Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slade by Adriane Leigh

Adriane Leigh has done it again...she has written a hot, dirty talking sexy man that sees what he wants and plows through everything to get what he wants. Slade was a man on a mission, a wall was placed in front of him (Dillon's hardened heart) and he didn't play games, he wasn't wishy washy..he trampled everything in his way and worked hard to slowly convince her they were each others exception...

Not one to trust men, Dillon had long settled into the mold of small town slut...never did these words affect her as much as when they were directed to her during heated moments with Slade...could he be hers? Secrets revealed, triggers realized and play time commenced...often!

These two never had a problem with chemistry, they exploded off the pages from the very beginning! You were rooting for them to dig deep...get tough and realize what they had right in front of them...Dillon wasn't my favorite female lead, but Slade was strong enough to carry the book all the way to the finish line! This author has a way of making you feel every rub, touch and heated moment as if you are experiencing it first hand...so for that I throw out a huge THANK YOU..great series, if you haven't read you need to get on Wild right away!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Locke by Harper Sloan

Locke…he was always one that intrigued me, quietly in the background, suffering silently, but quick to help his family if they needed it.  The first to help one of the guys get his head out of his ass, whilst his was firmly placed in his own.  Afraid he wasn’t worth the love of where his heart lies…and consumed with the fact that he would bring her nothing but bad.

            “I’ll taint her. I’ll ruin her. And in the end, it will destroy her.
One smile from her made me fall. So I pushed her away. I told her that she would never be what I need-that I would never want her. God, if she only knew. I crave her and everything she keeps trying to hand me.”

Having always been told he was nothing…treated as such and even when he thought he had everything, the evil in his life was still pulling the strings ensuring everything he had imagined was not real.  These are all incredible things to have to get by…but with the love of his life looking him in his eyes…maybe he can have his happily ever after?

Emmy has never had it easy…she has never known the soft touch of a man that loves her, the warm embrace that should come from a parent.  She has been bred to serve, shake her ass and take over a lifestyle that she wants nothing to do with.  Living in absolute hell, she is found and saved by Coop and taken in by a new family, but the past has a way of catching up to you and when it does can Maddox be her savior? Can he stop running away to realize she needs him more than he could ever know?

I loved watching these two broken souls find and heal each other…even when running they can’t get far enough away that they forget.  They are meant to be and just have to fight against the obstacles life throws in their way to get their own fairy tale ending…it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

I want to give this book 10 Stars...I loved it SO much.  Love doesn’t even seem like a strong enough term to properly cover the way it took over my day.  Once I started I couldn’t stop…it had every element that I adore and more. Angst, an asshole that just needs the right person to see them, a simple yet completely true girl and add a sexual tension that can be felt right through the pages, and you get one of my favorite reads of the year so far!

Elec and Greta were fierce in their emotions, in what they thought was right and where their hearts belonged.  Those beliefs did not always lead them the way I wanted them to go, but they always knew that what they shared was different, was real and wasn’t easy.  My heart broke, fluttered and swooned many times through out reading their story…as did both of theirs many…many times!

You feel every emotion that is penned as if you are living it, only to realize that you are so wrapped up in something fictional; it all seemed too real, too raw and too much to not fall head over heels.  The want, need and complete devotion shown not only through Greta’s eyes but finally through Elec’s can’t be ignored, I believe it can crack the hardest of reading hearts! 

I can’t stop thinking about these two and re-reading the parts that made me smile,  mad and all out crazy.  I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great love story that spans time, hearts, friendship and the knowledge that sometimes your someone is in the last place you thought you would find them. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

When You're Mine (Mine #3) by K. Langston

This series gets better and better.  I didn’t think Barrett could surpass my love for Archer, but he may have bumped him out of first place.  This installment finds Barrett and Tabitha meeting up in what at first seems like an accidental way one night.  Having only met once, when he was currently fucking Tabitha’s best friend, so does that make him off limits? Struggling with that fact and others, obstacles just keep getting placed in the way of true love.

Barrett couldn’t get the fiery red head out of his thoughts from just one quick meeting almost a year before.  Placing himself in places he may run into her was just the beginning.  Knowing that he has never experienced the feelings he has for anyone else, even before he had kissed her.  This was it…but how can he prove that to her?

This book had me swooning, cheering, yelling at them to get their heads out of their asses and more than once I experienced that little tug in the heart that ensures I am reading a great story.  My favorite of the series so far ( I say that after reading each one) so you know I am anxiously awaiting book four now!  

 Barrett and Tabitha slayed their demons, insecurities and those around them that were not on the team!  They claimed each other and finally trusted that what they needed they actually deserved! Loved it!!


Hemy by Victoria Ashley

This book should come with not only a warning but also a break in case of emergency fire hydrant to put out the fire that will erupt in your vagina.  Holy mother of burning loins, there are parts of this book that made me blush, and want to put the kindle down, but I couldn’t stop reading…it was too fucking hot!

