Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unraveled by Jen Frederick

Every book in this series just gets better for me.  I have loved every boy that has come out of the Woodland series and with every story I fall just a little harder. 

This story we get to know Gray.  He is a Marine that doesn’t know what the road ahead should look like.  Burned by a cheating, bitch of an ex-girlfriend, he thinks love and commitment cannot exist while he is deployed.  Trust being something that was ripped from him and his hardened exterior makes it impossible to penetrate.  

Samantha is a young widow, losing her high school sweetheart during his tour with the Army.  Existing in a haze, not really experiencing anything around her.  No one seems to be able to reach her, she knits, works and goes to school.  Until a girl she went to high school with traps her, a beautiful man enters her life and changes everything.  Feelings and emotions neither Gray nor Samantha have EVER experienced start taking over, and once they are unleashed everything begins to “unravel.”  

I don’t know if I mentioned that Gray is a dirty talking, knows what he is doing kind of man?  He may have a hardened heart but he has a sexy vocab that he uses freely..mmmm mmmm good.
 Jen Frederick just keeps writing hot, damaged, and sexy Marines beautifully and I am happy to be a fan that goes on the journey with them all!  Can’t wait for the next installment..

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