint!!

Wish For You (Boys of The South #4) By Marquita Valentine

Having not read any of the books leading up to this one, I did not know what to expect.  What I found was an extremely engaging, well-written story about two extremely broken people that don’t realize they are each other’s strength.  

You meet Wyatt, since returning home from his tour in Afghanistan he is saddled with a arsenal of guilt and a psychiatrist that is trying to help him.  He returns to find his girl, his best friend, his glue and his heart has decided they need to go back to friends only status.  This does not bode well for his recovery.  When her kisses are what he lived for, he now looks to numb his pain with drugs and nameless women.  Ghosts mar his daily life, feelings of guilt for surviving, all of this lead to his mental destruction.

Lacey is a simple, church going girl that suffers from panic attacks and has to be fully prepared to face what is in front of her.  Some may find her character weak, I am not one of them.  Sometimes it’s the quiet strength that forms the connection and she had that.  Fearful that she would somehow tarnish Wyatt with her faults she denies herself what she wants more than anything..him!  

When the truth finally comes out, both Lacey and Wyatt have to battle their internal struggles, addictions and fears to find what they both want..their own happy ever after!

I enjoyed this book, it had angst, heart and I fell in love with both of these broken people and was rooting them on all the way through..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Ride by Chelsea Camaron

I know I have stated this many times, but somethings just need to be reiterated..I love me a biker boy!  Their possessiveness, their lack of full sentences, their bikes and their tattooed bad ass bodies.  What I do not like is when they are cheating ass dogs..not a big fan of that!  So Tripp won me over in this story..with small exceptions (funny how I can make them for the right boy)!

Tripp and Doll don't really connect until just about half way through the book and that is a shame. I feel the set-up to getting to the connection was a little much.  If rating this book from 40% on it would have been higher for me.  I was hooked with their relationship.  The journey to get there was a little long for me.

The road trip to relationship was paved with hallway disasters and hearts on the line.  The beauty of a road trip is you have nothing but the wind in your hair and different beds to get busy with on each night.  The downfall can be it's not "real life" so the closer you get to home the more unsettled you can become. 

I really enjoyed the love story between these two and loved the falling for each other even with the obstacles in their lives.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Reason To Breathe by CP Smith

Finishing this book has left me speechless.  I am not often left this way.  Wanting to write a review that can possibly do this book the justice I feel it deserves and coming up..blank..  Not wanting to compare this amazing DEBUT author to others, again wanting to honor the words that I read as hers and hers alone.  However I am also not a quitter so after much thought, brainstorming and some alcohol I am going to attempt to do this book justice..let’s do this!

I did not want this book to end, needing to savor every last growl and declaration of “mine” that was being made from both Jack and Jenn.  Jack is sheriff of Gunnison County, his job is his life and he hasn’t been able to find a woman that can love him with all that comes with the job.  Not that he hasn’t been looking and sampling.  Jenn is a reporter that unexpectedly lost her husband and her daughter was off to college. She re-examines her life and decides to follow her life-long dream of living in Colorado with the bears. 

The scene is set, a handsome sheriff, a beautiful reporter and chemistry from the first snarky conversation.  Not ever wanting to be a woman that is not in control and a man that knows nothing but control.  What does that equal?  One hell of an adventure! 

Not only do we get a possessive, dirty talking, you are mine alpha male.  We also get a strong, independent woman with a good head on her shoulders and humor too.  We get a love story and a great who-dunnit.  I was putting every male we met into the murder category..every single one!  With every new page came great dialogue, friendships, witty comebacks and a new angle to be considered.  

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone that loves a possessive, alpha male and female, love story or mystery/suspense reader.  It is in the top of my all-time favorites where it will forever remain..

Unraveled by Jen Frederick

Every book in this series just gets better for me.  I have loved every boy that has come out of the Woodland series and with every story I fall just a little harder. 

This story we get to know Gray.  He is a Marine that doesn’t know what the road ahead should look like.  Burned by a cheating, bitch of an ex-girlfriend, he thinks love and commitment cannot exist while he is deployed.  Trust being something that was ripped from him and his hardened exterior makes it impossible to penetrate.  

Samantha is a young widow, losing her high school sweetheart during his tour with the Army.  Existing in a haze, not really experiencing anything around her.  No one seems to be able to reach her, she knits, works and goes to school.  Until a girl she went to high school with traps her, a beautiful man enters her life and changes everything.  Feelings and emotions neither Gray nor Samantha have EVER experienced start taking over, and once they are unleashed everything begins to “unravel.”  

I don’t know if I mentioned that Gray is a dirty talking, knows what he is doing kind of man?  He may have a hardened heart but he has a sexy vocab that he uses freely..mmmm mmmm good.
 Jen Frederick just keeps writing hot, damaged, and sexy Marines beautifully and I am happy to be a fan that goes on the journey with them all!  Can’t wait for the next installment..

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raw by Belle Aurora

I don't even know where to start with this review?  I gave myself almost a week to recover, before coming back to try to put into words how this book affected me..maybe I should have given myself two weeks?  Being a reader that LOVES a fucked up, twisted, asshole of a man for a lead in a book (and real life if being honest) this book had me from the beginning.  The journey was well worth the fucking gut wrenching, complete slaying I endured..

 "There's just something about Twitch.  He's just...raw." 

Belle Aurora writes a brilliantly complicated, broken man that finds the vengeance he has forever been searching for may have been all in vain.  The moments where you feel like you had glimpses into the real man, not the facade were few and far between, making you as a reader captivated and craving more..  That is what this book left me with..the feeling that I not only WANT but NEED..MORE!  Is there a petition to sign, a deal to be wagered, a house I clean, truly I will do just about anything to get another book, anything!

The twisted dynamic between both Twitch and Lexi is told from both points of view, which helps to a point getting to know where each of these characters are coming from.  I really love a dual POV, when done right and this one, in my opinion was!   Some readers may not gravitate to Twitch as a likable male lead, some may find his asshole (ish) ways offensive and rude.  Me being, me I fucking loved every hot, dirty fucked up thing out of his mouth..

A stalker, turned lover, turned love of a lifetime? Always looking over your shoulder for the eyes that have burned through you for what seems like forever..being at the right place at the right time, protector vs. will have to decide..

"If you need a reason to justify you sucking my cock in your office at 9am on a Monday."

Um, yeah..check please..and while were at it panty check! I take my hat off to Ms. Aurora and congratulate her on writing a thought provoking, panty drenching, dirty talking masterpiece!  Forever a fan and forever hoping for MORE..

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