Not only is dangerous to read in public, but also things can go horribly wrong in private…it is hard to explain the wet mark on the couch when you stand up after reading the book in one sitting! Orgasms were flying, off of every page.

Hemy was hot…raw…enjoyed an audience…and knew his heart belonged to one person, even though his dick belonged to the masses.  Onyx was broken…strong…and dedicated to the one man that had owned her heart from the beginning.  They all like some exhibitionism though…and everyone is a stripper, so pretty parallel to my life…NOT! But that my friends is why we read, to have the knowledge of how to run an extremely hot three-some just in case!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

There are very few authors that all I have to know is they wrote it and I read it...Sawyer Bennett is one of them.  So I went into this book without even reading the synopsis...and I was like.. "what?"

The first scene where you meet the hero...OMFG! Let's just say jungle living is hard on the knees for the ladies...At that moment when eyes locked...and a connection was made whether they knew it or not.  This book is SO different then what I usually read...but eerily similar because of the incredible writing of this author..  Out side of the box and comfort zone we all unknowingly fall into.

If you are anything like me the beginning of this book may give you pause...but if you continue I whole heartily promise you will not be disappointed.  This is a man that fucks, that possesses and that fights for what is his...and that is always hot!  This book is one that stayed with me..I find myself thinking on it, weeks after I read it!  Yeah it's got scenes that burn into the vagina people! BURN! 

Sweet Possession by J. Daniels

Book two finds our hero and heroine, engaged, happy and fucking every chance they get.  Hot scenes, hilarious interactions and a cum shot to the eye, followed closely with a tug scene...my kinda book!

This series is what I love to read, the hot, unattainable asshole bachelor that humps and dumps...until the girl of his dreams drops literally right into his lap!  The sex scenes are scorching, the writing is engaging and everyone in the story owns a piece of you by the end.  Whether it's the assistant, the bff or her easy lay sister...they all are endearing and add a slice to the entire pie!

J. Daniels has done it again and even though you get your HEA at the end of book one this one just takes you a little deeper into the love that came one night in a bathroom of an ex's wedding!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Resisting Temptation by K.C. Lynn

Who do I thank..K.C., Cade, book Gods? I am not sure but there are certain books, stories that come into our lives and remind us why we read…why we ignore the dishes, laundry, children and partners in our lives, so that we can fill that need…that void that only a great love story can give us.  This book did that. 

Cade the perfect mix of damaged, yet protective, flawed but perfectly bent not broken.  Watching from a distance, never thinking he is good enough for the up close and personal.  Even when Faith thought she was alone, she wasn’t.  Obstacles that neither can change nor ignore, paramount in their beliefs, seem to high too climb.  What they don’t realize is that at the end of the day they are each other’s lifelines.  One sound, one look…they were both claimed.

I knew after reading and loving the first two books in this series that I was waiting for Cade.  The silent, yet completely affected tough guy, solid in his beliefs and thought to be completely broken and not good enough for love.  Beanie in place, a class to teach, a vision of Red and all else fades away. 

"I think you believe that, but I think you're wrong. You may be damaged, Cade, but not broken."
He expels a regretful breath. "No, Red. Damaged means it can be fixed and put back together again, broken-it can't, and that's me baby."

Being a part of watching a family be created…experiencing falling in love through the hardened eyes of Cade and the rest of the gang was amazing…Ms. Lynn did an amazing job with towing the line in heartache, complete and utter torturous scenes while balancing religion, war and the reality that can bring.  She did it all with class, emotion, and bringing both sides though completely different their own voice.  Ms. Lynn is an author that you should read, stalk and auto buy but keep in mind she’s ours!! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Assumption by Aurora Rose Reynolds

There are certain authors that when their work hits my kindle, everything else slowly fades away.  No matter what I may be reading, what is happening in my world…the book comes first.  Aurora Rose Reynolds happens to be one of those authors for me.  Her books are like cozying up on a comfortable couch on a fall night, fire roaring, favorite blanket wrapped around you, and your favorite B.O.B all charged and ready to go…yeah that good.  No matter the situation, I know I am going to enjoy what is coming.

Kenton Mayson was different from my other Mayson men, but the same in very important ways..  He was solid, dependable, and knows his way around a woman’s body!  Say no more friend.  We have a new Mayson man to swoon over!  Autumn was placed into a new environment, while trying to pretend around every corner wasn’t danger…I enjoyed her…great match for a boy who is use to getting what he wants, when he wants it, no questions asked!  Add in a psycho ex and shenanigans are a must!  

The cousin brought his own BOOM, his part of the family and a story that kept me hooked to my kindle until I sadly came to THE END…  I have mentioned before that I hope these Mayson boys just keep procreating and keeping the gene pool flowing and alpha! Not asking too much right?

Assumption is worth your time, money and batteries!  Loved it!

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